Reactive Airway Disease in Adults


Reactive airway disease is also referred to as reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS). It happens to be a sort of respiratory condition which can be identified by coughing and wheezing as well difficulty in breathing. It is at times confused with asthma, but there are distinct differences which require different modes of treatment. Some physicians do not favor the term reactive airway disease as they feel it interferes in the treatment process. The term can also made use for other respiratory diseases such as Bronchitis as well as Pneumonia.

Reactive airways disease happens to be a common disease. It usually occurs when the lungs happen to be stimulated and of course overact to the external stimuli. The episodes tend to occur when one’s airways react differently than they usually occur. Usually people are exposed to more than one stimuli on account of which they experience the episodes.

How does reactive airway disease affect adults
This is a health condition that usually affects adults that are exposed constantly to chemicals. For instance, those working in factories and say for instance fertilizer industries can be prone to this health condition. The common triggers happen to be smoke, chemicals, exercise, and seasonal pollen. Adults experience this disease throughout their lives.

What are the symptoms of reactive airways disease

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Wheezing
  • Dry cough
  • Excessive mucus production
  • Sweating
  • Listlessness
  • Tired

How is respiratory airways disease diagnosed
The doctor has to make sure that it is not asthma or other respiratory diseases such as bronchitis for which he conducts tests. These tests are primarily meant for adults, particularly those who are constantly exposed to chemicals, and not meant for children. “Prevention is better than cure” as the saying goes and doctors need to focus on preventing the disease.

Prevention of respiratory airways disease

  • One must reduce one’s exposure to chemical pollutants
  • Preventing the disease must be focused upon
  • One must be familiar with what triggers the disease

Treatment for respiratory airways disease

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs or other medications are prescribed

Those who are suffering from breathing problems can be suffering from respiratory airways disease which is usually chronic. One has to learn to live and cope up with it. Adults mostly experience this health condition, although children are also vulnerable to it. Physicians prefer to conduct tests to make sure of the diagnosis.


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