Natural Sunscreen From Coconut Oil


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Nowadays, there are various kinds of sunscreens available in the market, but those all contain harmful chemicals causing various types of skin cancers. What could be more better than if you get a natural sunscreen free from all the toxic chemicals. Right, coconut oil has emerged as option for natural sunscreen, let’s read about it more in this article.

Oxybenzone and Retinyl palmitate are the two most popular chemicals and active ingredients found in sucncreens.

Retinyl pamilatate is a kind of vitamin-A, generally used in sunscreens, but when exposed for longer durations, it increases the development of tumors and skin lesions. Due to this reason, many Environmental Working Groups recommend to keep distance from all the products containing retinyl palmitate, not only sunscreens.

While, oxybenzone is another potentially harmful chemical disrupting proper functioning of endocrine, thus interfering with hormone production and cellular damage. This chemical is main ingredient in every single sunscreen available in market nowadays.

On the contrary, it is found that coconut oil contains SPF of about 8. Though, having low sun protecting factor, but it would definitely help. When coconut oil is applied often, it will hydrate the skin along with protecting from sun’s UV rays. This helps make skin less susceptible to burning. It works wonders on the skin as it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties which help detoxify the outer layer of skin.

Natural Homemade Coconut Oil Sunscreen –
There is no better sunscreen than prepared at home. You have to get the following ingredients to prepare this recipe at home:

  • Coconut oil – ¼ cup
  • Olive oil or almond oil – ½ cup
  • Beeswax – ¼ cup
  • Zinc oxide – 2 tablespoons

Optional Ingredients:

  • Red raspberry seed oil – 1 teaspoon
  • Carrot seed oil – 1 teaspoon
  • Vitamin E oil – 1 teaspoon
  • Shea butter – 2 teaspoons
  • Vanilla extract, Essential oils

Steps to Prepare Coconut Sunscreen

  • Take a large glass jar and mix all the ingredients except zinc oxide.
  • Take a medium sized saucepan and with fill two inches of water and place on medium heat.
  • Now, put a lid loosely on the glass jar and place it in the pan with water.
  • When water will get heated, the ingredients mixed in the jar will also start melting. At this point, you have to shake the mixture and also intermittently till the whole mixture is completely melted.
  • Now, add zinc oxide, stir carefully and then put in the jar or container in which you want to store it.
  • Keep stirring it a fewer times till it cools down and to ensure zinc oxide is completely incorporated into it.
  • Now, you can use it like a regular sunscreen, best would be if you use it within six months of preparation.

This is an easiest way to prepare natural sunscreen at home. You have to reapply it after swimming or after sweating as it is not completely waterproof. With this recipe, you have prepared sunscreen of SPF20. To increase the SPF content, you can add more zinc oxide. If you want to add more thickness to the sunscreen, you can add more beeswax.

Now, no one can stop you from going to the beach side, so go ahead and enjoy with this natural sunscreen. Exposure to sunscreen also provides you vitamin D. Hence, it is necessary that you take sunlight at least for two hours in morning time than avoiding it completely.


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  1. Wow, never knew this. I thought this oil is great for hairs. You get so many coconut hair oils like Vatika, Parachute etc. in India which I think more that 70-80% of middle class people use. I use it regularly and it feels great. I am not sure if the same oil could be used for skin too.

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