12 Health Benefits Of Irish Potatoes


Irish potatoes are also called as white potatoes and get their name for the simple reason that they were mainly grown in Ireland during the 1800 period. They are grown as a tuberous crop and can be cultivated in the regions with cold weather. These tuber vegetables are said to provide several health benefits.

Irish Potatoes
These potato variants are rich in starch and are used widely for cooking, preparation of beverages and as a thickening agent. The Irish potatoes have several phytochemicals like natural phenols and carotenoids, minerals and vitamins B6 and C, essential for human body. It is high in fiber content and carbohydrate content, which makes it a best choice for your everyday diet.

Irish potatoes can offer enough energy for your body and supply enough fuel and energy that make it an ideal choice for people on a diet. As it acts as a rich source of carbohydrates, it aids in fueling your everyday activities, such as renewal of cells, movement, digestion and thinking.

Top 12 Health Benefits Of Irish Potatoes

The following are the best health benefits offered by Irish potatoes.

1. Fights Stress

Potatoes are rich in Vitamin B6, which is essential for maintaining the health of your nervous system, renews the body cells and prevents mood swings. This vitamin present in the tuber helps in the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which can regulate your mood.

This type of potato also helps in the secretion of adrenaline, which are hormones responsible for offering relaxation, happiness, lowers stress and improves overall well being.

2. Improves Gut Health

A baked Irish potato can give you 12% of fiber to everyday diet, which helps it to promote the gut health. It also has higher levels of dietary fiber as well as bulking agents that makes it a perfect choice to improve your digestion and regularize your bowel movements.

Irish potatoes also protect your body from developing colon cancer. Make sure that you cook these potatoes with the skin, as the skin is rich in fiber content.

3. Helps You Put On Weight

Include Irish potatoes in your diet if you are too skinny and wish to improve your body weight. As it is loaded with carbohydrates and some amount of proteins, it helps lean people to look healthy by promoting their body weight. The B complex vitamin and Vitamin C in this tuber helps your body to absorb the carbohydrates quickly while increasing your body weight.

4. Facilitates Digestion

As discussed already, rich carbohydrates present in Irish potatoes help in quick and easy digestion. This feature makes it a good choice for babies and patients who face difficulty in digesting the foods and require energy for their activities. However, they must prevent eating a lot of Irish potatoes, as it can develop acidity in the long run. Boiled potatoes have a considerable portion of roughage or fiber.

5. Prevents Scurvy

The Irish potatoes are rich in Vitamin C prevents the development of vitamin deficiency diseases like scurvy. It also prevents the occurrence of other symptoms like cold, viral infections, cracked corners in lips, bleeding gums and spongy inflamed gums.

6. Avoids Rheumatism

The presence of magnesium, vitamins and calcium helps it to provide better relief for patients suffering from rheumatism. Consuming the water obtained after boiling the potatoes can relieve the symptoms associated with this medical condition, as eating cooked potatoes would have an adverse effect and induce weight gain among rheumatic people.

7. Cures Inflammation

Irish potatoes are very effective in dealing with both external and internal inflammation issues. As these white potatoes have a soft consistency when cooked, it can be digested easily and acts on the inflamed areas quickly. It is rich in antioxidants, as it contains Vitamin C to repair the wear and tear of the body cells.

It also has Vitamin B6 and potassium to relieve the digestive system inflammation and inflamed intestines. Those who have inflation in the mouth due to mouth ulcers can find good relief when they consume an Irish potato every day. Applying the juice of raw potatoes over inflammation caused by burns and inflammation can provide good relief.

8. Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be triggered by several conditions, such as stress, tension, anxiety, diabetes and much more. Irish potatoes have the ability to lower the blood pressure levels, as it is loaded with essential vitamins that can control stress, tension and anxiety.

The fiber found in this vegetable lowers the level of cholesterol and promotes the insulin production in your body. This, in turn, lowers the level of blood pressure, as there is a correlation between the blood glucose levels and blood pressure levels of your body. It also performs like a vasodilator, as the potassium content in it lowers the blood pressure levels quickly.

9. Aids In Brain Functions

The functions of your brain depend on your hormonal functions, glucose levels in the blood and the level of oxygen supply. As this tuber has high amount of carbohydrates and maintains the blood glucose level. It will not let the development of brain fatigue issues and helps your brain to stay alert and active.

It has iron content that helps in carrying the oxygen to the brain through the hemoglobin found in the blood. Plus, the presence of Vitamin B complex, zinc and phosphorus in Irish potatoes aid in the health of brain.

10. Promotes Heart Health

Irish potatoes can provide your body with roughages, vitamins, minerals and have substances like zeaxanthin, lutein etc., which are very beneficial for your heart. However, consuming it in moderation is important, as over intake of potatoes can lead to obesity, which can be fatal to your heart. So, following this method to keep heart issues at bay is not recommended for diabetic and obese people.

11. Keeps Away Kidney Stones

Renal Calculi or kidney stones develop when your blood contains excess uric acid. Irish potatoes are potent sources of calcium and iron, which can prevent the formation of stones in your kidney.

Irish potatoes can be used to treat kidney stones as it has magnesium that inhibits calcium deposition and accumulation in your body tissues and kidney. So, it is essential for the patients with kidney stones can include this vegetable in their diet.

12. Treats Diarrhea

Irish potatoes are an essential part of a powerful diet for people who are suffering from diarrhea, as it can be digested very quickly and has roughage. Adding it in your gravies or soups will help you get quick relief from diarrhea.

Apart from these above mentioned health benefits, Irish potatoes can also be a best treatment for treating tumors, cysts, uterine cancer and prostate cancer. It is advisable to consume these tubers by baking it and boiling, rather than using it in fried form, as most of the vitamins will be lost when you fry it.


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