Top 5 Health benefits of Egg White


egg white
Egg whites are technically called albumin and are mixture of water (90%) as well as protein, which is the remaining 10%. Once it is separated from the yolk (this high cholesterol and saturated fat), it is easy food to take as part of healthier diet. The egg whites are good to have as healthy low diet as compared to the yolk portion. Eggs are super health foods and they have been a breakfast staple from the unknown period of time throughout the world. Eggs contain a lot of vital nutrients required by the body and thus, they are part of a healthy diet.

Eggs do not cause increase in weight as a single egg contain only 80 calories and 5 grams of fat. They are rich in protein content which is an important block for bones, cartilage, blood, skin and muscles development. Protein is required by the body for building up and repair of tissues. It also helps in preparing hormones, enzymes and several other chemicals required by the body.

Though, a whole egg is rich source of protein, but it is also rich in cholesterol. Hence, according to MedlinePlus, a person should consume eggs in a smart way. Four or fewer eggs should be consumed in a week. To your surprise, egg whites are devoid off cholesterol, thus, you can eat them without worrying about the fat and satisfy your protein requirement.

Protein is not stored in the body unlike carbohydrate and fat. Hence, when the body requires protein, it has no reservoir from where it can draw the required amount. So, eggs comes to the rescue for people who want to lose weight without consuming carbohydrates. Read more about the health benefits of egg whites in the following lines. As one grows older, protein is essential for healthy muscles. White of the egg helps builds up muscles of the body so that you have less weak muscles when you age.

Health Benefits of Egg White

Egg white contain vitamin A, vitamin B-12 and lutein along with high content of protein. Boiled eggs can be one of the easiest option to obtain all these nutrients for a healthy body. Some of the top reasons why egg white is essential in daily diet are:

1. Rich in Protein

  • Egg white protein is classified as high quality and valuable protein, according to a review published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, 2010
  • Egg whites are rich in essential amino acids that are required by the body for day to day activities and also for maintaining muscle mass of the body
  • According to the Institute of Medicine, men must get 56 grams and women must get 46 grams of protein daily. One large egg provides you with 3.5 grams of protein, so, if you take egg whites of four large eggs, it would provide you with 14.4 grams of high quality protein

2.Low Calorie

  • Egg white is a boon for people who want to reduce weight without intake of excess calories
  • According to USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory, one large egg provides you with 17 calories a compared to whole eggs which provides 72 calories. So, if you eat egg whites from four eggs, they will provide you 68 with calories

3.Low in Fat

  • Though, fat is needed by the body, but consuming excess fats can lead to risk of high cholesterol and thus, heart diseases
  • According to USDA, egg whites are devoid off fat, including saturated fats which is found in the whole egg
  • Full fat dairy products and high fat meats that are high protein foods, contains high amounts of saturated fats. Thus, if you replace these high protein foods with egg white protein, you can reduce the risk of heart diseases significantly

4. No Cholesterol

  • Though, the whole egg contain cholesterol and the yolk of a single large egg completes the requirement of cholesterol recommended for one day
  • The egg yolk contains the full 213 mg of cholesterol which is completely absent in the egg white
  • So, you can eat egg whites without worrying about the weight gain through excess amounts of cholesterol in diet

5. Potassium

  • One egg white boasts of 54 mg of potassium which is an important mineral and electrolyte needed by the body for bone and heart health
  • It also improves overall cell and organ functioning of the body, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center

6. Riboflavin

  • Egg whites are rich source of riboflavin which is Vitamin B2. 62% of egg’s riboflavin is found in white portion
  • Vitamin B2 helps in releasing energy from carbohydrates and produces red blood cells, thus, it helps boost the metabolism of the body
  • According to National Institutes of Health, riboflavin works as an antioxidant which helps break the harmful free radicals

Other Health Benefits of Egg Whites

Egg whites are convenient and inexpensive methods of obtaining nutrition. There are various other health benefits of these egg whites:

  • Egg whites are used for skin enhancement because of excellent ingredients in it
  • Egg whites gives a bleaching effect, thus, it given clean and clear skin
  • It makes the pores smaller, hence, prevents acne and pimples
  • It helps tighten the skin and makes it look more younger for a longer period of time
  • It helps reduce the wrinkles on the skin
  • Egg whites help balance oil on the skin and hence, it is ideal for people with oily skin
  • It also helps improve hair health as it makes them more lustrous and healthy
  • Full of essential amino acids such as Arginine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Histindine, Trytophan, Valie. Essential amino acids are the amino acids which our body cannot produce on its own. Amino acids happen to be the building block of protein in our body system
  • They are not very important source of fats including polyunsaturated, saturated, monosaturated. For this reason they are good source of protein for styles consisting of low-fat

These are some of the health benefits of egg white. So, start including egg whites in your daily diet and stay healthy.


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