Beginner Runners – How to get Started


Its not a very difficult task to start a running program, even if you have never done before or are not physically active at this moment. If you start running in a proper way, then you find for yourself will find the physical and mental benefits of running. Here are some easy ways to start running.

Plan: Firstly plan to spend 20 – 30 minutes at a time for three days each week. Keep space between these days for the recovery time between the sessions. Since, these are your initial days, start it in a slow pace but do it regularly.

Good Running Shoes: Do not try to economize too much, but you need not buy a very expensive pair of running shoes. If you are serious about running, then buy a shoe that best fits your feet and does not cause any injury. When you wear the shoe, remember that you have to feel comfortable. A good running store can give you the right shoe.

Stretching Exercises After a Run: The drawbacks and benefits to stretching before a run are quite controversial, but it is recommended you stretch out each muscle group. Each stretch must last for at least 15 – 20 seconds.

Good Running Technique: Keep your arms at the waist level and relax the hands and shoulders. Maintain this posture and do not keep your arms across the chest. Do not bounce, but try to land softly to reduce the stress on the joints and knees.

Find your Stride: Recent studies have stated that a toe-heel strike is much more efficient for long distance running specially. It reduces shock and stress on the knees and ankles. This transition of a toe-heel strike can take time, but do it slowly and remember to stretch after running.

Breathe: Breathe naturally and the best way is to inhale through nose and exhale through a widely opened mouth. This is also called deep breathing exercise.

Enjoy yourself: Running is a wonderful way to stay in shape and be fit. This helps for a good body and mind. Enjoy running and maintain a good health as this keeps many of the illness at bay.

Now, lets have a look at the biggest excuse of not doing exercise or primarily not running to keep yourself fit.

Running and Marriage
Do you think your running is affected by entering a marital relationship: Yes. Most of the runners have an assumption that running is affected when they enter a marital relationship. But, this might not be true in everyone’s married life. There are several sports persons who are doing well in their career despite a marital relationship. If you think that you cannot manage your workouts when you are in a marital relationship then this probably could be considered as a wrong assumption.

Make out Time for Running even in Marital relationship: Most of the times, people in relationship often assume that they do not have time as they have many responsibilities in marriage. Every married couple have to take up responsibilities as they enter a relationship. People might have a different issues when you enter a marital relationship.

Remember that, if you are really passionate of doing things then you might do it despite all the responsibilities. But, the question is how to make out time for running even though you are in a marital relationship. This depends on your planning and how well you manage things in your relationship. You might be dealing with several issues when you are in marital relationship.

When to run, despite being in a relationship: Getting back to your running might not be an tough task when you are in a marital relationship. But, remember that you have to make some time either in the morning or during the evening times. If you think that you do not have time in the evening, then you have to make out sometime in the morning. It is not necessary that you run with a good speed during the initial stages. But, make sure that you are gradually increasing your running speed. If you have the zeal for running you can probably make out time in spite of all the issues.


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