Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit


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In today’s world, lifestyle diseases are on a high. An average person, say Peter’s weekly routine are as follows:

  • An eight nine hour job with work pressure mounting on Peter’s head pushing him to smoke several times a day
  • Returns from job in arbitrate tension
  • Having dinner while watching a reality show on the ‘idiot box’
  • Going to sleep, thinking about the next day’s schedule

Weekends turn in drinking and late night partying with friends; making things worse for the world’s most efficient system. Slowly the person’s health takes a bad shape paving the way for the rise of diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disorders, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc. These diseases are silent killers which creep in different parts of the body without anyone’s knowledge.

It’s at a later stage when Peter is enlightened about his one-a -many disorders. By then, it may be too late.

To avoid these diseases, listed below are five ways how one can stay fit without wasting much of his time and without burning a big hole in your pocket as well:
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  • Yoga: It’s an ancient form of exercise which has its roots traced in ancient India. It’s easy and doesn’t consume much time as well as money. One can finish a single yoga session within as less as fifteen minutes. But this has to be performed regularly and properly. Yoga can cure basic diseases like common cold, fever, stomach pain, etc. as well as serious diseases like diabetes, hyper tension, cancer, etc. One can learn and practice yoga sitting at home by watching numerous shows on the television or through YouTube videos which are free
  • Gym: Joining a gymnasium is a good practice. It may involve spending a bit of money but it wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. There are in numerous gymnasiums present in each city or town which caters to different types of budgets. Every gym consists of a trainer who would help you in being fit through varieties in exercises using equipments and without them. A one hour work-out regularly in a gymnasium would keep diseases at bay
  • Healthy Food: Most of the lifestyle diseases come from eating too much of junk food like burgers, fried savories, chips, etc. which might be tasty to the tongue but later burns your gut. Most of the places the oil used are indelible too. Staying away from junk food is not possible but it should be taken in a controlled way. Also binging more on vegetable like cucumber, onions, tomatoes, beetroots and lettuces keep you fit. Fast food centers like Subway could be visited regularly as they add raw vegetables to your meal
  • Walking: It is the easiest form of exercise which can be performed anywhere and anytime. Regular walking reduces risks of heart diseases which are on the rise like an epidemic across the globe. Instead of taking a two wheeler or a four wheeler to short distances, one can walk and recycle the body nutrients
  • Cycling: Cycling is a lot of fun and also a great way to keep fit. It vitalizes the whole body as well as entertains you. Just plug in your Mp3 player and off you go cycling. It is best enjoyed early in the morning. Also, there are different clubs solely made for cycling lovers in every city which once can join. It also helps you in social networking

Other vital methods of keeping fit in today’s reclusive schedule are swimming and climbing up and down the stairs.


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