Walking the Open Road or Walking the Treadmill


walking exercise
Walking is good for health – we all are aware of this, repeated right from your dad to the doctor. But the question remains which is the best way to walk, the treadmill or the open road? While many of us prefer the outdoor walk with friends, there are many who opt for the treadmill at the local gym. Which is more healthier?

It is said that exercises, in the freehand mode, are the best way to go about, be it either walking or jogging, and these are more beneficial done on the ground.

The more effort you put in, the more you gain
On the treadmill, there is less effort put in by us. But during walking on the ground, we need to put in more pressure and effort in order to get going. So, on the treadmill, less amount of calories are burnt and in walking on the ground, we make use of more muscles to gain momentum, and thus expend more calories too in the effort. When walking on the road or the ground, the preferred choices should be first, the grass, second, sand, and the last, cement. Grass provides the best cushioning to the ankles and the knees and is a good shock absorber. Sand stands second in providing cushioning.

The Correct Posture for Walking
Treadmill tends to affect the posture as holding on to the railing gives a slouch to the body. But the grass or the road tend to automatically straighten the posture.

The Right Temperature While Walking
Temperature affects the amount of calories burnt. In gyms, as the temperature is set to the cooler mode, we tend to burn less calories and also the body takes longer duration to warm up. Walking outside tends to warm the body faster thereby hastening the heating process.

Things to remember before walking or jogging on Treadmill or Road

  • Ensure that you have a good pair of shoes that fit properly. Do not forget to put on socks as you tend to sweat during the exercise
  • Warm up and stretch before walking and try to cool down after you are done with walking
  • Have a drink of water and lemon after the walk to replenish the lost nutrients

Have a good walk for a better fitness!


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