Does Shaving Head Or Being Bald Improves Hair Growth


People often get depressed when they lose a lot of hair every day. People experience severe hair loss due to several reasons. Some of them are side effects of a medicine, chemotherapy, a surgical procedure, an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata, stress and pollution. They try a lot of methods like using hair regrowth creams, hair thickening serums, and home remedies to regain the lost hair strands.

shaving hair growth
However, people are not lucky enough to get back their lost mane. It is important for them to realize that they are not alone, as 25% of the people are suffering from hair loss before they reach the age of 30 years. 60% of the people have very less hair when they reach 60 years of age. When none of the hair regrowth methods work, people often resort to the last option, which is shaving the head.

Will Shaving The Head Improve Hair Growth?

There prevails a common belief or myth that states that when one shaves his or her hair, the hair regrows thicker and better. The growth of the hair occurs beneath the skin of the scalp, where the hair follicles are located. These follicles are responsible for hair growth, hair thickness, and color of the strands.

The number of hair follicles in the scalp cannot be increased by shaving the head regularly. It has no role in improving the hair growth, its thickness, and color. Also, the process of shaving will not change the rate of hair growth or its width. Instead, it offers a false view of thicker hair strands growing on the scalp.

Why Hair Appears Thicker After Shaving?

After shaving, the hair appears to be thicker because the hair is tapered at the end. While shaving, the thin hair shaft is mowed down, resulting in blunt ends. This, in turn, exposes the thicker part of the hair above the skin. So, the stubble on the scalp appears thicker and has a fuller look, as the hair is very short.

Should You Shave Your Head?

When the hair loss is less to moderate, then there are chances that hair will be restored with hair regrowth treatment or methods. When the hair loss levels are moderate, one should not shave their head, as it happens as part of natural aging process.

However, if lots of hair found on comb, pillow or if one is losing hair in patches, or suffering from alopecia areata, then hair density will be very thin and indicates that the person is going bald. It is also the time to embrace shaving and sport the bald look.

Top Advantages of Shaving The Head

Shaving Hair Loss
Rather than being worried about becoming bald, one can enjoy the advantages of “rocking a bald” look.

1. No Worries about Receding Hairlines

The major fear that people have while facing hair loss is that it can cause the hairline to recede and offer an aged look. Instead of wasting their hard earned money on special hair care products and procedures, it is wise to go for the bald look. Shaving the head would put an end to the constant worries about the receding hairline and offers a sophisticated look instantly.

2. Improves Confidence

It is natural for people who face severe hair loss issue to have an insecure feeling about shaving their hair. Men might feel that their masculinity and toughness are being challenged, while women would feel that they are not beautiful anymore. But, shaving the head can be a liberating experience and can exude immense confidence. Your bald look would portray you to others as a self-assured person, which can help you mingle with people easily.

3. Saves Time and Money

If you were fed up of having bad hair days earlier, you will now be able to skip the morning ritual of washing your hair, drying and styling it. There is no need to tackle the split ends, get haircuts or deal with the tangles. In short, you will not need pomade, hair styling products, brushes, straighteners or gels and save a lot of money.

4. May Give a Career Boost

You might have already noticed that most of the CEOs and Managing Directors of high profile companies sport shaven heads to radiate a confident look. The psychological studies also state that the bald look makes them naturally suitable for leadership roles. Bald men are perceived to be dominant and efficient.

5. Improves Your Look

Shaving the head can help in improving your overall look and beauty, as it can highlight the facial features perfectly. The bald look also offers a stunning dimension to your face. Ladies can sport a dusky eyed look or a luscious red pout to flaunt a chic look while stepping out. Men can grow a full beard or a mustache to pair with their bald look.

Tips To Manage Your Shaved Head

If you have shaved your head, then it also means that looking at scalp care in a new dimension. It is easy to rock your shaven head with the following tips.

  • Use Shampoo and Conditioner Regularly: The tiny hairs growing on your scalp might not be visible to other’s eyes, but a bald scalp attracts dirt and grime. So, use a mild shampoo and follow with conditioner regularly to maintain the scalp health. Avoid using body wash or soap, as it can dry up your scalp.
  • Protect Your Scalp: It is important to protect your scalp from the harsh rays of the sun. Wearing a hat or tying a scarf on a sunny day after applying a sunscreen will avoid scalp from getting burned up.
  • Winter Care: During the dry winter days, the skin of your scalp will become rough and dry. You can stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and also use a scalp moisturizer. Wear a hoodie sweater or a woolen cap during the winters to protect the scalp from extreme chillness.
  • Massage Your Scalp: Massaging your scalp regularly would stimulate the blood flow and can help in relieving stress. Massage with gentle strokes with slight pressure starting from the crown of your head and reach your neck.
  • Decide Your Personal Style: Plan a regular shaving regime based on your rate of hair growth. One can also go for an edgy look by growing a bit of hair on your scalp. Creating fine lines along the edges to sport a suave and stylish look works great.

Once you are all set to rock the new “bald” look, be ready to face a lot of questions from your friends. Many people would like to know why you decided to chop off your hair. Be confident, give an honest answer about your decision to shave your head. This will inspire more people to sport the bald look!


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