Top 10 Myths about Drinking Alcohol


drinking alcohol
Alcoholism is a major problem to reckon with and many succumb to it as they are unable to cope up with their personal problems. Both men and women drink and usually start as casual drinkers, but eventually end up drinking more than required. Naturally, this impacts their lifestyles and most people are averse to alcohol and have certain opinions about it and about those who consume it.

Society on the whole does not appreciate those who consume alcohol. Looking from this perspective usually, the availability of the drink is not well appreciated. How does society view this popular drink?

Top 10 Myths about Alcohol
  • Energy drinks if mixed with alcohol make one more relaxed and sociable
  • One can avoid the aftermath spin if one has beer before alcohol
  • Darker alcohol has more anti-oxidant and is healthier as compared to light colored wines
  • An older wine is better. In fact, the more the age of the wine, the higher the possibility of anti-oxidants decreasing
  • Dark beers have more alcohol as compared to light ones. In fact, the lighter one’s have more
  • Beer is a good energy drink after a workout. Yet, it must be known that alcohol has effect on the body system and essential nutrients are lost which prevents muscle repair and preserving body tissue. Muscle growth is slower and there is impairment of carbohydrates in the body system
  • Trying to vomit small amounts before it enters the body, so that one does not have a hangover
  • Consuming aspirin before heavy drinking prevents aftermath headache. It is better not to have aspirin while consuming alcohol as the lining of the stomach can get affected causing inflammation. One can also damage one’s liver
  • It is better to have a snack before going to bed as it would prevent a hangover next morning
  • Light beer is preferred as it is felt that it contains less calories and lower levels of alcohol. On the other hand the drinker may consume more liquor feeling that light alcohol contains less alcohol and end up adding more calories. The intake would be more
  • Alcohol kills one’s brain cells. Excessive drinking is always bad for health, nevertheless drinking per se does not affect the brain
  • The drinker feels that consuming coffee at night and having a shower would lessen the effect of alcohol consumption

Social drinking is very popular and also officially many take to drinking as they feel it boosts their career prospects. Initially, a person starts drinking with his peer group with the view that it does not become a habit. But eventually, in the case of many drinking becomes a regular habit and if the drinker faces personal problem he or she come a drunkard.

Socially, now drinking has been accepted and many men and women are taking to it, although many women are still hesitant to do so on account of peer group pressure. Whatever said and done, alcohol is not a healthy drink like juice and definitely has its impact on one’s body system. Those who et addicted to alcohol find it difficult to get off it. In fact, they come up with several excuses to drink. Definitely, it turns out to be a costly affair and many cannot afford it. In fact, families suffer on account of the husband’s drinking habit and forgo many things in life.

Alcohol taken in moderation may not cause much harm. Myths are there as most drinkers need an excuse to consume it. They need to justify their habit, be it a light habit or heavy drinking. Once a person gets onto alcohol, he or she finds it difficult to get off it. One must seriously think of the consequences of drinking alcohol and decide whether he or she wants to consume it or not.

How do these myths impact drinking alcohol
  • If considered seriously, a drinker might either get rid of the habit or a newcomer may hesitate to drink
  • Inform the drinker about the harmful effects of alcohol, so that he or she can decide whether to consume it or not. Besides, those addicted may try to curtail their habit
  • The drinker will also stop living in a “fool’s paradise” that drinking in moderation does not impact one’s health
  • Social organizations can help addicted drinkers to understand issues better regarding the negative impact of alcohol on one’s health

Drink, no problem, but do not drink yourself to death.


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