Top 15 Isabgol Benefits


isabgol benefitsIsabgol origins are from Persia and it is imported in India as well as other countries. Now, of course, it is cultivated in India, in the state of Gujarat, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh due to top Isabgol benefits and high usage. Its seeds are normally used for medicinal purposes as well as its husk. It is popularly known as Psyllium seed husks which are extracted from the seeds of Plantago ovata. In India, it is also called with different names like bhusi in Hindi, Iskol or Isphogol in Tamil, Karkatasringi or Ispaghal in Malayalam, Isapgaluvittulu or Isphagula in Telugu, Bartang or Lisapghol in Punjabi etc.

Features of Isabgol

isabgol plant flower seeds
The plant is about 12 to 18 inches in height and it happens to be seasonal. It has no trunk and comes into the category of being an herb. One can observe small flowers as well as boat-shaped fruits on the branches. The husk is white ash in color. In case the husk happens to get in contact with water, it becomes sticky. It is odorless as well as tasteless.

What does Isabgol Contain?

It contains a lot of Mucilage as well as Albumin. Cellulose, as well as Mucilage, is found in Isabgol husk. It is also purgative and very oily. It is tasty.

Top 6 Isabgol Benefits or Advantages

1. Loose Motions and Dysentery
In order to get relief from this condition, one could take isabgol with curd. Curd or yogurt has got gut repairing properties which help in this problem if taken with isabgol and gives fast relief from Dysentery. Isabgol(soluble fiber) helps in adding fiber or bulk in the stools while curd adds microbial agents in the stomach which helps in healing the gut. The soluble fibers present absorb intestine’s water and swells which in turn binds with the stools and make them bulky.


  • Take 2 tsp of isabgol
  • Take 3 tsp of curd (fresh)
  • Mix it properly till it makes an even paste
  • Eat it after light meal

2. Helps in Constipation
Believe it or not but this is only food which helps in both constipation and diarrhea. It is widely used in the Indian subcontinent for this condition due to its laxative properties and rich fiber content. Once in the digestive tract, it expands and it helps in bowel movement because of gelatin base present in it. The fibers present in it has hygroscopic properties due to which it binds water molecules and helps in proper digestive functions in addition to the motility of gut. All these make passing stools easy without any pain.

Method: Mix 2 tsp of it with warm milk and take it just before going to bed. If the problem is severe then you could add 1 tsp of sugar to the above which would increase its effectiveness. If milk is not available then one could take it with warm water which is also very effective.

3. Helps in Acidity
Acidity is one of the major problems of recent times due to the wrong type of food we eat (fast food) and less sleep. Psyllium husks are one of the safe home remedies for this problem without any side effects. The husk helps protect from irritation by making a protective layer to the lining of the stomach. It also reduces the digestive acid by nullifying its effect. It also does help in reducing the occurrence of hyperacidity episodes by reducing the release of stomach acids.

Method: Mix 1-2 tsp of husk in milk or water and take it immediately when you feel the burning sensation due to acidity problem. Do not take it with warm or hot water/milk as it could have negative effects. The liquid should not be very cold, room temperature might work best.

4. Helps in Weight Loss
Since isabgol expands in the stomach, it gives a sense of fullness for long period of time which in turn reduces cravings for food. It also cleanses the colon by improving gut motility and removing the wastes from stomach effectively which improves the overall digestive system.

Method: Mix 1-2 tsp of the husk with warm water and half lemon juice just before a meal or in the morning. Warm water, lemon with 1 tsp of honey in the morning alone helps. If the husk is added to it could help its effectiveness further.

5. Prevents Heart Diseases
Due to enough fiber content in isabgol extra fats and oil present in food are absorbed by it and is converted in gel form. These gel with excess cholesterol are then eliminated through stools with other wastes. In addition to the elimination of extra fats, it also reduces the absorption of fats in the intestinal walls by making a thin layer which sticks to the walls. The release of cholesterol is reduced in the arteries which in turn prevents from coronary artery disease. Remember, it is not a substitute for exercise. It only aids in your fight with heart diseases.

Method: Mix a tsp of the husk in water and take it 2 times a day for effective results. Do regular exercise to fight with heart-related ailments.

6. Strengthens Digestive System
People suffering from problems of digestion could take this too. It helps patients suffering from chronic digestive problems or IBS (irritable bowl syndrome). Some of the primary benefits of taking it are –

  • Cleans stomach wall
  • Clears toxins
  • Helps in quickly pushing waste through intestine
  • Due to the thorough evacuation of waste products, it makes digestive system healthy as a whole

Method: Mix 2 tsp of husk in nearly 250 ml of water. Drink it immediately. Take it after the meal once everyday. It could also be taken with buttermilk.

Other 9 health benefits of Isabgol are as below:

  • It is nutritious
  • It helps in getting rid of bad breath
  • A toothache can be treated as well. Mix Isabgol in vinegar and apply it on the painful tooth
  • It gets rid pf phlegm
  • It helps in treating headache by grinding some eucalyptus leaves and then applying the paste on the forehead
  • One can take 3 to about 5 grams of Isabgol seeds along with hot water in the morning to get rid of much relief from asthma, as well as breathing problems
  • Anal fissures can be cured by it
  • Blood glucose, as well as insulin, can be regulated by it

Do not take it without mixing it in an adequate amount of water or other fluids. If done so it might block the throat causing choking. It should not be taken if you have any issues while swallowing. Isabgol could also cause allergic reactions in few people especially to those who have a regular exposure to psyllium dust.


Should I take Psyllium seed husks before or after food?

If you are taking Isabgol for constipation or piles, it is always advised to take it after dinner and before going to bed. For diabetes, take it with water or milk after the meal. In case you are taking it to keep your heart healthy, you could take it after you get up from bed in the morning.

What are different brands of Isabgol Bhusi available in India and their prices?

isabgol brands prices
Some of the top brands of packaged ones available in India are the most famous and oldest Telephone Sat isabgol with the price tag of Rs. 90. Other brands available are from Patanjali at Rs. 90, Dabur Nature Care for Rs. 100 and Organic India Pshyllium whole husk for Rs. 195.



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    Since from 1year I have a problem of bowel movement,daily 5 times I have urge to go,as soon as I finish immediately within half-hour it starts with gases & again I have to move doctor is telling I don’t have any diseases .so its really irritates me.

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    I am suffering from diarrhoea and loose motions since last 4 months can I take isabgol with curd to stop it

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