Top 20 Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne pepper, or more popularly called as the Chillies in India, is a member of Capsicum family, but is pretty spicy when compared to its bell pepper counterparts. A highly aromatic spice, it is used across the world to add a dash of spiciness. As with the sweet pepper, these spicy varieties are also rich sources of assorted vitamins and minerals, gifting them a wide array of health benefits.

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits
From weight loss to lowering the levels of cholesterol, easing scarlet fever and helping with menstrual troubles, cayenne pepper has quite a lot of goodness in it. Catch up with us as we uncover the various curious reasons of using this spice in your food.

Why should you include Cayenne Pepper in your diet?

1. Good for your digestive system

Cayenne pepper, according to certain studies, could be beneficial for your intestines and stomach. Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic texts suggest the inclusion of this pepper variant in your diet to promote the secretion of digestive juices and saliva, thereby averting indigestion. It is also suggested that using cayenne could help in proper elimination of unwanted foods from your stomach, thereby making it a potential solution for constipation.

It is also believed that cayenne pepper could help in preventing stomach cramps, aches, and gas. It could also help in easing and preventing ulcers.

2. Works as natural antipyretic

Cayenne pepper stimulates rapid circulation of blood, making your sweat thoroughly. That is why it is known to be a powerful antipyretic. Sprinkle a generous dose of this spice in your food to bring down the high temperature and ward off fever.

3. Helps with arthritis pain management

According to Ayurvedic texts, a poultice made of this pepper powder and turmeric powder can be applied topically to manage arthritis. It eases the inflammation and pain by promoting the flow of blood to the affected area.

4. Natural remedy for a migraine and headaches

It is suggested that this pepper variety has the ability to divert the attention of the brain from the site of the pain by distracting the nerves. In addition, it also improves circulation, thus alleviating headaches and migraine. You can either apply it topically on the throbbing region or drink a cup of cayenne pepper tea infused with honey for easing the pain.

5. Cure for sore throat

Prepare a gargle by dissolving 1 tsp pepper in one glass lukewarm water with a little sesame seed oil. Use this as a natural antidote to alleviate a sore throat.

6. Takes care of your cardiovascular system

It has the ability to promote fibrinolytic activities. In addition, cayenne pepper helps in lowering the formation of blood clots as well as prevents the formation of fat deposits on the arterial walls. Thus, it helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases and keeps your cardiovascular system safe.

7. Promotes weight loss

It stimulates the circulation levels. In addition, it helps in detoxifying and cleansing your digestive and lymphatic systems, restoring its natural state. It also promotes sweating. And, as you know, all these processes stimulate the elimination of excess fat from the body. A cup of warm water infused with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and honey when drunk in empty stomach for 12 weeks is opinioned to give fabulous weight loss results.

8. Could lower the risk of cancer

According to a study that was conducted by Loma Linda University, California, cayenne pepper could prevent the risk of smokers developing lung cancer. It is believed that capsaicin, a compound present in cayenne pepper could eliminate the toxic effects of tobacco, and thus prevent cancer. There are certain other studies also that suggest that cayenne could hinder liver cancer.

9. Antidote for asthma

The rich presence of beta carotene in cayenne pepper could ease asthma. It wards off the free radicals that induce oxidative damages, thus lowering the recurrences of this respiratory condition.

10. Improves your immunity power

Boost your immunity power with the richness of vitamin A from cayenne pepper. It improves the circulation, promotes detoxification, and shields you from the attack of pathogens. In short, it enhances your immunity system, averting the frequent occurrences of illnesses.

11. Topical antidote for skin troubles

Cayenne pepper had been widely used in Chinese medications and other traditional medicines as a topical application for snakes bites, lumbago, and wounds.

12. Cures a toothache and gum inflammation

Cayenne is an excellent natural solution for tooth and gum conditions. Use cayenne pepper tea gargle to soothe your dental worries.

13. Has admirable anti-fungal properties

Even though the antifungal properties of cayenne are not prominent, studies suggest that it has the ability to combat fungal pathogens, collectotrichum, and phomopsis.

14. Promotes hair growth

Capsaicin promotes circulation to the root and follicles, sending more nutrients required for hair growth. It also prevents hair fall and eliminates dry scalp triggered by dandruff. Mix 1 tablespoon of ground cayenne pepper in a bottle of olive oil. Use it after one week to massage your scalp to promote hair growth.

15. For clean and clear skin

Vitamin C and vitamin A, along with other antioxidants, in cayenne help in eliminating the free radicals that trigger skin outbreaks. This spice also improves circulation to the affected zones, clearing out the scars and giving the skin a clear look.

16. Natural exfoliating solution for shiny lips

A mixture of beeswax, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon could be used to eliminate the dead cells from your lips, giving it a shinier, plumper look.

17. Boosts your fertility levels

This rich presence of various powerful antioxidants enable cayenne pepper to work as a natural aphrodisiac and boost fertility levels. It also promotes the flow of blood to the sexual organs, thereby keeping them healthier.

18. Cure for frostbite

While there are no studies that prove this benefit of cayenne, topical application of this fiery spice powder on sore spot is known to cure it.

19. Beneficial for regulating heavy menstrual bleeding

Along with balancing the bleeding during menstruation, cayenne pepper is also believed to restore hormonal balance. Folk medicines suggest the use of cayenne tea with honey to ease menstrual cramps.

20. Treats psoriasis

Topical application of 2.5% capsaicin cream, according to studies, could help in healing the itchy skin rashes caused by psoriasis.

21. Could slow down the aging process

Cayenne pepper is a good source of Vitamin E and various other powerful antioxidants that help in delaying the natural aging process. It also improves the energy levels and prevents age-related macular and cognitive decline.

There are plentiful benefits that cayenne pepper has in its bounty. So try using it, but with caution as it is a fiery spice and excessive consumption could lead to gastrointestinal burns and ulcers.

Facts about Cayenne Pepper (5 grams)

Other names: Guinea spice, red pepper, aleva, cow horn pepper, bird pepper
Scientific name: Capsicum annuum
Calories: 17
Dietry Fiber: 1%

Minerals & Vitamins
Vitamin A: 44%
Vitamin C: 7%
Vitamin E: 8%
Vitamin K: 5%
Vitamin B6: 6%
Thiamin: 1%
Riboflavin: 3%
Niacin: 2%
Iron: 2%
Calcium: 1%


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