11 Reasons Women Gain Weight after Marriage


Research on married women in their early 20’s suggests about 82% of them put on around 5-10 kgs weight just in the first five years of married life. Moreover, it has also been claimed that women who live with their partners but are not married do also gain weight to the same degree. Women are more likely to gain weight then men after marriage in the 1st year of marriage as discovered by this study. So what is it with marriage that causes women to gain so much weight? Let’s find out.

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11 Reasons Why Women Gain Weight after Marriage

The wedding is over, the vows are taken and now is the time to embrace each other in sweet love. While newlyweds should and do love to spend a lot of time together, eating becomes a central activity of all the together time. Slowly, but gradually, the clothes start to misfit and the waist begins to expand. While we all have heard that after marriage women gain weight, and while it stands quite true, let us sum up the real reasons behind the sudden increase of weight after marriage.

1. Changes in hormones

Most females go through certain hormonal changes once they get married. As they take on a new lifestyle, new stressors get accumulated and bring about hormonal imbalances. If not addressed on a priority, these hormonal changes could lead to weight gain after marriage.

2. Frequent copulation after marriage

Having coitus as such does not really contribute to weight gain in a female. However, binging on unhealthy foods after a lovemaking session does. It burns calories, and once the act is done, it is natural to feel hungry. People grab on whatever comes in their hand. Add the cuddling and the sweet nothings to the equation, and you have your culprit right there.

3. Eating becomes a central activity of being together

After getting married, it is very natural to want to spend time together. A lot of couples start to eat out often, and while they do get to spend time together. They also make eating a central part of their being together. Whether it is an elaborate dinner date or a quick desert date, calories keep on getting added and women tend to gain weight.

4. Carelessness about how you look

Every woman is conscious of how she looks and presents herself. But once she gets married, a comfort zone sets in and she stops watching herself. She starts to become careless on how she looks and does not make attempts to change anything. This careless attitude takes the better of her resulting in weight gain.

5. Lack of time

A girl when unmarried has time on her hands to workout and plan diets. A married woman needs to take on many responsibilities and in fulfilling all of them she gets no time for herself. Even if she does, she prefers sleeping those extra minutes and hence workout and gym routines go for a toss. This again contributes to weight gain in married women.

6. Change in eating habits

Once a girl gets married, her eating habits change as per the preferences of her new family. If the family prefers fried foods, elaborate meals, and sweet dishes after every meal, she will also have to include the same in her diet. In such a case, some women go through a complete change in their eating habits. This can cause weight gain too.

7. Socialising and pampering

Newlyweds are often invited to have dinner and lunches with the extended family. It is also expected that they attend all social and family gatherings and participate in all events. The bride is pampered with lavish and rich dishes. Socialising and eating rich foods every now and then can make one gain substantial inches around the waist.

8. Lack of sleep

As a married woman juggles several responsibilities diligently and perfectly, she hardly gets any time for herself. Some women undergo a complete change in their routines and do not get to sleep as they used to before getting married. Lack of sleep takes a toll on overall health and they end up gaining weight.

9. Change in priorities

A married woman does not have much choice when it comes to priorities. She is either cooking the family’s favorite meal or trying to woo her husband with a new dish. Some women eat leftovers too so that the food does not go waste. Add the load of responsibilities and you have a perfect recipe for exhaustion which leads to binging of unhealthy foods. All this eventually makes up for sudden weight gain after getting married.

10. Slow metabolic rate

With most of us getting married late, age has also become one important factor that contributes to weight gain after marriage. While the metabolic rates slow down after you hit your 30’s, the additional calories also become hard to burn. This causes easy weight gain.

11. Pregnancy

Pregnancy and family planning can definitely cause some weight gain in women. Some women gain weight because of fertility treatments they have to undergo. Some others put on due to certain pregnancy conditions. While weight gain during pregnancy is important, it is imperative that those calories are gained the right way. Moreover, women should plan to lose their weight in a healthy way after pregnancy to keep looking great and feeling fit.

Does regular coitus makes women gain weight?

A myth surrounding weight gain after marriage is the frequent copulation. Many people believe that frequent and regular one causes women to gain weight after tying the knot. Science does not support any such claim. It is often said that women gain weight on their breasts and hips after marriage. Though women tend to put on weight post marriage, this has nothing to do with making love regularly. It is more with added responsibilities, unhealthy lifestyle, and carelessness. Moreover, ejaculated semen cannot really get digested and get into the bloodstream. Even if it could, it would add just about 15 calories.

So watch your weight the healthy way, by taking care of what you eat. Work out regularly to keep those inches off, but there is no need to shy away from making love. Following a healthy lifestyle and working out frequently should help you stay healthy and fit and you will not have to hear – “She put on so much weight after marriage”.


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