Capricorn Male Personality Traits


Capricorn Male
It is easier to travel around the globe on foot than to know the emotional side of a Capricorn male. It’s not as if he doesn’t have emotions, it’s just that he keeps them under cover. It’s difficult to break the wall he has built around him.

A Capricorn Male is a shy guy. He displays composed manner and a strong exterior. He comes across as a fiercely independent and ambitious man. He will usually attain his ambitions. He pretends that he doesn’t need compliments and adulation. But if one happens to study him closely (although that’s a tough call) one will find that he a softie underneath. He loves compliments and is hungry for them. He gets embarrassed by emotional outbursts. He can have a witty sense of humor. In his heart of hearts, he is a gentle dreamer. He is a classic example of reverse aging. He will be serious in his youth and become playful as he grows old. He is truly a family man. He will be loyal to his family and distant relatives.

He is pessimism personified. Saturn, his ruler, makes him gloomy and melancholic. That makes his quite a philosopher. He will be suspicious of everything. It’s difficult for him to trust people. He can be left alone in his secret prison and can become lonely. He can get overtly critical at times.

Capricorn Man As A Lover/ Husband

He can get uncomfortable in the presence of the opposite sex. He expects the girl to take the initiative. Since a Capricorn male is very particular about his family tree, he’ll choose a partner with a lot of care. His true romantic nature will come out only at the fag end of his life. He can learn to be emotional if need arises. A Capricorn male will marry after a lot of consideration. He hates divorces. He expects his spouse to be intelligent, a good cook, an able house keeper, a great hostess. (That’s a tall order). His family,close and distant, means a lot to this guy. And his mate better understand that. He will provide a nice and strong relationship if all his demands are met. He might not say “I Love You” to his girl a million times. Because he meant it the first time he said it.

Capricorn Man As A Father

He will be father in the true sense. He will be strict with the kids, teaching them to be organized and disciplined. They’ll be expected to obey and respect him. He will take fatherhood a little too seriously, like the other things in his life.

Famous Capricorn Men:

Jude Law- December 29, 1972
Denzel Washington- December 28, 1954
Tiger Woods- December 30, 1975
Mel Gibson- January 3, 1956
Elvis Presley- January 8, 1935
Martin Luther King Jr.- January 15, 1929
Jim Carrey- January 17, 1962
Muhammad Ali- January 17, 1942
Kevin Costner- January 18, 1955
Rod Stewart- January 10, 1945


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