Top 10 Effects Of Divorce On Men


Divorce is a pretty hard and difficult situation a person might have to go through in his/her life. While the impacts are equally harsh on both the sexes, women, in general, seem to get all the sympathy during the process, hence, getting the upper hand. But the fact is undeniably true that men are equally affected. In some cases, they are the ones who are deeply impacted when compared to women.

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With limited advice available for men, they finding themselves stuck in the whole issue, unable to move forward in life. Irrespective of how strong they are, men, are unarguably, traumatized and devastated by the entire experience. This article sheds some light about the various impacts of divorce on men.

How Does Divorce Affect Men?

1. Elevated levels of anxiety

According to studies, men experience an increased levels of anxiety after divorce. There is a loads of uncertainty that comes in after divorce, which leads to high levels of insecurity. Men might have to move on to a new home, find a new job, and might face financially obstacles. They might also have to manage arrangements with their ex, if there are children. This, if left tackled, could lead to aggressive or controlling behaviors like emptying their joint accounts or frequently mailing the attorney.

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2. Higher chances of developing depression

Divorce leaves a man emotionally drained. It is pretty tough for him to lead a life without his family, wife, and kids. They just feel that they fell into a trap from which they will never be able to come out. They find it so difficult to accept the reality that they end by depressed. There are times the depression goes to such an extent that they indulge in self-destruction.

3. More prone to anger

Anger is a by-product of extreme levels of anxiousness and depression. It also happens when a person is in deep pain and is unable to express it. Divorce could leave a man in so much of pain and guilt, at times, that he starts barking at the world to express the pain and anguish he experiences.

4. Loss of self-esteem

When a man loses the woman he had loved – the one who had promised to stay with him throughout his life through the ups and lows – his ego will be hurt. He would feel unworthy that comes with a dose of low self-esteem, that could leave him completely shattered.

5. Feels a dip in status

He could lose his societal status, even if the divorce came across due to no fault of his. Whatever he had achieved and built up with hard work, comes crashing down in one moment, leaving him to nowhere. There are events where he will be constantly questioned, leaving him doubtful about his self-respect.

6. Chances of developing alcohol and drugs addiction

Alcohol and drugs are two substances people always look to when they want to numb the emotions and pain they are experiencing. And, in case of men, divorce could easily lead them to such temporary relief methods.

7. Might find it difficult to trust women

Men lose the trust they had on women, especially if the divorce came after a long marriage. They shut themselves down completely, leaving no scope for love and marriage in future. They just feel that any new woman who comes into his life would do the same thing to him again, preventing them from restoring their natural self.

8. Gain or loss weight quickly

On a physical note, weight gain and weight loss are two most commonly impacts of divorce on men. While some people overindulge in comfort foods to overcome the pain and trauma, others refrain from eating completely. The latter group just eat for the sake of keeping them alive.

9. Higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome

According to a study that appeared in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggested that men have a higher chances of developing metabolic syndrome after divorce than women. Metabolic syndrome is a condition when a person comes under the risk of several lethal health conditions, including belly fat, hypertension, high levels of cholesterol, and an increased blood sugar level.

10. Increased risk of cardiovascular Disease

Men, especially those who fall into the middle-age category, are highly prone to develop cardiovascular diseases after divorce, says a Journal of Marriage and Family study. The stress, depression, and anxiety men feel after divorce ups the levels of inflammation in the body. They are also at a higher risk of developing hypertension, eventually increasing the risk of developing lethal cardiovascular conditions, including atherosclerosis.

11. Chances of developing insomnia

Sleep disruption is common among people who have undergone divorce. Depression and stress the people incur after divorce could be possible reasons of sleep issues. Men, who develop hypertension or put on weight suddenly after a divorce, are also at a higher risk of developing various sleep disorders.

12. Frequent chronic health conditions

Diseases and divorce share a direct proportion, which means divorces ups the risk of a person developing chronic health conditions. Irregular and improper eating habits, inconsistent sleeping nature, newly formed addictions, stress, anxiety and depression increases the risk of a person developing chronic health issues. According to a study that appeared in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior divorced people have 20% higher chances of developing health issues like diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. More than 23% of the divorcees face mobility issues also.

Divorce has negative impacts on men and women alike. Their emotional and physical health are impacted to major ups and downs, but the effects tend to a stronger on men. It could be the inadequate moral support the men receive or the ego of men that prevent them from seeking for help that could lay the foundation for worsening the impacts.

It is now time men also start opening up. They need to express their feelings and emotions and find a confidant in whom they can confide. This will help them balance and move on in their life.


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