Top 5 Common Complexes Men Go Through


complexes of men
Most of us have complexes and some are able to overcome them and suffer allow these complexes to dictate their lives. Those with severe complexes are usually misfits in social set-ups and they find interactions difficult. They are either disliked by their peer group or are unable to communicate well. Both men and women suffer from complexes.

Women are considered to be vain and more prone to complexes. Surprisingly, even men do suffer from various complexes which sometimes make them misfits in society. What sort of complexes? Here are some interesting ones:

Top 5 complexes of men

Inferiority complex – Some men suffer from low levels of self-confidence and feel inadequate. Their self-esteem is very low and they tend to withdraw into a shell. They socialize less and keep away from lime-light. The solution to improve one’s socializing is to have a better self-image and enhance one’s self-confidence. One must believe in one’s abilities. After all, every human being has infinite qualities. Qualities vary, but there are traits, which if built upon can make the person appear more confident and self-assured. At times, inferiority complexes are deep-rooted on account of childhood upbringing and although one can try to overcome them, but if the confidence levels stoops too low to the level of non-performance in daily life, then professional help needs to be sought.

It is also advisable to be among people who will make you feel better about yourself, although one should not go in for flattery or associate with those who are not in a position to really boost up one’s self-image. Their utterances can prove to be counter –productive as one may go around with false impressions about one self. Also, if the self-esteem is so low that it prevents one from socializing then a professional counselor is the best guide to rehabilitate the person as he or she would know exactly the personality traits of them. Being a qualified practitioner would be able to have a positive impact on the person and maintain confidence as well.

Superiority Complex – Superiority complex also develops from inferiority complex. Since, they have low self-esteem, they feel superior and try to boast. To avoid such bloated over-confidence, it is better to realize one’s inner potential realistically, appreciate it and try to function within those limits. Positive self-appraisal is good, but over-estimation of one’s talents and other attributes is bad.

Ego – This is a major personality problem many suffer from and those suffering from it get isolated from the social circle many a time. They boast a lot and try to dominate over others and feel they are very, very important. Healthy ego is good and that is possible if one knows oneself well and understands his or her weaknesses, along with positive traits.

Narcissism – This is certainly a trait which can damage a person’s special personality. One suffers from vanity and also feels he or she is more superior to others. It is a psychological disorder as one suffers from a constant feeling of personal adequacy. One is always admiring one’s own physical and emotional attributes. Those suffering from narcissism usually want a lot of admiration from others and feel very important about themselves. Others may not like such a person as they may not like somebody who feels very important about themselves. Usually, this feeling of narcissism is on account of a sense of inadequacy.

Sexual inadequacy – Several men feel sexually inadequate and either go in for medications or professional counseling. The “macho” feeling and look is much sought after, particularly in some professionals, and when these requirements are not they feel sexually inadequate. Promiscuity also causes sexual inadequacy. Also, the fast changing lifestyles, which are more based upon purely physical relationships rather than other emotional factors, are also leading to sexual inadequacy. Women also face this and so do men.

Successful career men recognize the difference between pride and positive and self-esteem. They are able to have better rapport with their clientele. On the other hand, those suffering from false pride and bloated ego fail to impress upon their peer group as well as in their professional arena. Even some women get put off as they would like a “down to earth person”, not a pretentious person.

The motto must be to recognize yourself, appreciate yourself and learn to overcome your deficiencies in order to win over the hearts of others. It is difficult but one must make a conscious effort to do so.



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