Does the Weather Affect your Headaches


weather headacheAccording to an estimation 90 people suffer from headache at some point or the other in a year. 12 – 18 percent of them suffer from the terrible migraine headache. Women are three times more at the risk of developing this condition than men. There are several triggers of this headache and an individual can sense the onset of this pain 48 hours in prior out of the previous experiences. Out of the known triggers, is weather a significant factor?

Does the Weather Affect Your Headache?
  • The exact mechanism of the developing of headache and migraine is studied by researchers intensely all over the world
  • Studies on the patients with this condition has revealed that changes in temperature, humidity, extreme dryness and dust are associated with the triggering of the migraine
  • 73 percent of the participants in the study identified weather to be a vital factor in the triggering of the pain in the head
  • 64 percent people found strong smell, 38 percent found a change in altitude and 18 percent found strong winds responsible for the beginning of the head pain
  • So the relation between an environmental factor like weather and onset of a headache is well established by the study
  • But, the theoretical explanation for the existence of this observation is still speculative in nature
  • Experts believe that the connection between these factors is evolutionary in nature
  • Headache in humans is affected by the weather because in this way, nature compels a person suffering from this condition move to a much safer surroundings
  • This is nature’s own way of providing protection to humans from the effects of weather on the head
  • Moreover the role of genetics cannot be ruled out either. Experts believe that people sensitive to headache owing to weather are built to be more prone to the suffering
  • The condition is passed on from one generation to the other generation through genes
  • This is especially true in the case of migraine sufferers and testified by patients bearing this condition for more than 20 years or more
How to Deal with Weather Related Headaches?
  • Experience teaches us a lot over a period of time. We can list all the external triggers which lead to the worsening of the condition in the past and try to avoid them as much as possible
  • Pollution, dust, humid air, smoke are not only damaging to the headache condition, but also pose threat to the skin, hair and lungs
  • Maintaining a diary to record the details of the pain for future reference is a good practice and proves handy in more than one way
  • The diary also helps us in planning our activities as the suitable weather conditions and in this way the head pain can be kept at bay
  • The use of medications, their dosages, the time of onset of the headache and the time of commencement of relief are some of the vital information for self and for the physician providing treatment

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