Home Remedies to get Rid of Rattlesnakes


RattlesnakeIf you live in rattlesnake country, it is essential that you learn how to protect your property from them and how to get rid of one, in case it strays into your yard or house. This article reveals how exactly to do that. Read on to learn more.

Home Remedies to get Rid of Rattlesnakes
  • Rattlesnakes like to thrive in tall grass, so you should trim your lawn regularly to avoid attracting them
  • Do not pile brush or wood in your lawn as these can attract lizards and mice on which rattlesnakes prey. So dispose of unnecessary brush and wood and keep your yard tidy and clean
  • Buy and place a snake trap in the areas frequented by the rattlesnake. Most snake traps have sticky glue which snares and holds the snake.
  • Use a dead reptile or rodent as bait inside the trap. Some traps come with mice smell that attracts the snake inside the trap
  • Kill a trapped rattlesnake by drowning or burning it
  • You can buy and spray predator urine around your property to deter rattlesnakes from entering. You can buy this repellent at pet and gardening stores
How to Guard your Property against Rattlesnakes
  • If you have enough money, you can install a low level fence to proof your yard and property from rattlesnakes
  • Make sure the fence is free of overhanging vegetation and shrubs. Also, do not lean tools or any other material against the fence since a rattlesnake might use it to crawl over the fence
  • Check around your property for gaps and openings that can be used by rattlesnakes to crawl in and seal them for good
  • If you have to store wood piles in your yard, make sure you store them well away from your house. Exercise caution while removing the wood piles
  • Rattlesnakes feast on rodents like rats and mice. So, keep the population of these preys under control to avoid attracting rattlesnakes
  • Similarly, do not carelessly leave around inviting items like pet food. Securely cover all garbage cans on your property
  • Search your property for potential rattlesnake nesting places like animal burrows, material piles, undergrowth, brush, tall grass, and garbage, rock or wood piles. Carefully remove these potential homes just in case there is already a snake in residence
  • In case a rattlesnake does invade your backyard, do not panic but keep your cool. Evacuate the area by sending your family members to a safe place. Then call a professional to safely remove the dangerous reptile from your property. Do not try to harm the snake as it would strike in self-defense


  1. Is human urine recognized as a deterrent by rattlesnakes? If other predators’ urine (king snakes, coyotes, etc.) are suggested as a scent undesirable to rattlesnakes, why not human? Are there any scientific studies to support/discount any such theories?

    I am not planning to discontinue the use of my indoor pluming. And I am not enthused about harming the creatures with which I share the wild. Only 3 times in the 20+ years living in my hillside house have I had a rattlesnakes at my doorstep. Twice they were relocated and once shot by local police. So. California is anticipating a very dry hot summer, therefore any input from you will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I live in .TN. in the past 2 yrs I have killed 2 very large timber rattlesnakes.I am certain that I have a den close by and need to repel the snakes.Does bleach work? I am looking for natural remedies. If I locate the den I will contact the wild life to remove any more rattlers. I would prefer to keep snakes away in the future

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