How Effective is Light Therapy for Depression


light therapy
Depression afflicts many people when they have certain setbacks in life. Some are chronic in nature and are also genetic in nature, but some are temporary as any untoward family setback in the form of sudden death of a loved one can make one feel very depressed to the extent of not wanting to live.

Normally, drugs are given and in case, it is not curable then other forms of treatment are given. One of these forms of treatment is for seasonal affective disorder on the form of light therapy. One often suffers from “winter blues” as they say and require mood uplifting.

Also referred to as bright light therapy which is also referred to light box therapy. Light therapy can be safely used and can be made use of in the precincts in one’s home. Those who suffer from eye problems must be careful while making use of it. It can cause much sensitivity.

Symptoms of depression
  • Loss of daily life pleasurable activities
  • Worthlessness feelings
  • Lack of concentration
  • Less interest in daily activity
  • Sleep disorder

Often one experiences adverse circumstances which are overwhelming and difficult to cope. The circumstances are definitely negative and perhaps maybe difficult to change them. Under such circumstances one remains unhappy as life may not have given the way it should have. Also losing a beloved one like a son or daughter can also make a person feel totally depressed and may take time to recover or perhaps may never recover from it.

This is usually made use of in seasonal affective disorder. One simply feels rather lousy and does not feel like doing anything. Friends can motivate to a certain extent, but finally clinical depression requires medication.

It is usually understood that people at some time of their life do undergo depression. Normal depression is something that lasts perhaps for few months to about a year. Chemical imbalances in the brain transmitters can also result in mood swings resulting in off and on depression. Environment does make a difference, cultural practices and norms also change moods and those who are in conducive and positive environment recover better.

Light therapy for depression is similar to conventional antidepressants. It is also equally effective. What are the effects?

  • Bright form of light therapy will improve one’s mood.
  • Bright light form of therapy can also by focusing upon targeted depression that are linked up with. Many have benefited by this form of therapy.
What is bright light therapy used for?
  • Useful for sleep disorders such as jet lag, Alzheimer disease as well as postpartum
  • It is used for non-seasonal depression
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • One cannot concentrate well
  • The urge to eat a lot of sugar
  • Strained relationship
  • Having excessive carbohydrates causing weight gain
  • Problems at place of work
  • Much strained relationship
  • It improves symptoms of SAD

It is but obvious that light therapy for depression has definitely become a very effective means of treatment of acute depression.


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