Unexplained Weight Loss


weight machineIn the present day and age sedentary way of living, people are getting increasingly obsessed with ways to their lose weight and be in shape. The situation is more serious because two thirds of people in the United States are either overweight or obese. But, while explainable weight loss is caused by proper dieting and exercise, unexplained weight loss can be an indication of a range of ailments in individuals. Loss of weight by 5 percent in the past one month or at least 10 percent in six months can be treated as a cutoff value for warning bells to ring and require immediate medical attention.

How Serious is Unexplained Weight Loss
  • Loss of weight without any possible cause is one of the symptoms of a range of dreadful diseases
  • It is one of the very common signs of cancers in the organs like lungs, pancreas, liver, ovaries and blood cancer
  • In one-thirds of cases, this symptom is found in patients whose cancers are diagnosed to be in the secondary state of malignancy
  • Starvation is a natural cause of weight loss where lack of nutrients in the body leads to the burning of fats in the body
  • Patients suffering from compromised immune system diseases like AIDS have this definite sign
  • Peptic ulcer, celiac disease, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea and gastritis are some of the gastrointestinal disorders where the patients are diagnosed with loss of weight without specific reasons
  • Kidney failure or uremia causes nausea and loss in appetite. This can cause weight loss which is hard to detect
  • Endocarditis, many parasitic diseases and fungal illnesses also cause this condition
  • The condition where the heart is unable to pump sufficient amount of oxygen rich blood to the body organs is called congestive heart failure. It causes unexplained weight loss
  • Connective tissue diseases, neurological diseases and stress can also cause this condition
  • As potential side effects, some medications can lead to the shedding of certain kilos of fats
Ways of Deal with Unexplained Weight Loss
  • The first and foremost thing is to know the harmful effects of this condition
  • The increased level of awareness can prove to be handy when an abnormal observation pertaining to the body weight is seen in either the self or in our loved ones
  • Regular check up of the body weight is a very good indicator of any abnormality
  • It is essential that people from the age of 30 start keeping a check on their body mass index
  • Women especially should ensure that their BMI remains well within the acceptable mark of 25
  • Obsession with good figure should not lead to malnutrition and an eventual loss of weight in an unhealthy manner
  • Those who newly take up an exercise regime should consult with their family physician on the type of changes they must bring in their diet and lifestyle
  • All these logical and medically acceptable steps can ensure that the weight loss in the body is proper and permanent too

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