How Lipovarin helps in Weight Loss


weight lossObesity and overweight issues have several associated complications like cancer and type 2 diabetes to name a few. People who are conscious of their excess weight usually seek the help of diet pills. These drugs complement the efforts of shedding more fats in the body along with balanced food and regular exercise. One such diet pills is lipovarin. This anti-obesity drug is available over the counters and claims to reduce weight by suppressing the appetite, boosting the metabolism, burning calories and increasing energies.

How Lipovarin Helps in Weight Loss
  • The pills are made up of caffeine, extracts of green tea leaf, 7-keto, Advantra 7, metabromine fruit extract, serotain, taurine, coleus forskohlii, rhodiola rosea, 5-HTP, theobromine, l-tartrate and l-carnitine
  • One serving comprising of three tablets should be taken in the morning prior to breakfast
  • The another serving of another three tablets should be taken in the mid afternoon
  • The main ingredients caffeine and green tea extracts reduce weight by causing loss of water from the body, increasing the urge of hunger and by burning calories
  • The ingredient 7-keto accelerates the process of weight loss by burning the fat reserves in the body and by consequently producing heat
  • The 7-keto has passed many toxicological tests and the Food and Drug Administration also has no objections to the commercial sale of this supplement for weight loss in the market
  • Advantra 7 contains bitter orange extracts. The latter is a natural appetite suppressant
  • Metabromine is an extract of cocoa tree. It also naturally suppresses the appetite and warms up the body without causes excess stimulus to the nervous system
Things to Remember
  • Science knows very little about the way our neural system works with respect to appetite
  • Owing to this reason, federal agencies are quite skeptical about the supplements which claim to suppress the appetite
  • Moreover, appetite is a very sensitive functional aspect of our body. Its malfunction because of the influence potent chemicals can affect multiple related systems
  • The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine also found very little evidence to support this supplement as an herbal equivalent to weight loss
  • The excess amount of caffeine in this drug prohibits its intake at night time as it may cause disruption in sleep
  • The same ingredient can also cause dehydration in the body coupled with 7-keto
  • While the former would remove water content in the body, the latter would generate excess heat
  • Such an abnormal condition can severely impact the body’s temperature regulation system and its associated sub-systems
  • It is to be known that the Food and Drug Administration has approved only one drug Orlistat for long term use of fighting against obesity
  • Though the lipovarin drug has natural elements as its major ingredients, very little is proven by science about their effectiveness
  • The drug should not be taken as a desperate measure to loss weight and should definitely be not tried by pregnant women, aged persons and people suffering from immune-compromised ailments like type 2 diabetes

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