Stop Smoking Shot


According to a recent statistical data, over 5 million deaths occur per year due to tobacco related causes. If you are a heavy smoker and have been fighting long to quit smoking, then this article is a must-read for you. Perhaps, you have tried to quit smoking several times in the past. You might have been successful a couple of times, but couldn’t kick off your habit completely. And even if you have been successful, you should know the physical withdrawal symptom of nicotine. If any of these cases is true for you and if you have been seeking medical help for long, then try stop smoking shot.

Stop smoking shot is a one time injection, administered by a physician that helps you quit smoking and cope with the physical withdrawal symptoms at the same time. A stop smoking shot has been considered to be one of the most effective ways to help quit smoking. Stop smoking shot is considered to have 70-80 percent success rate over all the means of smoking cessation aids. Stop smoking shots when taken along with counseling and group therapy is considered to work even better. Read on to learn more about different shots available and their probable side effects.

How stop smoking shots work
Stop smoking shots are basically nicotine vaccine that blocks the nicotine receptor in the brain. The drug used to prepare the vaccine is classified as cholinergic that controls the activity of the brain. As your brain is not able to recognize nicotine anymore, the desire to smoke goes away. One of the most popular stop smoking shots is the vaccine called NicVAX or Nicotine Conjugate Vaccine. This vaccine acts by identifying the nicotine molecules in the blood. Once the vaccine binds to the nicotine molecule, the size of the molecule increases as a result of which the molecule cannot pass through the blood brain barrier. Thus, the craving to smoke is killed and smokers are slowly withdrawn from the smoking desire. In other words, even if you smoke you don’t get the pleasure you used to get previously from smoking.

Cost for stop smoking shots
To your surprise, stop smoking shots are quite affordable. You may consult your physician to learn more about it. A single session of taking the shot may last for an hour so get prepared accordingly.

Side Effects of stop smoking shots
Most common side effects of stop smoking shots are redness and itchiness at the site of the injection. People might also develop flu like symptoms, headache, dry mouth, dizziness, and problems in urinating. If you have any diseases or health ailments inform your physician and discuss about the potential risks before you actually go for the shot. Other long term side effects may include stroke, heart attack, and hallucination but these are very rare occurrences. The drug used for vaccination is FDA approved and can be used safely.

If you wish to quit smoking or help your loved ones say no to smoking, try stop smoking shots. Consult your physician today.



    • Congratulations for asking this question! I think you are based out of Florida. Below are the places where you could get this shot.

      At AMI clinic, Florida you could get SMART™ shot. They use shot consisting of scopolamine and atarax.

      Welplex clinic at Tampa, Florida administers medicine containing atropine and scopolamine. You could get the shot at any place near to your location.

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