The Emotional Journey on Quiting Smoking


Quit smokingNicotine in the main addictive ingredient in the cigarette. It is also responsible for the withdrawal symptoms that smokers experience on quitting smoking.But what are the challenges that a smokers has to face on the emotional front on quitting smoking. This article tries to understand the Emotional journey on quitting smoking.

Stage One: Fight against the physical urges:

  • It is the initial phase of our fight and our spirit is high.
  • The fight here is against a long standing habit and a harmful toxin called nicotine.
  • A toxic body craves for nicotine here and only with our will power we deny the urge to have a puff again.

Stage Two: Fight against the psychological effects:

  • When we quit smoking we compel the mind to adjust.
  • The mind rebels and we experience feelings of anger,irritation and frustration.
  • This is the time we start thinking of the alternatives after quitting smoking.

Stage Three: Fight against Character:

  • It is the toughest phase of our fight.
  • Our character gets tested here as we are tempted by many “harmless alternatives” to smoking.
  • Realizing that there cannot be any alternative to smoking is the challenge here.
  • Otherwise,we give up all the efforts that we put.

Stage Four: Fight against Self-esteem:

  • We realize our mistakes here and a sense of guilt engulfs us.
  • Brooding on it and the other losses in life during the smoking phase leads to depression or low self esteem.
  • There can be a fight against social stigma too for many.
  • With the support of family members and friends this phase can be conquered.
  • The experience is next to re-birth.

Stage Five: Fight against our mental prejudices:

  • It is the stage of recovery.
  • We try to come to terms with our new life.
  • We give up our earlier notions and gain knowledge about healthier life style.
  • Our past life is bide farewell by accepting our mistakes and correcting them.

Stage Six: Fight against complacency:

  • Success over one addiction should not fill us with an over dose of courage.
  • Life is learning from mistakes and committing new ones.
  • But there is no excuse for repeating the same mistakes again.

How To Quit Smoking In Easy Steps

Journey Quiting Smoking
One of the most difficult and the most failed program is to quit smoking. In our day to day life we come across many people who really want to quit smoking but all their efforts go in vain as they get tempted enough to start smoking again. It’s very hard to stop something which has become a habit, a status symbol, a fashion accessory…and much more.

Reduce Smoking Gradually, Don’t Quit All Of A Sudden: One has to reduce the number cigar cigarette intake on daily basis. A study says that people can’t stop a habit abruptly it increases a lot of stress in their mind and also desire to start it again. SO one should consciously try to make an extra effort to reduce the number of intakes gradually on a course of few weeks the number comes down to 50% and slowly but consciously taken decisions can bring it down to 0.

Take Help from Family and Friends:The loved ones, caring ones are the person whose advice we can’t deny. One must explain his desire to their loved ones to help him out in quitting the practice. A conscious worked out plan with well monitoring by the loved ones will definitely work in this regard.

Use Quit Smoking Antidepressant : There are a plenty of quit smoking drugs available in the market. A guided advice from a medical practitioner would help a person to choose the best possible drug for him. A well followed course and a few weeks of time can help him out of this habit. It reduces nicotine carvings and its most successful way to quit smoking till date.

Smoking Cessation Methods: The laser smoking, acupuncture cessation smoking methods is one of the most rapidly growing ways to quit smoking. One must think of which way to follow to cut down the nicotine intake. Acupuncture also helps to control regular Blood flow in the body.

Seek Non Profit Organization’s Help: Many nonprofit organizations help people to quit smoking. One can take help from these organizations and cut it down. He may be advised to brush instantly kill the desire to smoke, or he may be advised to practice breathing exercises, keep mouth freshener always to avoid the smoking urge.

Whatever may be the way, smoking has to be done away with. Help your journey towards a better health.


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