Top 10 Excuses that People give for their Habit of Smoking


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Smokers have a way with not quitting cigarettes. Though it is a widely accepted fact that quitting smoking is not easy, there are many techniques that can help you quit it. The decision to quit smoking is a complete personal responsibility and the fear of most smokers is to be able to fulfill it or not. However, experts suggest that the idea to quit is itself an indication towards a healthy life.

Though it is really hard for smokers to cope with nicotine withdrawal and recovery symptoms, there are ways to manage them too. However, smokers come up with a variety of excuses to continue smoking constantly.

Top 10 Excuses that People Give for Continued Smoking Habit

Some common excuses given by smokers to continue smoking are listed below:

  • Smoking relaxes and reduces stress or tensions
  • Better concentration and performance
  • Cigarettes are a better than other drugs
  • Cannot resist the nicotine cravings
  • Need some more time to build a stronger will power
  • Smoke only safe and natural or organic cigarettes
  • Trying to lose some weight
  • Don’t smoke so often
  • Don’t know how to stop smoking
  • Tried to stop but it doesn’t help

Studies claim that it is the subconscious mind that is in total control of our habits. Smoking makes people emotionally, physically and psychologically dependent on nicotine. In addition, psychological dependency is said to be higher than physical dependence on cigarettes. This implies that smokers need to constantly train and motivate their senses towards quitting smoking.

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Smokers need to take on the responsibility of re-ordering their life just as they chose to destroy it by exercising their freedom to smoke. Excuses are not going to fetch them neither happiness nor friends. So the answer for all smokers who think they are trying to quit smoking but cannot – try harder.

Why do People Smoke

People who smoke have a wide range of excuses to justify their addiction and enslavement to this habit.

Check out a few common reasons –

Smoking Calms Me Down

This is the most common excuse I have heard. Many people believe that smoking calms them down. On the contrary, Nicotine is a stimulant and it has a completely opposite effect. Some people feel calmed down by smoking because it helps them overcome the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine when they do not smoke. Many people smoke when they are depressed or tensed. Smoking creates an illusion of calming while it actually makes things worse.

I Really Enjoy Smoking

Some people claim that smoking gives them a ‘high’ or ‘kick’ and that’s what makes it an enjoyable activity. On the contrary, many people do not enjoy smoking at all when they smoke for the first time. A lot of people take up smoking as a sociable activity. They smoke after food or while standing around and talking or share it with friends. You tend to enjoy smoking as you would enjoy having coffee with your friends or colleagues. You enjoy the social activity and not smoking as such.

I Smoke When I Feel Bored

When people do not know how to kill leisure they either eat junk or smoke. Here again, you smoke to distract your mind from boredom or leisure. Well, you have plenty of options to kill time you can watch TV, call up a friend, surf the net, read a book or sleep. Why smoke?

I Smoke to Keep Weight OFF

It is always noticed that chain smokers are often skinny. This encourages obese people to take up smoking to keep weight off. They religiously smoke a cigarette after each meal as if it would help it digest faster or prevent fat absorption in the body. When you smoke, nicotine will help you suppress your appetite for a short while, but when your hunger goes beyond control you will end up binging and eating twice than you should have eaten. So, on the contrary smoking helps you gain weight.

Wake up folks – Smoking is just an illusion. It fools you and silently destroys you.



  1. I have smoked a lot and the damage might be already done. Is there a need to stop it now? Anyways people could die of road accidents so what is bad of dieing with cancer. I am not going to live forever.

  2. One of the other very common excuse given by people is that they use filters while smoking or they are careful only to smoke low tar cigarette. In any case smoking is harmful.

  3. If I quit right now my career would get affected as I would not be able to concentrate on my work due to withdrawal symptoms

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