12 Facts About Long Distance Relationships


Before you roll your eyes and frown on the mention of ‘long distance relationships’, let us tell you one simple fact. About 14% of people in the United States alone are in a long-distance relationship. While it can be quite challenging and tricky to be in a long-distance relationship, they are often manageable and bring quite some advantages to the table. And no, long distance relationships are not just virtual but are very REAL. Long distance relationships are not limited to people who are dating, but married couples to live in cities and countries, with economics playing the major part.

Long Distance Relationships

What are long distance relationships?

Basically, an intimate relationship, marital or otherwise between two people who live in different geographies is known as a long distance relationship. In this arrangement, couples do not get to meet their partners on daily basis and their communication is dependent on digital tools via the internet and phone calls. Long distance relationships are more common in students who move cities for pursuing education, with a share of 25% to 50%. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-distance_relationship However, nowadays, long distance arrangements are also adopted by married couples due to work, economic reasons, frequent travel, and other reasons.

Do long distance relationships work?

It is hard to say for sure if a long distance relationship will work out, though a study estimates that 40% of long distance relationships eventually end in a breakup.

Long distance relationships require more efforts from both partners involved because they get very little time to themselves as a couple. Successful long distance relationships need huge commitment levels from the couple and work when the relationship is the topmost priority on your list. Most long-distance relationships thrive on the hope and planning of being together soon. If you are determined not to consider geographical differences and different time zones as a limitation to your relationship, you stand good chances of surviving a long distance relationship.

12 Facts about long distance relationships

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. People who are in long distance relationships do have a lot of hard work on their table, but they are also more likely to share meaningful conversations and feelings. Having your significant others miles away can definitely be trying, even if the couple sets off on a strong foundation. Yet, the beauty of being able to be in a relationship without feeling guilty of getting ‘me’ time is quite appealing. If you are or you know someone who is in a long distance relationship, these facts could be easily relatable. Let us know we have missed anything!

1. They bring about a lot of independence to an individual

Most people who have been in long distance relationships would agree that they are more independent than their peers who have their significant others with them all the time. They have more time for things that they would like to do, like meeting friends often, and yet be in a relationship.

2. The time you spend away from each other can be really hard

This is not tough to guess, is it? People who have their significant others miles apart miss them often and the gap between meetings can be tough to manage. The lack of simple physical interactions like a touch or a hug can drain anyone in a committed relationship.

3. The time you spend with each other is valued a lot

Couples in long distance relationships do not get to see each other enough, so any time that they get together is cherished and valued. That does not mean that they do not discuss any serious issues. They do, but unlike couples who have the liberty to see each other when they want, long-distance couples tend to be more sensitive in valuing their time together.

4. You spend a lot of your time on Internet via the Skype or Facetime

Thanks to the internet, long distance couples spend a lot of time together virtually by being on Skype and Facetimes. Most couples follow a routine every day when they get online to see and talk to each other. They also indulge in some intimacy through the videos and pictures shared regularly.

5. It can get expensive to maintain a long distance relationship

No brainer, this one. Whether it is your travel tickets, hotel stays phone and internet bills or fuel costs – in a long distance relationship the maintenance is quite high – so to say. Because the couples spend a lot on these modes of communication and meeting each other, it often means they are not left with enough money to splurge on themselves.

6. You value all communication with your partner

Communication is vital for couples in long distance relationships. Because one cannot read the body languages or facial expressions often, these couples have to communicate very effectively to make the other person know what they are feeling or going through. Most romantic moments are translated into beautiful words and communicated effectively. They make beautiful memories.

7. You travel frequently to meet

Most couples living apart travel frequently to see each other, especially if they are earning and can save enough to travel. That also means cutting on weekends relaxing at home or missing meeting friends and family. Partners take turns to travel and often spend a lot on related activities.

8. You are a great planner – always looking to work one date somehow

Couples in long distance relationships plan like pros. They tend to squeeze a 15-minute chat between hectic deadlines or a stopover at a middle destination when there is an official meeting in another city. They can chalk an itinerary in seconds because they have planned so many dates and trips!

9. God alone can help you in case you have a misunderstanding!

Couples in long-distance relationships are often viewed skeptically by friends and family. If a misunderstanding develops, it gets very difficult to clear it up because of limited physical presence. It requires deep understanding to clear innocent misunderstandings.

10. The inner romantic gets unleashed

Whether it is gifts or wonderful surprises, flowers or handwritten letters, long distance relationships unleash the romanticism in many couples. The strong desire to make each other feel special makes couples plan romantic gifts and surprises not just on special occasions, but also on regular days.

11. You often stay up in the nights for late night chats and calls

Couples in long distance relationships are mostly awake during the nights. They make up for their lost daytime communication with late nights long calls and chats. Most couples sleep virtually with each other and are often each other’s friend for that 3 a.m. chat.

12. Your face lights up when you see each other after weeks of separation

And not to mention, the 1000 watts smile and the way the face lights up when you see each other after a few weeks or months. Makes it all worth in the end!


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