How to Heal Emotional Scars of Relationship


emotional scars
Love is eternal as they say, but when two people feel that they cannot live together any longer together or carry on with their relationship, then definitely, the heart break causes much pain and agony. Being together in relationship makes one feel wanted and cared for. Each respective partner feels for the other; nevertheless, if for some reason the relationship goes sour, then the break-up that follows can be traumatic for some at times in case the love for the other person was very deep.

People come together for various reasons, to share their feelings, their thoughts and to enjoy pleasurable moments together. Yes, those in love want their relationship to remain forever and they do strive towards it. But, life is not so at times, as one encounters life situations that can be overwhelming. Many lovers end up with broken hearts.

Reasons for Relationship Breakup:
  • Personality differences developing over a period of time
  • Involvement with another person
  • Attitudinal changes after a point of time
  • Boredom in relationship
  • Sexual incompatibility arising after a given point of time
  • Lack of mutual understanding and care for each other
Healing Emotional Scars in Relationship
  • Divert the mind: Get involved in work or outdoor activities. One must keep one’s mind engaged. One will feel depressed and naturally one has to undertake an avocation that will make one feel good
  • Self-esteem: One’s self-esteem will take a dip as one will feel rejected. It is difficult immediately to build up another relationship. The best way out is to either undertake a career pursuit or perhaps a creative venture that will make one feel that one is talented and worth a lot
  • Close friends: Spend time with a close friend who loves you and cares for you and appreciates what you are going through. One has to come through the bad phase, and naturally, a compassionate and understanding friend or relative can help you to feel normal again. Assuaging hurt feelings is very difficult. It takes time to heal. One need not give up on life. One can start fresh again after sometime
  • Positivity: Try to think positive even though it is difficult as one must not feel it is the end of the road. One must get over rejection. After all, the feeling of rejection affects one’s decisions, thinking processes, and also the feelings of confidence to be able to delay with daily life problems
  • One must avoid rumination: One must not think too much about what has happened as one will just end up brooding too much. Negativity saps one of energy and adds on stress. Stress can lead to various diseases
  • Feeling of helplessness: One must overcome the feeling of helplessness as the separation from partner will make one feel very alone. It is important to feel that there are people out there for you who care for you. The world is very harsh and usually people do not care for another person’s feelings. Naturally, you have to make yourself very, very strong in order to survive on one’s own. Yes, there will be people who will care for you
  • Seek professional help: If one is not able to cope with the situation and unable to get over the guilt and hopelessness feelings, then it is better to seek professional help
  • Cleansing the wound: One must cleanse the wounds. Hurt can kill a person within. To overcome one must focus on improving one’s self-esteem and also disassociating with those who are degrading you and causing more hurt
  • Reading books: One must read interesting and lively books to divert one’s mind or spiritual books. One’s mind relaxes and one also feels refreshed.
  • Spiritual activities: One can undertake spiritual activities to relax the mind. One can get out of depression as one feels rejected since one’s close partner has decided to separate. Many tend to visit ashrams or spiritual resorts to seek solace from the Almighty in order to gain the required confidence to face life again. One has to come through the depressed phase and for that one requires a beacon that would lead one out of the morass

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