Submissive Husbands and Dominant Wife – Advantages and Disadvantages


Relationship between a husband and a wife is based upon mutual understanding, and if the equations are positive then the relationship is purely harmonious. On the other hand, if the wife is dominating and the husband happens to be submissive, then obviously the wife has much to gain and the husband much to lose. Usually, the husband is in dominant position and this is traditionally accepted. Nevertheless, there are women who are very domineering and prefer to gain control over the household.

The dominating wife gets control over the household and decides matters pertaining to family life. It is her nature that makes her to decide issues rather than her husband doing so. She handles all the household affairs and prefers her husband to abide by her decisions.

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Is it advantages to be a submissive husband who is tolerant of a dominant wife? Let us observe this marital status of the couple and see whether it is socially acceptable.

Advantages of being a submissive husband and a dominant wife
  • The wife has the upper hand in making decisions and need to face up to husband who is very demanding
  • The husband will comply to the wishes of the wife
  • The wife can freely spend money without her husband deciding g upon how she should incur finances
  • The submissive husband allows the wife to handle the children the way she wants
  • Schedules in the house are prepared by the wife according to her convenience
  • The wife can meet guests whenever she wants and entertain them as she pleases
  • A submissive husband will give in to all the whims and fancies of his wife without raising his voice
  • The wife will feel secure as she need not worry that her husband will go astray
  • The wife need not cater to unreasonable demands of the husband
Disadvantages of being a submissive husband and dominant wife
  • One ends up being a hen-pecked husband
  • The wife has to take on all the household responsibilities as the husband may not be clever enough to handle the situation
  • The husband’s self-esteem hits low ebb
  • In the peer group circles, the husband’s image is at a low level
  • The husband has to put with social ridicule
  • Men as well submissive housewives may not appreciate a dominant wife
  • The husband unable to bear a dominant wife may rebel or retaliate
  • A submissive husband influenced by other peer group members may seek divorce
  • A dominant wife may push around her husband too far, resulting in disharmony in the relationship
  • The hen-pecked husband may end up doing too many chores in the house. The wife may simply enjoy spending time with her friends
  • The husband may have to face unrelenting criticism of the wife, in simple terms “a nagging wife”
Who is better off? A dominant wife or a submissive husband

It is quite evident that a submissive husband definitely is on the receiving end of the dominant wife, who rules the roost in the house. Socially also, he is not well placed as most men are very conscious about their manhood and look down upon men who behave “feminine”. A dominant wife of course is much to gain as she lays down the rules in the house and naturally is not answerable to her husband. She can move out freely and socialize with whosoever she wants. She is the “queen” of the house and need not ask finances from her husband.

The sufferer, perhaps, is the submissive husband although some submissive husbands temperamentally prefer their wife’s domination. On the other hand, men who are docile by nature get easily dominated by their wives and have to adhere to their whims and fancies. They do feel a sense of humiliation at times as, naturally, they would also like to have their way at times.

Are submissive husbands more acceptable to modern day working dominant wives?

Submissive Husbands Dominant Wife
The trend these days is to have husbands who accommodate their wives in handling household chores. Submissive husbands would naturally be more acceptable as the wife can meet her demands at her workplace as well as at home easily. The traditional approach is that a working wife does all the chores at home as well take on the responsibilities at workplace. Nevertheless, a submissive husband maybe treated very badly by his dominant wife and has to also cope up with work outside as well. He may suffer professionally. Any working man would prefer a submissive wife as she would be more cooperative with him in dealing with affairs of the house and not the other way around.

Husband whose wife happens to be dominating suffers a lot as his “male ego” is at a low ebb.



  1. I am a submissive husband and have always been a submissive boy even before when we were dating .
    Our relationship has progressed to a cuckold relationship and I love my wife and want the best for her.

  2. rusty
    I am a submissive husband and have always been submissive to the women in my life. Our life style is not on display in public very often. Her family knows I defer to her but do not know the extent to which our Ds marriage goes. actually we are past 65 in age, but in good health. She still uses the belt and cat o 9 on me frequently. and for training and hard punishment she still hangs me in the shed for hours before beating the crap out of me. she loves me and takes care of all my needs and my life is great

  3. ..lee

    I am a submissive but not focused on becoming a husband.

    I acknowledge the previous two submissives and say ‘well done gentleman, for knowing your heart, being in the place that feels right for you and being in a relationship that is about understanding and caring for each others needs’.

    For those that are not of a caring and strong submissive or dominant nature it is easy to misunderstand or get lost in the falsity of other relationships.

    Enjoy life in caring for yourself and others as it feels right to you.

    L xx

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