Top 7 Disadvantages of Early Marriage


Many people are marrying early these days. They would like to get into matrimony as soon as their courtship is over. Tying the knot is important to strengthen their relationship. They feel settling down in life early would help them set up their independent home.

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Whatever may be the advantages of settling down early in life, the fact remains there are problems to be faced if one gets into matrimony too quickly. What are these?

Problems of Early Marriage – Disadvantages of Early Marriage
  1. Responsibility: Responsibility has to be shouldered at a very young age. One has to take on household responsibilities, child rearing responsibility etc. There is no adult to guide or help out in case the couple are living alone. There is a minimum age for driver’s license, voting, joining army, certain jobs and even joining Facebook then why there cannot be a minimum age for marriage so that the couple could fulfill their responsibilities responsibly.
  2. Teenage Life: Missing out on the fun of teenage life and being young. The drudgeries of married life can get on to the unmatured minds. This affects the overall growth of individuals and in most of cases they do not turn up to be a responsible citizens. This might be attributed to the early tensions and stress the couple has to go through when their minds are not capable to taking them up.
  3. Divorce: Breakdown of marriage is possible. Often the young couples are immature to shoulder major responsibilities of life and end up fighting with each other. Adjustment problems may arise primarily after childbirth which could be either financial or responsibility. All these could lead to breakup of the couple which could leave them devastated and it becomes very difficult for them to come back fully to normal life.
  4. Education: The young couple may not be able to pursue higher education as they have to take on the responsibilities of family budget. About 50% of the women who are pregnant in their teens only complete their high school education in USA whereas 90% women complete it who never got pregnant in their teens.
  5. Career: Work opportunities are limited for the youngsters. Since their education levels are low, they cannot get highly paid jobs. In addition since most are not able to complete even their high scool education, they have to settle with menial jobs which are often not well paid.
  6. Children Upbringing: Bringing up children may be difficult. Their knowledge of child care may be limited and parental guidance is also not there. They may not be able to provide the appropriate care for their child.
  7. Children Life: According to CDC, children born out of teenage mothers tend to drop out of high school, get lower scores at school, suffer from health issues, unemployment and they themselves are prone to be married early.
  8. Health: Health also can get affected as early pregnancy can have a negative impact on overall health primarily for women.

Marrying early may seem very romantic and convenient, but it has its problems. Couples need to get to know each other better and this takes time. Rushing into a marriage, which may not last long does not appear the right thing to do. In some countries, where child marriage is prevalent, efforts are on by respective Governments to dissuade such a practice.

Another Point of View submitted by one of the user “Holly M”

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I don’t see how these can be big disadvantages if there’s a workaround to them. I have thought of workarounds to all of them, and I’m not even married (let alone in a relationship). For the sake of debate, here’s my opinion on how these don’t have to be a disadvantage, as there is surely a workaround to them all, as well as exceptions in some cases.

1. Responsibility: There are young people out there who can and will shoulder responsibility, because they have the maturity to do so. If they understand and have learned what it is to be mature and responsible, then it’s a good chance they can shoulder the responsibility of marriage.

2. Domestic Duties: Married life doesn’t have to be all drudgery and domestic duties unless you let it be so. I know dozens of couples who are married and they ALL manage to still have fun, even at an early age. It doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly all domestic work and no life-that’s not what marriage is. You can have just as much fun as you did before you even said “I do.” I know one couple that still throws Phantom Of The Opera related parties, goes to theater together, and go away on great vacations. It’s 2011 now, not 1911.

3. Pregnancy: I can’t see how health can be negatively impacted during pregnancy if you know what you’re doing (keep eating healthy, etc), but if you have a million babies, one straight after the other, then health can be affected. Which is why I’m only going to have two or three kids if I have any at all. But as long as I keep having check ups and going to the doctor, keep fit, and eat healthy, pregnancy doesn’t have to hurt health.

4. Breakup: And often young couples who are responsible and mature can have long lasting relationships. On the other hand, a couple in their sixties can just as much have a break down of marriage as well-it’s not just the young that can break up. Again, this is speaking from experience, as I know many couples in their twenties (or teens), and they all have shouldered the responsibility and all have the maturity to handle marriage with respect, understanding what it means. So far, there have been no divorces or break-ups.

5. Career: Then again, a couple can agree to marry after their education is definitely finished and they have a steady career. I haven’t found a relationship yet, and I’m still yet to finish another degree, which I plan on starting next year. However, if I end up in a relationship during the time I am doing my second degree, I would happily hold off marriage (if that’s even on the cards at all!) until we both have finished our higher education and have a steady career. After all, a marriage is not the be all end all of a relationship.

6. Education: I guess this depends on the individual and what kind of degree they have when they finish studying (heck, I know people who’ve had a Masters by the time they were 22! And limited work opportunities are hitting everyone regardless of age, thanks to the recession.

7. Parenting: There’s books, parenting classes, institutions that can offer advice, advisory websites, heck, even the doctor can provide some kind of advice as well. Besides, raising a child, especially a firstborn, is different for everyone. Some people find certain ways of raising a child better than others. And raising a child is a challenge-hopefully a more positive rather than negative one-for any parent, whether or not they’ve ever had children before.



    • …I do really agree that engaging in early marriage brings a lot of devastating problems to ones couple.As of todays trends marriage is like just eating a food and once they get hot out of it there going to release that one like a potato..lets all remember that you get in that kink of relationship its a a life long commitment and not a temporary one.We should learn how to become responsible in every decision we made..

  1. yes marriage is very exiting but of course thers a proper time to get married, or would you rather marry early be all lovey dovey and a cutey couple but later when your “love” bears fruit to a child,let’s see how u can provide your wife and child what they need

    • yes,early marraige is just like a nuclear bomb in child hand…….If the bomb is blast then sure our future is going in dark………… for mankind we have to banned it totally……………

  2. I am not sure what this early marriage in this article means. If there are disadvantages there are lots of advantages of early marriage too. These days people marry in their 30’s and then they do not have time to have children. When they realize they want to have children they are approaching their 40’s. This way when their kids grow they are in between their 60-70 and unable to take care of their children requirements. I am talking here as per Indian perspective.

    Parents in India take care of their kids till they are married. If they marry late, they would have kids late and then they would not be able to take care of them properly. Yes, there are lots of disadvantages of early marriage but their are lots of advantages too.

  3. Its better to produce early and you takecare of your children when u a still energytic
    to work for them.
    Early marriage does not lead to quick growth, like someone who produces at late age, grows quickly
    than that one who produce earlier.

  4. I dont like early marriage because early marriage directly effected on mens and womens health because resposibility has to come on shoulders at very young age one has to take all the household responsiblity and women health gets affacted as early pregency can have a nagative impact on over health.

  5. Early marriage is not as bad as some people normally thought off, if both the couples understand themselves then no problem, they will live a perfect life..

  6. the early or lately marriage depends the situations, societies , and the context of life . the early marriage can be good in society and also can be bed for other . we must study each case one by one

  7. Omoyajowo Serah on

    As for me it depends on individual point of view, early marriage is not bad. Gone are d days when our ancestors get married in their late 30s or 40s. If d money & love is available wat else do u need. With God nothing is impossible. What is in d world of single teenage to acquire or acheive dat u can’t attain when u are married.

  8. Marriage needs a lot of preparations.We should not rush to get married at a point of time we wanted.Always remember to set some preparations before entering the complicated life of being married.

  9. early marriage shud
    be the best option for the youth

    problem nowadays we say we need to prepare before rushing for marriage but many things are destroyed in the name of catching fun

  10. I really learnt a lot from all of u but I think marrying early is just the best cos nowourdays both gens and ladies are cheating too much so if u get some one who understands u. U will not have any problem marrying early. Am 23yrs, married to 20yr old lady and we are so happy as of now

  11. Child marriage has a lot of negative impact on a girl which causes series of problems in marriage relationship but we should also consider the number of young people who get pregnant less than the age of 18 and most of those people don’t get marriage. Many young children get pregnant out of marriage those of whom cannot take care of themselves neither their children I can say that’s the worst part of it.

  12. early marriage is different from teenage marriage. the advantages of early marriage are too numerous to mention i am actually an advocate of early marriage as i speak i marry before my university education today my three children are in the secondary school only one is still in the primary school in my mid thirty. i am pursuing my second degree while my wife is about to graduate. what are we talking about as majority of my mate are marrying now, most of the time i attend their wedding with my boys check out. its a good thing to see my children growing fast at my age bravo to me joo.

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