Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Vessel During Pregnancy


It is true that our ancestors have told us the numerous benefits of drinking water from copper vessel. When you store water in the vessel made of copper, it is positively charged and is referred as “tamara jal”. The water should be kept in the copper vessel for a minimum of 8 hours prior to consumption to help it absorb the properties of copper.

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The water stored in the copper pots will not stink or get stale, as it is rich in electrolytes, which makes it fit for consumption for several hours. According to Ayurveda, drinking water stored in copper vessel is very useful for your health, as it balances the 3 doshas of your body like pitta, kapha and vata.

This is why nutritionists opine that pregnant ladies must have a glass of water rich in copper every day. This positively charged water from copper pots is loaded with antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which makes it ideal for pregnant women. It helps in maintaining the body health by keeping away the diseases and flushing away the toxins.

Is Water Stored In Copper Vessel Safe For Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women can drink the water that is stored in the copper jug without any concerns, as it has several beneficial properties. Plus, the sterilizing effects of copper charged water make it very pure, clean and safe for consumption.

The Indian Ayurveda states that the water from the copper pots becomes completely bacteria free within 3 hours of storing it. As the water is ionized, it makes it a best remedy for pregnant women stay free from all kinds of illnesses. It also helps in maintaining the pH balance in the body.

Role Of Copper During Pregnancy

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  • Copper is essential for pregnant women to support the formation of fresh red blood cells in pregnant women.
  • During pregnancy, their blood circulation is doubled in the body and for this, copper is essential.
  • Some women might have copper deficiencies during their initial years of child bearing. They might experience the signs of copper deficiency, such as hair loss, fatigue, diarrhea, edema and so on.
  • In such situations, they can drink 2 to 3 glasses of water kept in a copper vessel to cope up their copper deficiency requirements.
  • Drinking this copper charged water will give the pregnant women about 1 milligram of copper every day, which makes it extremely beneficial for them.

Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Vessel During Pregnancy

The following are some of the benefits that pregnant women will experience when they drink the water stored in copper container.

1. Combats Water Borne Diseases

Drinking water from copper pots has become a habit for pregnant women in the recent times, as it is loaded with anti-germ prowess. This water has a sterilizing effect that helps it to kill disease causing E Coli bacteria. Plus, it is very effective in combating water borne diseases like cholera, Salmonella, Shigella, typhus and viruses and, such as Hepatitis A, and Enterovirus.

2. Improves The Functions Of Thyroid Gland

Copper is one among the trace minerals essential for pregnant ladies. It rectifies the function of the thyroid gland by supplying the required amount of copper in their system. The deficiency of copper is a major culprit behind thyroid issues. Drinking one glass of water kept in a copper vessel before consuming a meal will help in preventing thyroid issues.

3. Cures Anemia

Copper charged water plays a pivotal role in preventing and fighting against anemia. The deficiency of copper in pregnant women will lead to anemia. Drinking a glass of water stored in copper bowl will help in improving the hemoglobin levels in the bloodstream. It also improves the production of RBC or Red Blood Cells.

4. Alleviates Joint Pains

It is natural for women to experience soreness and pain in their joints during pregnancy. Drinking the water charged with copper would help in relieving such pains in the joints, as it is loaded with placating properties.

5. Helps In Baby’s Development

The copper present in the water stored in copper container is also important for the formation of the unborn baby’s blood vessel, nervous system, heart and skeletal system. It also helps in improving hair health and skin health of your baby.

6. Prevents Neurobehavioral Disorders

Drinking water charged with copper help in curbing the development of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD in the baby in your womb. Copper in the water covers the neuron gaps in the brain by synthesizing lipids to form the myelin sheath. When you have the deficiency of copper, it can lead to several mental issues.

So, it is important to drink water kept in a copper vessel to have a healthy central nervous system. This water also prevents the development of Alzheimer’s diseases and Parkinson’s diseases. Plus, regular consumption of this copper rich water helps in resisting seizures and convulsions.

7. Promotes Digestion

When you are pregnant, it is common to experience digestion problems, which can be rectified easily with water stored in copper jug. Copper has the ability to kindle the slow relaxation and contraction activities of the stomach to improve digestion. Have a healthy digestive system by consuming this water loaded with copper.

8. Aids In Iron Absorption

When you are pregnant, it is important for your body to obtain the essential amount of iron through your diet. When you drink this water with traces of copper, it helps in absorbing the iron to rule out issues like anemia.

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9. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure Levels

Copper plays a key role in regulating the blood pressure levels, as it restricts the buildup of plaque and dilates the blood vessels to promote the blood flow. Having copper laced water will help the pregnant ladies to have a well maintained blood pressure levels and stay free from hypertension issues.

10. Protects Heart

Copper in the stored water lowers the risk of facing cardiovascular issues in pregnant ladies. It maintains the heart rate and reduces the triglyceride levels as well as the cholesterol levels. This water also promotes the blood flow to your heart and rules out the occurrence of cardiovascular issues.

We hope that this article helps you understand the benefits of storing and drinking water in a copper vessel. Act now and buy a good quality copper jug to spend your pregnancy days in a healthy way. Also include copper rich foods, like nuts, green leafy vegetables, honey, beets, almonds, meat and barley. However, avoid cooking food in copper pots, as it is not advisable during pregnancy.


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