8 Oral Contraceptive Birth Control Pills In India


If you wish to avoid pregnancy or have plans to maintain a good gap between the babies, then it is imperative for you to choose an effective birth control method. Even though there are several methods available to avoid pregnancy like birth control products, emergency contraceptive pills and intrauterine contraceptive devices, the wise decision would be opting for the birth control pills.

Oral Contraceptive Birth Control Pills

What are Oral Contraceptive Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills are also known as oral contraceptive pills, which are the medications prescribed by the doctors for avoiding pregnancy. These hormonal preparations are formulated with progesterone, estrogen or a combination of both. Women’s hormones play a key role in the ovulation process where the ovary releases the egg.

These birth control pills have less quantity of progesterone and estrogen hormones that are prepared in synthetic form. These hormones obstruct the functions of your natural hormones to deal with the fertilization and implantation of eggs to avoid pregnancy. As they are very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies, these oral contraceptive pills have been widely used by women across the globe.

Top 8 Oral Contraceptive Birth Control Pills In India

Find below the list of best 9 OCPs that are commonly available in India.

1. Saheli

It is the only non-steroidal birth control pill that is said to have no side effects in the world. It has entchroman (ormeloxifene 30mg) as the active ingredient. Its manufacturer, Hindustan Level Limited (A Government of India Enterprise) claims that it is free from steroids and hormones. You can avoid unwanted pregnancies by taking one pill per week.

It was launched in 1991. Due to presence of molecule Centchroman, side effects like headache, vomiting, nausea and weight gain are minimum. Oestrogen or progesterone are two main ingredient in all other brands sold in India.

How to use?: It is recommended to take Saheli 2 times a week for 1st 3 months. It should be taken only once a week after 3 months. Do consult your doctor once before going for it.

Price: Rs. 250 for a pack with 80 pills

2. Unwanted 21 Days

It is a regular oral contraceptive pill offered by Mankind Pharma. It is formulated with two synthetic female hormones, which are Ethinyloestradiol and Levonorgestrel. It can also treat hormone disturbances, PCOS and pimples.

How to use?: It is advised to take tablets from the 1st day of Menstrual cycle continuously for 21 days and then a rest for 7 days. Once should continue the cycle till pregnancy needs to be avoided. One should take tablets daily at the same time. If missed, one could take it ASAP. 2 tablets could be taken in a day in case of misses.

Side Effects: Some of the top side effects are mild form of pimples for few days. Others include mild stomach pain for few days, mild sudden bleeding, irregular menstruation for 1-2 cycles.

Price: Rs. 60 for 1 pack with 21 pills

3. Yasmin

The active ingredients in this pill are Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol. It performs by restoring the estrogen levels in the body while inhibiting the egg release from the ovary. It can also help in treating the ovarian cysts and regulates the periods.

How to use?: Do not go for it before consulting your doctor. Do not take more or less then prescribed doses and for the time it is recommended. Take the 1st pill on the 1st day of period or on Sunday when it begins. Use other birth control methods like condom when you start using it. Take it at the same time everyday and correct way is to take it before you go to sleep. However, it is not mandatory to take after meal.

Side Effects: The bleeding might be bit more for first 3 months. If it is excessive, you might want to consult your doctor. Allergic reactions like hives, swelling of lips or face and breathing difficulty might happen for few. Women with liver problems, heart ailments should avoid using this drug. Other side effects include vomiting, headache, weight gain, decrease in sex drive, tenderness in breast s etc.

Price: Rs. 434 for a pack with 21 pills

4. Centron

This pill is one among the selective estrogen receptor that can ward off unwanted pregnancies. It is a non-hormonal, non-steroidal contraceptive pill with minimum side effects. It can also treat uterine bleeding dysfunction as it has ormeloxifene. The drug is manufactured by Torrent Pharma LTD. and comes in a pack of 10.

How to use?: Consult a certified medical professional before taking this drug. It is generally taken 1 per week.

Price: Rs. 39.90 for a pack with 10 tablets

5. Bandhan

It is a pill that has the hormonal combination of estrogen and progestin. Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol are its active ingredients that stop the ovary from releasing the egg. It also performs estrogen restoration and prevents implantation of the egg in the uterus.

It is manufactured by German Remedies Limited. A regular tablet contains Levonorgestrel .15 MG & Ethinyl Estradiol .03 MG.

Side Effects: Some of the top side effects includes nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions & breast tenderness. Some women might also have irregular bleeding and stomach pain.

When to avoid?: Women with ectopic and existing pregnancy should avoid taking these tablets. If one is suffering from hypertension, mental illness, migraine, diabetes, non diagnosed vaginal bleeding etc. should avoid taking it. Smoking might affect the effect of this drug. If your age is above 35 then it is best to consult a doctor before taking this drug.

Price: Rs. 20.8 for a pack with 10 tablets

6. Ovral L

It is a low dose pill that has a combination of estrogen as well as progestin. The active ingredients of this pill are Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol. It is also useful to treat women’s health disorders and menstrual dysfunction. The drug is manufactured by Wyeth.

Price: Rs. 94 for a pack with 21 tablets

7. Duoluton L

The active ingredients of this birth control pill are Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol. Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd. offers this pill. It alters the uterus wall lining to prevent egg fertilization and prevents ovulation process.

Price: Rs. 37.5 for a pack with 21 pills

8. Deviry

This contraceptive pill has Medroxy Progesterone Acetate as the active ingredient that helps it to put off pregnancy. It also treats abnormal uterine bleeding and irregular menstrual periods. It also thickens the mucus at the womb’s entrance and changes the uterus lining. The drug is manufactured and marketed by Elder Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

Price: Rs. 60.59 for a pack with 10 tabs of 10mg each.

Women Contraceptive Pills

What are different Types Of Oral Contraceptive Pills?

The oral contraceptive pills are available in 3 different types, such as triphasic, biphasic and monophasic pills.

  • Monophasic Birth Control Pills: The monophasic pills are capable of releasing same amount of estrogen and progestin every day.
  • Biphasic Birth Control Pills: The biphasic tablets release high amount of estrogen and low ratio of progestin during the initial 21 days of your menstrual cycle. It then releases the hormones during the second half of the cycle.
  • Triphasic Birth Control Pills: The triphasic birth control pills consist of varying or constant levels of progestin or estrogen hormones that is released in your body throughout the menstrual cycle.

What are benefits of using Oral Contraceptive Pills?

When you are using the OCP, You will experience numerous benefits. They are:

  • Protects against pelvic inflammatory issue
  • Prevents acne and pimple breakouts
  • Regulates menstrual cycles
  • Reduces the blood flow during the period
  • Restricts thinning of bones
  • Lowers menstrual cramps
  • Prevents fallopian tubes infection
  • Alleviates premenstrual symptoms
  • Avoids development of ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer
  • Convenient and safe to use

How Oral Contraceptive Birth Control Pills Work?

You become pregnant when the ovary releases the egg, which is fertilized by your partner’s sperm. This fertilized egg gets implanted in your uterus. The egg develops into a baby by drawing nourishment. These pills have a combination of estrogen and progestin that inhibits the LH and FSH secretion in your body.

The Luteinizing Hormone or LH and Follicle Stimulating Hormone or FSH play a vital role in making the eggs mature and preparing the lining of the uterus to implant the embryo. These pills perform the job of restricting ovulation and alter the uterus lining to make sure the embryo is not implanted inside the uterus.

These birth control pills also alter the medium and consistency of the cervical mucus to make sure that the sperm does not penetrate inside for fertilizing the egg. This explains why the OCP are very effective in avoiding pregnancy.

What are side effects of Oral Contraceptive Birth Control Pills?

Some of the OCPs do have some slight side effects, which would go away after a few days of initial usage. Some women might experience any one among the following side effects, such as nausea, weight gain, light periods, sore and swollen breasts, headaches, abdominal pain and spotting. However, if you are experiencing serious side effects like blurred vision, difficulty in breathing or chest pain, then make sure that you stop taking the pill and seek medical assistance immediately.

Do keep a pregnancy test kit handy if you forget taking pill for some days and have a missed period by few days.


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