Interesting Facts About Yoga


People have been practicing yoga throughout the world since a very long time. They practice it as an exercise, for physical fitness so that they can reduce their weight. They also do it to gain mental peace, so that they can feel relaxed. And some people do it to attain spiritual enlightenment.

I am going to tell you some interesting and fun facts about yoga that you might not know even if you have been doing yoga since a while. Thing like, where yoga actually originated from and used for and how many of the posture help you and what some of the benefits of yoga are.

Most of the people don’t know that yoga actually originated from India around 5-6000 years ago and is an important in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

While in the west, yoga is used as physical practice, but in the east it is a spiritual practice that focuses on meditation or used to attain spiritual enlightenment.

Yoga is actually divided into different categories and the key categories are; Jnana yoga, Raja yoga, Karma yoga, and Bhakti yoga. Some people practice yoga to achieve Samadhi, a mental state where a person can achieve ecstasy.

If a man performs yoga it would be known as yogi or yogin and if a woman performs it, it is known as yogini. Yoga is very beneficial for people with back, heart or breathing problems. Doing yoga reduces stress, improves your flexibility along with toning your muscles and strengthening them.

Yoga can be very beneficial to your health; it has proved to be helpful to thousands of people. With the right posture people yoga can; reduce asthma, even asthma attacks can be avoided by yoga, people have a better chance in controlling their breathing, reducing their breathing problems, and they prevent high blood pressures and cure/prevent back pains. Not only those but yoga relive pain of choronic conditions and prevent osteoporosis. With the breathing exercises that you do in yoga, your lungs expand giving you more room to breathe and hold your breath for longer periods of time.

“Om”, the word that is repeatedly chanted throughout the postures of yoga, is a mantra; a vibration of the universe around us.

Yoga originated in India many decades ago, but now it is believed that people in the west, especially. Almost 16 million people in North America practice yoga and people in California practice more yoga than all of India.

Yoga is the best thing to keep you fit, active and healthy and is recommended by doctors. People who want spiritual and mental peace should practice yoga regularly. It would do you wonders.


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