How to treat Foot Corn?


foot corn removal
Corn occurs when due to pressure the skin thickens locally. Generally, they develop on the top part of the toes due to pressure from shoes. They also occur around the soles of the feet and between the toes. Some of the toe deformities like hammer toe are also responsible for this condition. Some corns get entwined with skin nerves and cause much pain. One can experience much pain in case there is swelling and inflammation around the corn. Shoes that do not properly fit on the feet can cause corns.

Corns are in different colors ranging from yellow, brown, white and ray depending upon what type the skin is. They do cause much discomfort and can affect the appearance of the foot. If pushed they can cause a dull ache or pain. Why do corns occur?

Causes of Foot Corn

The primary causes of Foot Corn are:

  • Tight fitting shoes can cause corns.
  • Stitch or seam inside the shoe may rub against the toe.
  • Abnormality in walking.
  • Bunions and hammertoes. These can cause rubbing of the foot, while wearing shoes.
  • When surgery is carried out to the lower extremities.
  • Wearing sandals without socks can create problems. Socks should fit properly.
  • Not using gloves while working can cause corns on hands.

One does not like the sight of corn on the foot. They would like to get rid of it. How?

Foot Corn Treatment

foot cornTop Foot Corn treatment methods are:

  • To treat the corn on foot fast one could apply tea tree oil and alcohol free goldenseal extract on the affected part. This will control the infection from spreading and will speed up the healing process
  • One could also use the compress made out of hot epsom salts
  • Medicated pads helps to get rid of foot corns fast but there is a danger of allergic reaction too. Medicated pads are aggressive in nature due to which it might attack the good tissues
  • Avoid tight fitting hosiery or shoes.
  • Make use of a pumice stone to make the corn less thick.
  • Make use of silicon pads to reduce the pain and prevent the corn from occurring.
  • Do not make us of corn plasters. They affect the health of the skin.
  • Diabetics need to avoid treating corns on their own as it can lead to infection.
  • Acid preparations are here to reduce corns. Diabetic need to avoid acid preparations.
  • One should wear comfortable shoes.
  • Apple cider vinegar can be also useful .One need to soak a cloth in vinegar and toe throughout the day. The corn will come off by its root.
  • Touch the corn with castor oil.
  • Soak the foot in warm water. Tie up the inside of the lemon peel over the corn overnight. Within three days the corn will come off.
  • In case, corns reappear despite taking the above mentioned precaution, one must consult a podiatrist.
  • Surgery need to be considered only if the condition is very serious.
  • Feet need to be kept free from dirt.
  • Avoid wearing shoes indoors.
  • Wear shoes with extra padding.

One need not worry in case the corns are not painful. Only while purchasing a pair of shoes, one needs to ensure that they fit well. Be choosy about your socks. They should of right size.

Home remedies for foot corns
  • Grind three to four liquorice sticks and add half teaspoonful sesame oil or mustard oil to it. Smear the corn with this mixture before going to bed and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning with tepid water
  • Tie up a freshly cut lemon slice on the sore area and leave it for the night. It is a very good remedy for corn
  • Take half tsp of papaya juice and apply it over the dead skin of the foot. Do these at least three times in a day and see the difference
  • Apply 1/2 a teaspoonful of the milky juice of green figs over the corns. Leave it for about two hours. Apply this thrice a day for good results.
  • Soak the feet in baking soda and water. It will help you to dissolve the corn
  • Grind the chalk into powder and make a thick paste. Apply it to the affected area and see the magical results
  • Soak ivy leaves in the vinegar. Leave it overnight. Then mix a small piece of bread in the vinegar and apply it to the affected area
  • Wear comfortable shoes and adjust your walking style to cure this problem

Corns could also be removed surgically through scraping using a scalpel. Once this procedure is carried out, padding are applied so as to remove extra pressure from the healing area. In some cases special shoes that reduces the pressure from the affected areas might also be prescribed by the doctor.



  1. Hi. I put a corn plaster for 4 days and now my foot corn is white and still the corn is not removed. Please help me

  2. This corn i am experiencing right now is driving me crazy. I am a waitress at a casino and i am on my feet 10 hours of the day. I can’t seem to get rid of this dang thing! It’s very painful, no over-the- counter medicine seems to work. PLEASE give me some advice!

    • HI Christine, i know how your pain would be. At first try corn cap, it is easily available in all medical shops. If you don’t get it use some castrol oil on it, this would reduce the thickening in that area. And at last, i read somewhere that applying Apple Cider Vinegar, helps to get rid of this foot corn from its root, remember these kind of crops should be eliminated from its root. I hope this would help you, if not go to any podiatry clinic hope they may help you. Bye.

  3. I also used corn plaster for several days-no help-corn also turned white.Went to chiropistist last week-what a relief-I’m in heaven .
    Chiropistist said corn plasters had done much more harm than good.

  4. Arindam Debnath on

    i’m suffering from pain of corn on my foot. i weared the corn cap for 04 days but till now the corn haven’t come out. plz. give me some advice.

  5. This corn is such a bing bang !
    m having this in my first toe & due to this m not a ble to wear my footwear with suits also i have to wear this stupid flotters!!! plz help me!!!!

  6. i put corn plaster and the hard part on top had been removed.. after 3 days, it’s painful and become swollen.. 3 days later i had a minor operation due to infection… its painful either because only local anesthesia had been used and now i’m feeling the pain of the 3 stitches i had on it…omg

  7. I have tired to file my corns with a fingernail file. It is to PAINFUL. It even bleeds sometimes. My doctor made inserts for my feet/shoes. Because my feet swell, I wear 1/2 size bigger. My shoes are not tight. Why do I still have CORNS? WHY??

  8. Gosh, i had this Corn for weeks now, and its still not leaving my foot. I have 2 on the same foot, about an inch apart from each other. Disturbing, yes. I put medicine, but it wouldn’t leave me. It hurts so much, in the morning.

  9. Hi ! I am having 2 corns in right foot 1 at the joint of thumb (Lower side) and 2nd on the heel of the foot. My left foot is having 2 corns too 1 at the joint of the thumb (Lower side) and 2nd at the center of the foot. It is very pain full while walking. I wear floaters in house and office. And where i go out i wear Reebok. I tried corn caps, not worth it. I’ll try above suggestions and update if any good happens. Wish me luck and same to you.

  10. hii i have 3 corns to my right foot and 2 on my left the are very much painful and im only 14 i need help now my mother doesnt want to pay for my corn removal and on top of the 5 corns i have 2 bunoins please HELP !

  11. The best and only way to get cured from food corn is surgery. All other ways are temporary and in the end one has to go for a surgery. In very small number of the cases, one could treat a food corn with above remedies.

  12. please help me,’ve been suffering from this foot corn for more than fifteen years now and i have undergone three surgery and still yet no any improvement and now is even allover my two foot and palm.

  13. My problem is a bit severe. The podiatrist with whom I am contacting is not able to cure my corn completely. He has taken out my corn twice but my corn is back again. I am very disheartened with this. Will this problem ever be cured. I am now not sure if there is any permanent treatment for this. I am very frustrated and want some help soon. If anyone has experiences like this kindly share.

    • I have same problem…. One corn in my feels like some one is pricking a damn sharp needle in it when I put my sole on floor… I had a surgery 6months ago
      ….but it didn’t leave me …it has grown again…really frustrated and concerned about it….

  14. i had a corn in my right heel. Unable to bear the pain, i decided to go for surgery. Now its less painful n doc said it will heal in 10 days time.

  15. Is it usual to have corns on the bottom of your feet? Because i’ve got one huge smacking corn under my foot and i’ve never had a corn before. It hurts a lot. What kind of shoes should I wear? Sandals?

  16. shiv sundar on

    i am suffering from corn in my left foot, in my foot 5 corns are there.1st time when corn is cut by seurgen than another 4 corns are cnmes and one corn is also comes in my small finger in my left foot after cuting this is also treated by corn cap but it is not remove what can i do please advice me.

  17. Hi, a way that of getting rid of a corn or atlest the pain – soak your feet to soften your skin with rough salt n warm water. Then take the peel of a pineapple. Cut a small square the size of your corn and place it on your corn. Use a gauze and tape or a plaster to secure it and leave overnight. The inside of the peel contains something that breaks down the dry skin. During the day too when the pain becomes unbearable I cut a piece of peel and plaster it on- instant relief. But m lookin for a way to get rid of it permananently

  18. i hate this stupid corn! it has already been gone but it came back!
    what should i do? my friends laugh at me becoz of it! i cant take it anymore!
    plz help??? !!!

    • Hello, I’ve had a reoccurring corn that recently has been causing severe pain for months! I’ve changed shoes bought so many corn caps, couldn’t cope anymore last night so, soaked toe in germoline cream for half an hot then picked at the hard Center of corn, it came away easily and left a small hole, the pain went instantly!, this morning I can wear my trainers with zero discomfort! At last!!! The hard Center of corn is where the pressure comes from and indeed the pain, removing it relieves that pressure my life’s changed overnight! Good luck

  19. Hello sir,
    i had a corn below my left foot. i had a surgery twice but again i am suffering from it the third time.please pains a lot when i touch it on the ground.

  20. i have some black hard painless thing on my feet, i really don’t what to do to remove it because I’ve been trimming it for the past 7 years

  21. kacey letterman on

    If you have a foot file, they work wonders! okay, not wonders, but you can quickly reduce the size of your corn. If you use a fingernail file, it will probably hurt. I got mine at Khol’s in the shape of a foot. So cute!

    I don’t have a corn, a relative does, and I give them a pedicure and they always ask me to file their corn. It reduced the size painlessly. (as far as i know

  22. hello
    i m having foot corn since 2 months, i m using “CORN CAPS” but still i m not getting good effects from it.
    please suggest remedy for it..

  23. have 2 tea spoons raw undiluted freshly squeezed juice of bitter guard after breakfast for 2 months. bitter guard purifies blood and makes the corn or wart disappear. cutting the corn would only increase the problem. one needs to look at the root cause of corn and not just treat the symptoms.

  24. i am diabetic and suffering from corn on right foot with sevior pain. its lasting from 8 months up to now. i got it operated and it was of no use as it came back. please suggest any permenent and good solution for it.

  25. hii

    I am having 5 corns in left foot. acttuly 1 before some time i have a 1 cone so i am tried corn caps,bandage than its remove but after some time jut side of (1st corn) develop new corn than both of corn its very pain full. plz help me what iam doing. but my problem ont to end both of corn develop 3 or corn the of thumb . It is very pain full while walking. I’ll try above suggestions and update if any good happens. plz.. suggest me final solusiton i have finali free of this problem. plz. tell me good madicine.. plz.. help me

    thanks & regard

    • My daughter is only 11 and she has the same problem. the corns are there on same foot betwwen toe and finger.

  26. I have corn under both feet,i have been wearing covered footwear/shoes everyday for the past 3yrs some tight, i dont doubt footwear could be part of the causes of mine , i have tried all possible white man medical treatment that didnt work,i even ordered 3 different kind of medication from uk that didnt work after tryin hospitals here,now i’m just tryin herbal medicine which i drink then soak my leg in a hot bowl of some of the herbal medicine . It seems like a long healin process but its worth the wait,i am just havin problems with wearing only slippers,i cant help it but wear footwear. But i am happy that i’m not the only on in this,i thought i was becoming an alien.

  27. Mridula Kapoor on

    Hey I have corns actually two corns under my left foot, they are quite painful when I walk or anything hard touches to it. Even I have applied corn tapes lot many times but its not recovering what to do…Plzzz help…

  28. Had a corn for the past one month which hardly gave any pain unless it was pricked wit a pointed object. Doc suggested a minor surgery and had it done last week. The wound has not healed completely for the past 9 days and the anesthesia injection given during the operation was extremely painful. Doc had drilled a 1-inch hole in my foot to remove it from the roots. Walking and driving is a challenge for 10 to 12 days almost. Though I regretted for not googling on the treatment before getting it operated..After seeing the above comments, I think this is the only way to get rid of it. But it pains a lot n pauses our lifestyle for 10 days min..

  29. hello i have corns actually two corns under my right foot so quite painful if iwalk or anithing hard touchs to it even i have applied corns but its not recovering what to do plz help………

    • I think you might want to try homeopathic medicines as they are helpful but they might take time to heal the foot corn. Other option is to get these corn out surgically if things are not improving with corn caps.

  30. The best remedy for corn is put the corn cap on affected areas and leave it for 2 to 3 days….And after that use small sergical blades to remove that white skin which is dead due to that medicine in caps….Do this process up to 2 to 3 times and after that u will get it is gone….Thanks

  31. When i……….had corn for the 1st time i ws scared, it came out under my foot just below my big toe, so i left alone one day it grew so big that i went to a foot doctor he told me i would need to do a small operation. I finished the ot, got stitch n got better after some days, after i got better 4 more corn came……why is this?? Plz help 🙁

  32. Damn you F***ing Corn!!
    I have two of them under my foot, Its almost 6 months . I consulted a doctor he said, he would do a cryogenic surgery..My hope relies on THAT!!..

  33. I had one corn when I was around 20. It was operated on three occasions. It came right back after a month or two. A very painful acid treatment was also performed. It came back after a month. One more corn appeared. This was treated successfully by Chiropodist . She placed two layers of soft pads in my shoe, put a hole where the corn was. In a month’s time the corn went away and never came back. She moved away before the 1st corn could be treated. By the age of 45 two more corns appeared in different parts of my left foot, now making it three all together. I tried the hole on the soft pads, but to no relief. Now every month I soak all the three corns in salt water, when it is soft, I shave them off with a surgeons knife. At times it bleeds, still it is better than the throbbing pain. Pain is less for two three weeks, when it is shaved off. But winter is a killer.
    My Chiropodist told me it is the pressure on the feet that is causing new corns. May be when I retire (soon), I will go on a crutch for a few months and see if it helps.

  34. i m having 8-10 corns in my left feet , plz advice me the best curable remedy , so that i can walk and wear shoes normally , 3 corns are more painful and sometimes it pains untolerable……….plz do advice n help me

  35. Glad 2 c I’m not alone!!!!I need help!!since the age of 12 I had this problem..I wana walk on th beach and feel how it feels walking with beautiful sandals!!!any advice?how 2 remove it and something I can buy over the counter

  36. i m having corn in the upper part of foot just below the third finger and 1st time when i applied corn aid my corn was removed but again it developed and now i m suffering from lot of pain n its nt going away plz advice me some effective remedy so that it could be removed as early as possible

  37. Kamini kirti on

    Hi i m kamini. Need help on corn. It been 11 months , i m facing this issue. On my left toe there is 15 corns. I need homeopathic nd home solutions for this. It is really very painful. I cant even walk properly. plz help…… Send me cure on my email address, thank in advance.

  38. I had 3 corn in my leg….I soak them in water and salt 2 times a day….And even i consult a GP he just came me a cream and i m using in since 3 days…I hope it wil get better…..

  39. Hello all,
    I really don’t like the appearance of my feet…
    I’ve got ingrown toenails that do not grow beautifully…
    they tend to break n have got a yellowish n slightly brownish colour !!!
    Because of that i don’t usually wear sandals…i often wear shoes because of the ugly appearance of my feet!
    Moreover i’ve got a slim body n leg with quite fat feet ! lol
    especially my foot toes !!!! they look weird

    i also want to have beautiful feet like other men!!!!
    Please help me out

    • The only way 2 cure an ingrown nail is 2 go 4 a surgery ….. i had one on my left foot …now its gone

  40. hey i need help with this corn i got from walking with high heels today its hurting so bad theres 1 on the bottom of each side of my feet it was red at first but my mom applied some hotwater and petroleum jelly it hurts when i try to walk even now is there a fast home remedy you can please recommend for me?

  41. Hi I am 11 and I’m experiencing my first corn It really hurts and I had it for like three months I thought it was just a bug bite but then my older sis told me that its a corn I got liked freaked out.I heard of these herbal treatments so I put my corn foot into my tub which was filled with super hot water I soaked it in there for like twenty minutes and then massaged my foot with olay super moisturizing lotion and went to sleep and I woke up the next day and my corn was TRIPLE THE SIZE it was before and it was blue and purple! I’m super scared of surgery and I’m totally freaked out please help me!!!! I’m about to faint I am so scared please help !

  42. Rappal Ramanathan on

    Dear Sir,

    I first used an homeopathic solution called Corn Paint. It has Acidum Aceticm and Cresote. It reduced the corn in the foot to some extent. Then some one suggested Corn plast. After three to four applications, my corn became worse and I could barely walk. There was too much pain. I saw your home remedies. I washed my leg with baking soda and applied chalk powder paste. It has reduced it and it is almost gone. The pain started coming down quite rapidly. Thanks for the tip.

  43. sajiv sharma on

    I waswalking bare footed on road ,a small sharp stone has punched under my feet , Problem was not so much but it is paining only at that point not always, Some say that it is also a corn. Pl advice the remeady

  44. For in the case of Corn,

    U must Need to meet a Doctor, who is specialized in surgery. Otherwise u suffer the pain till u alive.

  45. Pankaj Panjiyar on

    I too have corn 2 on left sole and 1 on right sole. Previously I had one beneath second finger on left foot. I Use to soak my foot in warm water and rub the hard area with stone. Slowly corn went out. Later on 2 more corn appears on left foot and and one in right foot. I applied corn tape many times and every time, skin around corn get dead and removed but not the corn. It’s very painful as all the corn are located in pressure point of sole and making almost impossible me to walk. Is these sort of painful corn have any serious effect in health ? I’m worried to go for surgical removal of these corns. as most of the forum tells that it’s still painful to have surgical removal. What is the degree of severity of painful corn ?

    • Go for surgery. It’s the only solution.

      Painful corn can grow further worse if untreated.
      Always use thick socks or cushioned sole sandals to avoid further corn formation

  46. Paul outline on

    I’ve heard of liquorice being effective on corns and calluses and banana peel on verrucas. Has anyone found that either works for them? Or any other home remedies that you may have. I especially want to hear from people in the UK as I am working on a TV show which is exploring the world of home remedies.

  47. you can quit your corn problem with in 3 days.
    dip your feet in hot water for 25 minute
    clean & rub your foot with soft cotton clothe
    apply a paste of raw mustered oil 10mg and get lake salt 3mg
    and rub lightly for 5minute. put socks rest for 3-4 hours. repeat once a day for 3days.
    you will get 100% relief.


  49. I have a corn. I put a corn cap 2 days a go and after removing the cap i found my skin around the corn had become really white and inflated. Is that common or there is something wrong? Should i cut the white part or let if disappear on its own. I’m really scared. Its my first time getting a corn and putting a corn cap on it.

  50. I advice always my relatives and friends whoever be suffring from footcorn .apply thir e foot corn homoe remedy soloution of corn paint which given goodresults and appriciat by all. I request all of u try the best .

  51. Hi,i am anshika. I m affected by this thing corn and its nt yet cured i have tried many things like corn plaster and took homeopathic medicine also still its there.
    What should i do?

  52. Hi,
    I have a corn in my right foot. I used corn cap for a week, i tried cutting the white skin and it started bleeding. What should i do now.. pls help..

  53. I had a corn on my right baby toe years ago. In those days I wore dress shoes with thin socks. The only relief I got was to take my shoe off. I used a simple corn pad and it cured the corn.

  54. i have a corn down my finger of right legs
    it do not hut but look dirty . i
    tried to cut it with a blade it couse blood c clotin g what should i do

  55. I have a black thin layer of corn on my feet fingers….pumice stone had maked it thin but the colour became more darker …what should I do now?

  56. I would suggest use corn caps. it works wonder for me, I applied it for 14 days. and corn come off by its own. Also the padding on corn cap gave extra support so it make it less painful. so i would suggest Corn caps is best solution if you want to treat your corn at home.

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