Banana Allergy – Symptoms and Treatment


banana allergy
Banana allergy is one of the food allergy found in nearly 0.1 to 1.2% people in different parts of the world. Some people might find food allergy symptoms to be little uncomfortable, but not severe and for others, these can be terrific and can even be life-threatening. Although it is not very common, but there is potential of banana allergy to lead to anaphylaxis. Some important information on banana allergy, its causes, symptoms and treatments are discussed in the following lines. Food allergies of any kind are usually caused due to allergy to certain proteins. Those who suffer from nut allergies and other food allergies are usually not allergic to the food material, but the proteins present in them.

Like all food allergies, banana allergy is also caused due to a protein known as chitinase. Chitinase often causes the immune system of the body to react in an unfavorable manner. This is a type 1 allergy caused by contact with bananas. People who have a banana allergy may also be allergic to kiwi fruit and avocado because the protein chitinase is also present in these other fruits.

Today, bananas are a very popular fruit all over the world. Since it is not a seasonal fruit, bananas are available all through the year. Banana allergy is not a very common disorder. A lot of people who claim to be allergic to bananas in fact only have intolerance towards the fruit. There are certain amines in bananas which cannot be digested by those who have a weak and sensitive digestive system. The enzyme called diamine oxidase, which is used to digest these amines may be absent in certain individuals. Such people are not able to breakdown the proteins in bananas and therefore have allergy type reactions which are often mistaken for the actual banana allergy.

Banana Allergy Symptoms

Intolerance to the vaso-active amines can cause severe reactions which seem a lot like allergic reactions. Histamine, serotonin and dopamine are some of the vaso-active amines that may produce symptoms of allergic reactions. Kids with banana allergy can outgrow them, but people who develop this as adult should avoid banana allergens for the rest of life. Some of these symptoms are:

1. Itching in mouth

  • One of the most important allergic symptom caused by banana include itching in mouth area affecting tongue, lips and throat.
  • This itching may also spread to the skin and eyes.
  • While discussing these symptoms with the doctor, you must also tell about other known allergies.
  • There are reports which say that people having ragweed or latex contact allergies, also have banana allergies, according to ‘The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’
  • .

2. Swelling

  • Inflammation leading to itching generally brings swelling to the same parts of the body.
  • Those symptoms which are limited to the mouth are termed ‘oral allergy syndrome’.
  • If the symptoms extend to the other parts of the body, they may result into hives, red rash or welts on the skin.
  • Severe allergic symptoms caused due to banana consumption can also swelling on eyes and face, leading to pain and tenderness.

3. Abdominal pain

  • According to University of Maryland, banana allergies causes a variety of gastrointestinal issues and often starts with nausea.
  • Cramping and stomach pain occurs shortly after consuming banana, when its digestion starts.
  • In some people, allergic reactions are provoked with immediate diarrhea and vomiting.

4. Sudden shock

  • Allergy due to banana triggers a decrease in blood pressure. According to Nemours Foundation, the respiratory problems limits blood oxygen levels and this leads to anaphylactic shock.
  • If the symptoms persist and include a racing or weak pulse, sudden loss of consciousness and light-headedness, then immediately seek the doctor’s advice.

Some of the other common symptoms are:

  • Cramping in the abdomen
  • Increased heart palpitations
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea,
  • Nausea
  • Watery eyes
  • Coughing, sneezing and wheezing
  • Runny nose

Though these symptoms are usually mild, in certain cases, the amount of bananas ingested can increase the severity of the attack.

Treatment and Prevention of Banana Allergy

Banana allergy is caused due to the adverse reaction by the immune system of the body to bananas or foods containing banana. Though, banana allergy is rare, but, if its serious reactions have occurred, it can be life-threatening. The immune system of the body produce immunoglobulin E, an antibody and histamine in response to combat the allergen. Some specific symptoms seen in this allergy can be countered with the following preventive measures:

Avoid bananas: If you observe that consuming banana has triggered to some allergic reactions in the body, then it is better to avoid the fruit. Completely avoid raw banana and foods containing raw banana like milk shakes, However, many people can tolerate cooked banana, such as in cakes. This is because proteins causing reaction are deactivated while cooking.

Due to cross-reactivity, people who allergic to latex, avocado, kiwi, chestnut, melon and various pollens are asked if they ever had issues ingesting banana. A banana free diet is recommended unless consumption of banana is reported with perfect tolerance.

Over the counter antihistamines: If you have mild reaction, you can take over the counter antihistamines that will help relieve the symptoms like itching and hives.

Medical help: If you have encountered serious complications, then you must seek emergency help.

Epinephrine: Your doctor will give an epinephrine shot which will help counter the serious reactions caused due to banana allergy.

Skin prick test: A medical help provider will perform skin prick test which will determine the reaction to a particular food. A tiny amount of a chemical is pricked into the skin with a needle. If a person is allergic to that particular protein, a bump is raised on the skin.

Blood test: Another important examination is blood test which helps measure the response of the immune system to a particular food. This test measures the amount of Immunoglobulin E antibodies in the bloodstream.

Food allergic people should be always cautious about what they are eating whether inside or outside the home. Always read the labels of packaged foods if they contain any allergen to avoid the allergic conditions.



  1. Hi and thanks for this info. I am allergic to Bananas too. However I show none of the the symptoms you mention. Id like to share my association with the fruit. Ever since I was 7 I have been allergic to the fruit I am now 51 and I still do not eat the fruit. My reactions include:
    Itching because of Urticaria all over the body.
    Eyes itch to the point of being unbarable
    I develop a temreture of 100 plus
    and I am bed-ridden for 3 days.

    I have been prescribed Phenergan and this helps Alos I have had Adrenalin
    Ok thats it
    Please comment

    • Since I was a child I could not withstand bananas. Especially tempting were those with the starting little brown spots. I would eat 3-4 per day, and thought they were very healthy for me. I developed 8 years ago a skin condition on my thighs and legs and thought it could only be fatty food that doesn’t agree with the Gal bladder, so, I stopped chocolate and Avocado I loved. The outbreak disappeared, for a long while, yet, in spite of avoiding the chocolate and the Avocado, my eyes never stopped itching, very bad. It took a good flu to finally get that very itchy throat and discover that a banana would trigger the very violent cough. Now, the first time after years of search after the itchy eye trigger, I stay away from my favorite bananas and – my eyes are perfect and no cough at all. I never wanted to believe that I could be intolerant to banana. I am lactose and gluten intolerant, and know it for many years. So, no backing goods (thank God, it keeps me slim:>), no dairy, no Avocado, and no – banana. OK. I never take any medications for any intolerance or illness, I simply stay away.

  2. I recently developed an allergy to something…. i think bananas, because all three times i’ve eaten a banana.. and a few hours later, my skin develops a burning, itching rash and I feel a heavy chest pain and start wheezing.. could it be an allergic reaction to bananas?

  3. i get stomach cramps every time i eat a banana (sometimes severe enough that i have to lie down). i thought it was just gas until i realized that maybe it’s an allergy or intolerance. thanks for the info!

    • Hi,

      I was fed banana’s when I was a child but never crazy about the stuff. Late +/- 10yrs later,, I discovered that I got a suddenly, heavy cramping in my stomach.

      I had a dessert yesterday and it must have contained banana’s as 12hrs later, I was struck my major stomach cramps and reached for my favorite stomach tablets.. I am wheat interlorent too so my digestive system is weak so I have a popular collection for various stomach issues.

  4. Lately after every morning after I have eaten a banana, I feel nausea’s. For years I have liked them, and I thought bananas were the perfect fruit.

  5. It’s an allergy that can get worse over time. Mine went from headache, to that and nausea, to a full blown attack. I get cramping, diarrhea, a horrible headache, an my heart feels funny.

  6. I have known that I was intollerant to bananas for year: pain nausea, chest pressure cramps, but only fresh bananas if they were used in baking or dried I could eat them no problem however things recently got worse and I ended up in hospital in respiratory distress after I ate a muffin. At first they said it was asthma (never had before) but because I wasn’t whezzing just violent coughing the MD took the time to listen again to the timeline of symptoms and started allergy treatment with adrenalin, steroids and benadryl intervenously, and nebulizers. In less then and hour all symptoms were gone. I now carry an epipen and have an apointment for allergy testing. My daughter has a latex allergy and I don’t eat avacado cause it makes me sick.My brother also cannot eat bananas.

    • Often times when people say they have a banana allergy it is really a latex allergy which is a natural ingredient of the shells of tree nuts, banana skins, mango skin and avocado. It is best to get tested to see if that is it since latex is used everywhere. I am allergic to latex and cannot eat any of the items listed above. I dont have a severe reaction but lots of itching on my skin, mouth and tongue. Good luck, carry a good antihistamine and read everything you eat πŸ™‚

  7. My husband developed an allergy to bananas at a later age (35) – we first discovered it in Puerto Rico – he ate a banana before bed, then woke up with itching eyes & very swollen face. The symptoms lasted for 3 days. At first we thought it may have been a reaction to the sun or to pesticides, but when we were home, he ate a banana and had the same reaction.

    It’s unfortunate because it’s one of the only fruits that he eats! Is there any cure???

    • I developed banana allergy a year ago before I ate bananas everyday then one day at 41 years old my feet and hands were red burning itchy and I was vomiting mucus I also had hives all over my body I thought I was going to die ended up in the er I truly miss eating bananas

  8. I’m allergice to bananas, my throat closes in, gums and lips swell. I was tested with live fruit in 2008, and came back positive, I was 36 years old. Weird thing is I’m not allergic to latex or kiwi, only bananas. I love bananas too, my fav fruit, used to eat them all the time, but now they hate me lol.

    No cure for an allergy! You have to stay away from eating them…so that means no smooties, shampoo with banana in it, nothing. It sucks as my son loves them, and he can’t eat them around me!!

    • I have almost the same reaction you do to banana. My throat swells shut and I am not allergic to latex, avocado, or kiwi. It is very weird and I have never been tested. Are you allergic to artificial banana too?? Because I can’t have real or artificial and I am curious on if that Is just me or if others have the same reaction.

  9. My brother had allergy to bananas when he was a child about 7. Every time he ate it, his lips, ears, and, I think his face somehow would be swollen so he refused to eat bananas since, that was in the 1970s. On March 7, 2010, twenty days before his 42nd birthday, he read a book about the benefits of bananas so he decided to taste it. He took two bites and gave the rest to his 9 year old daughter to finish. Right away, he started to itch his body and moments later he was short of breath. By the time he was taken to the hospital his heart stopped. The doctor revived his heart. We were so happy that he came back to life although he was in a coma. 48 hours later, he opened his eyes for a second. We got our hopes up. For 21 days his blood cells where going up and down. His kidneys failed. Then he started bleeding internally. On Sunday, March 28, 2010, he was officially pronounced dead. Please be careful.

    • wow Jennah,how tragic. I’m reading through all of these trying to see why my 2 yr old has a rash that is coming and going.I’m stopping bananas immediatly…I’m so sorry for your loss..

      • vickie genzler on

        every time i eat a banana my mouth breaks out and my tongue roof of my mouth as well i tested this 3 times and each time it happens it feels like its burning a little i think I’ll stop eatening bananas as well and talk to my doctor as well if any one else has this please let me know thank ,vickie

        • Hi, Vickie!
          You’re not alone. I’ve recently been having the same reaction.
          When I was allergy tested as a teenager, my allergist said I tested positive for bananas and carrots but I had never experienced any (known) allergy, so I continued to eat them.
          About six months ago, I developed an extremely itchy/burning rash on the roof of my mouth after eating a not-very-ripe banana. The same thing happened two times recently (both times I was traveling and a banana was the only convenient, healthy option), and since this has never happened to my mouth at any other time, I’ve determined my allergy test must have been right.
          Even though the reaction is mild, allergies can worsen (mine obviously did), so I will be swearing off bananas from now on.

        • Yep, me too. I eat them and my tongue, throat, and the roof of my mouth start itching bad. This sounds stupid, but a few weeks back I picked one up for my roommate and I started getting really itchy. I looked at my arms and I had hives all over them. I love bananas. They just don’t love me, it seems.

    • I’m so deeply sorry to hear about your brother. What a sad and tragic story. I hope his children are also tested just in case. I feel so bad for you and the rest of his family. RIP

    • I am so thankful I found this site, I hadn’t even suspected bananas until just today, (it’s been at least a week since I’ve had a banana) but I had 1 for breakfast then 1 again as a morning snack. I’ve been feeling weird all day. So I get home from work to google bananas, only to find this site! For the last couple years I have been eating about 2 bananas a day (it’s been my favorite fruit for 49 years!), not associating my discomfort with the bananas at all. I now look back and realize that it has been the bananas all along! All my life! Subtly! And I’ve been wondering for a bit why I’ve been having heart palpatations, now I know why! It’s sad to say, but no more bananas for me. Thanks for the info!

    • Jennah, I was so sorry to hear about your loss! That is tragic. I understand though. I have had an allergy since I was about 35. I am now 62 and my allergy has taken a turn for the worse. I cannot even be near them at all. I have to stay several yards away otherwise I start going into anaphylaxis. I work in an office where there is one guy who brings bananas in everyday. I had to have my desk moved to avoid being near him. If I go to the store, I have to dodge bullets as shoppers have them in their carts and especially avoid the “Healthy Choice” check out as they always have bananas there. One time, I had to take benadryl as soon as I got to my car – yes I have benadryl in every car, at home and at the office. My reactions are that my throat swells almost immediately – I used to wonder if it would be safe to take a bite possibly, now I’m convinced my reactions are not unfounded.

  10. I’ve never really cared for bananas, but one day I decided to have one and had a terrible reaction to it- Unbearable abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and hives covering me from head to toe. One of my eyes swelled completely shut. The doctor said the reactions do get worse over time, so I’m definitely steering clear from bananas forever! By far the most painful experience I have ever had.

  11. My whole mouth will get unbearably scratchy and I’ll eventually get cramps when I eat bananas, this all started about 5 years ago. No more bananas for me…

    • SO I went fot testing and was given alot of answers
      I have Oral allergy syndrome

      It was wierd because I hugely reacted to all the environmental allergens Mold, trees, grasses….. but not to the foods Even the specific test for bananas
      HOWEVER the doctor pulled out a chart and showed me that the ragweed and grasses reaction I had were the reason for the problems with the food.
      It seems that the molecular structure for some foods are directly related to Ragweed, Beech trees(which I’m not allergic to) and grasses. When you eat the RAW food your body treats it like the allergen and you get a reaction-even anaphalcsis. Cooking changes the molecular structure hence reaction to banana NOT banana bread. ALL the foods I have problems with were on the chart.

      I’m NOT CRAZY

      He also told me that most people consider the Gastric sympotoms as sensitivities, he says they are true allergies it’s your body reacting to the allergen and will get worse with each exposure so don’t have them—makes sense.
      As to your point about genetics he took a detailed history of my family including siblings and parents and says I should have my kids tested as they are genetically predisposed and this may answer some of my son’s stomach problems.
      My chronic cough is related to allergies and is causing my GERD– not the other way around and I’m on a regime of pills ,nasal spray and sinsus washes with the aim of not having to take the meds for my GERD anymore which will help my chronic anemi

  12. i am curious about pesticides use on bananas- which is very high- and if some people are reacting to chemicals used in growing/cleaning the fruit rather than the fruit itself.

    i’d encourage folks to try organic bananas to see if they have the same type of reactions.

    • Hi I have an allergy to bananas and it just became a lot worse to the point where i can no longer eat them. Did you find that it was pesticides that made allergies flare for people? I’ve read a lot about how allergies have increased in the US due to pesticides and was wondering if thats why im allergic to the banana. I love bananas and if i could eat them again if they were organic id be worth a shot! Please tell me what you have found out!
      Thank you

    • My son is diagnosed with eye allergy in June which makes his eyes blood shot red and swollen eye lids. We rushed him to ER a couple of times, seen by Opthomologiest, treated for possible sinus infection. Almost 6 months we just found out he have positive test for a banana which he have only eat organic it is the protein in the frut he is allergic to.

  13. I use to eat bananas all the time and one day my throat started to swell and when I talked it sounded like I had inhaled helium. What could be the cause of the sudden swelling after years of eating bananas?

  14. I don’t know what it is, but every time I eat bananas i get different symptoms. First, a thick mucas starts forming in my moith and it starts to make me almost choke. The I get these horrible pains in my chest, it feels like my throat is closing and i have a hard time breathing. The pains are strong enough to stop me at whatever I am doing. Worse of all, the symptoms will continue for around two hours, but after 30 minutes, the symptoms calm a little. The reason i am posting thisis because none of my symptoms were listed, why is this happening to me? Someone please answer me, I am going to the hospital this week to see what is wrong, any commmentss would be nice. Thanks.

    • I must have recently developed an allergy to bananas too – but, the symptoms others are describing do not match what I’ve experience – it’s more similar to what you describe.

      I get the sensation that a lump or something is stuck in my throat and I need to burp it up or something. I also get a pain in my chest (between the lungs) that feels something like what I’d imagine having the creature from Alien trying to get out from behind the ribs of its human host… other than that – I don’t think I experience any of these other symptoms reported.

      What’s going on!?!?!?

        • I have the same problem with bananas and avocados. Its been a long time since I’ve had a kiwi, but I do remember my mouth and throat getting itchy. I also have noticed that each time I eat them my symptoms gradually get worse. Is this still considered an allergic reaction to the food, or am being a little of hypochondriac?

          • I have the exact same allergies although tonight was the first time I learned of the avocado allergy.

        • Dion R Hines on

          I’m experiencing your same symptoms right now except I ate a banana 2 days ago but still feel the throat scratching.

      • Karl, I get the same reaction. It feels like a lump in my chest and lasts for several hours. It also happens when I eat salad with preservatives on it, and sometimes when I eat walnuts or almonds, or even cantaloupe. I’ve learned to stay away from the raw vegetable trays you can buy at the grocery. The weird thing is, it doesn’t happen with every banana. Maybe 1 out of every 10 bananas I eat will cause it.

      • I get the EXACT same response from bananas that you describe. Does anyone have an idea of what type of response this is? Allergic, intolerance, something else?

      • I also get that response to Bananas, Avocados, Kiwis and nuts. Haha @ Karl I like the Alien analogy it feels exactly like some sort of a creature pushing its way out, it’s terrible! I wish we had some sort of a doctor here to tell us what is going on, it is obviously alot more of a common thing than I had thought! RAAARGH! ALIEN BANANA!!

      • This reference I found interesting and am thinking it could be possible my allergy could be one to Latex :

        “Often times when people say they have a banana allergy it is really a latex allergy which is a natural ingredient of the shells of tree nuts, banana skins, mango skin and avocado. It is best to get tested to see if that is it since latex is used everywhere.”

      • ME TOO!!!

        I hardly eat bananas, but i had one weeks ago and felt ill.. it felt like I had a lump in the back of my throat, then a real heavy feeling in my stomach.

        I just ate a banana again, 30 minutes ago.. and ive been bent over in pain with stomach cramps, i feel really the point where im finding hard to even type right now.. im gonna go lie down because i feel really shaky and cold.

        Im 100% sure its the banana, its only thing ive ate today aside some oats and a glass of cranberry juice.. i never eat bananas.. and i never will again!!

        i really hope that its not just because of the chemicals or pesticides they use on the fruit..THAT WOULD MAKE ME SOOOOOO MAD!!

        I have great trust in NATURE, but we need to realise… we cant just eat anything we please…alot of things that grow on this fine planet arent mean for us.. or have other uses

        To be honest i have a problem with eating a fruit that grows in a different climate 1000s of miles away from where iam in Scotland.. i believe in eating and sustaining oneself on what grows around you..this may be where the illness lies ?

        I mean come on, its an icy cold day here in scotland and im eating a banana !!! thats not right

    • That is also what happens to me. Everything you just noted. My PCP said she never heard of anyone allergic to bananas. Really? Maybe it’s time for a new primary physician. I’m allergic to latex and I was told by an allergist that is why I’m reacting to bananas the way I do.

  15. I have a banana allergy, and I also have a similar problem with avocados, which is not uncommon with people who have an allergy to bananas. My banana allergy began in college. Up to this point, I had eaten bananas my whole life with no problems, and then out of the blue, one day driving back to college after being home for the weekend, I ate a banana in the car. Within about a half hour, I began to have severe stomach cramps, gas, bloating and I had a terrible headache. Unfortunately I was only about half the way back to school, and still had an hour and a half to go. These symptoms continued for the rest of the drive and for most of the rest of the night. Ultimately I had diarrhea, but finally it passed. It was obvious to me that is was the banana, because I hadn’t eaten anything else for hours before or after this. After this episode, I avoided bananas. About 3 years later, I had some banana bread that had fresh banana in it, and a similar, though not as bad, reaction occured. Following this, I didn’t eat anything with banana in it for about 20 years, until I decided to try some banana bread one day that had fresh banana in it, and surprise, same problem. Since then, I have completely avoided bananas in all forms. Last night , we had fresh avocados with dinner, and within 30 minutes, I began to have very similar symptoms to what happens with the bananas. I haven’t eaten fresh avocados in quite some time, although I do remember having what I thought was just indigestion after eating them before, but I chalked it up to the mexican food that I ate the avocados with. We did not have mexican last night…Just sliced fresh avocados with grilled chicken, so I think it was definitely the avocados. I did some research online, and apparently it is not uncommon for people who have gastric upsets with bananas also do tend to have problems with avocados. Over the years, my doctors have told me that the problem that I have with bananas is a form of an allergy to them, so after last night, avocados are now joining bananas on my “do not eat” list…This is a bummer, because I love both of these, but the severe stomach upset (which goes on for hours) and headache are not worth eating them.

  16. Hey i’m also allergic & when i eat an banana (i cant resist them :O)
    i get painful little white bumps that itch & hurt on my bottom lip!
    i also get an itching sensation to my face!
    idk but, maybe i should really stop eating them..[no duh right]

    • lionicia,
      I am suspicious of bananas in my diet, since I have gotten red itchy bumps on my face and rib cage above the waist after eating them three times in the last week. Bananas are the only common food in the three instances. After twelve years of bumps, itching & flaking skin in these areas, as well as four dermatologists and countless pills, creams, etc), I recently concluded on my own that artificial sweeteners are a huge factor in my skin issues. I don’t have intestinal problems – it’s my skin that suffers. Anyone else have this problem?

      Does the skin scratch test check for things like artificial sweeteners/ the latex-proteins/chitinase?

      • Andrew Cannon on

        I also have simalar reactions but can tollerate latex and kiwi and water chesnuts and artificial sweeteners.

    • I’ve been tested and knew for years of my ragweed and banana allergy. Bc I loved bananas I continued to eat them but have now stoped due to the painful bumps that I get on my lower lip. Sometimes the smell of them will send me into an all out fit

  17. I am allergic to Bananas. I accidently ate chunks of dried bananas in a fruit and nut snack. Now my mouth is in so much pain. My tongue has swollan and has blisters on it. The roof of my mouth also has blisters and it is stinging and burning so much that it feels as though I have been drinking acid. I have not eaten for a day now. All the food that I try to eat is causing so much pain I cant eat. Can anyone recommend any medical treatment to stop the pain. Please help.

    • i develope today a banana allergy, i felt itchy in my toungue can i ask you if it is the same as mine that you are feeling when you ate banana?

      • I also get an itchy tounge when I eat a banana. I thought it happened to everyone but then one day I asked my sister and she said that never happened to her. I think I may be allergic as well.

  18. I have an irritating reaction if I eat, or even if I only touch a banana. There is some stomach upset, but my main problem, not yet mentioned here is that I have severe burning/itching around my rectum (sorry). This lasts for three days. I have no reaction in my mouth. I have no problems with latex or avocado. This makes me suspicious of pesticides. I realized what was causing this irritation at age 35 (1999), and I think it started around age 20. Previously I ate bananas regularly.

    • Lori, I have the same but I’m allergic to soy., so go figure,anal itching and discomfort and it hurts passing a stool, sometimes I even bleed , it is like if all my intestines get irritated and after that no mater what I eat it will hurt, it lasts also around 3 to 5 days depends on the severity of the attack , it is horrible , I will be going back for more food allergy testing.

    • Hi Lori – Thanks for being brave enough to post your symptoms. I too have burning/itching around rectum for three days after eating latex / cross allergy foods. First symptom of allergies was massive hives over whole body after eating banana twice. Allergy sudden appeared after having eaten bananas every day for many years. Now I’m having this itchy symptom after eating tomatoes and I’m trying to rule out other foods like melon, potato and strawberries. I’m going to go back to the doctor and ask for further testing. I’m so glad you posted because this doesn’t seem to be the most common symptom to find online and while I know our bodies are all different, I’m glad to hear I’m not alone.

  19. I just had a terrible reaction this morning to eating a banana. I have eaten bananas my whole life without ever having a reaction that I can remember. Over the last few years I have had a scratchy throat after eating bananas, carrots and avocados. This morning I ate a banana on my way to the golf course and had a terrible experience. Within 10 minutes after leaving the house I felt a bad scratchy throat and had watery, itchy eyes. I stopped at a convenience store to buy some Benadryl and took two pills. I decided to continue driving to the golf course, hoping that the medicine would clear up the reaction. As I continued to drive for a few more minutes my eyes continued to get worse. I was having a hard time seeing due to the tremendous tearing and swelling that started to happen. I pulled over and looked at my eyes in the mirror, and they were swollen almost shut with huge bags of swelling under the eyes. I was able to get back home and have my wife take me to the ER. They gave me some medication, and I stayed there for about three hours until the swelling dropped a little, and it looked like I was going to be OK. I will never eat another banana again.

    • Hey Scott, I had a similar experience and ended up in the E.R. mine was also severe and life threating. The reaction I had seemed much different and much more serious than the allergy symtons previously spoke of . I am in search of answers to the severe reactions to which I have. When I have had a reaction my wife thought someone hit me in the face with a baseball bat . Does anyone have other answers, if so please contact me.

  20. wow i am 14 and i thought yhu had to be born with an allergy!!!!!!! i just got mine this year :/ this is very sad to me due to the fact i love bananas ahh good thing i am not allergic to anything else

  21. I was also eating banana for so many years, but 3 years ago at the age of 42 years ,one day I ate banana.After 2 hours I started vomiting.after 7-8 vomits I took Inj. reglan.Then vomiting stops,but diarrhea starts.watery motions,some times I couldn’t control continues for 12-13 times.After 8-10 days again I ate banana &the same episode repeats .now I stopped eating banana.But I think it was because of artificial ripening process or excess use of chemicals.but last month I ate methi with moong &started severe cramping in stomach& vomiting.I just read this I think it is because of allergy or less diamine oxide i should be careful about it.thanx alot.

  22. LaVerne Wallace on

    I’ve known I was allergic to bananas for several decades but should I inadvertantly eat something with bananas, pineapple or walnuts in it, I carry L-Lysine tablets with me at all times and take several with water. My symptoms are mouthe sores and they are gone very quickly. I’m so glad I found this solution which has been only recently.

  23. I have been getting a violent itch on my left upper arm just below my shoulder for months and months, it is so uncomfortable.. I have tried every possible cream and spray from cortisone to benydryl etc. etc. nothing helped and I would scratch it til I drew blood, thats how horribly awful it was. After much trial and error I have narrowed it down to bananas!!! When ever I eat a banana (both conventional and Organic) the itch comes back. I will NEVER again have a banana or anything contining them.. Has Anyone out here have a similar reaction??

  24. I used to cheat sometimes and eat guacamole/or banana and then take benedryl until I finally decided it wasn’t worth the pain. I had learned to make an awesome guacamole and was so upset that I had to stop. I have a reaction to tomatoes as well but bananas and avocado’s are my worst. Until this weekend when I noticed that this is the 3rd time after I ate yucca bread that I got tremendously sick. As a matter of fact, my stomach issues were probably one of the worst ever bc it lasted about 3 days. I felt as if my intestine was expanding and getting ready to burst. It was horrible.
    So I know that I have allergies to tomatoes, banana’s, avocados, and possibly yucca. Haven’t given kiwi much of a try yet bc I dread finding out. I’ve also had a little discomfort after eating papaya but I was thinking that it might send everyone to the bathroom since it’s high in fiber.
    I get bloating, shooting pains as if my intestines are stretching out, nausea, urge to use bathroom, sweat, sometimes redness, sometimes a few hives. Most of my distress is gastric and it hurts so much that it makes my back hurt.

  25. Alexa Fleckenstein M.D. on

    I have also seen phlebitis in patients with banana allergies, and possible thrombosis discussed.

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D.

  26. DeNesha Anderson on

    I have had an allergy to bananas most of my life. I am 41 and it stared when I was 18. I am also allergic to avocados, all melons, kiwis, papaya, mango, cucumber, walnuts and almonds. I have always been able to be around the foods I’m allergic to without incident. Recently though I have been having a reaction to the smell of bananas. It is a different reaction than usual, a tightness in my chest where it is hard to take full deep breaths. I get the oral syndrome of itchy throat, ears and mouth when I consume them. Has anyone had bananas affect them without eating them?

    • I, too, experience reactions to the presence of bananas without eating them. As a chid, I was always violently ill when ever I ate uncooked bananas (tolerated them cooked). Later as an adult, I was tested for a latex allergy(severe) and was told that I was allergic to bananas. I explained my experiences as a child and was told that was because of my allergy. I now can no longer tolerate bananas cooked or even to be in close proximity to bananas. Recently, I inadvertently ingested a small amount of banana that had been added to a carrot cake (initial bite before I swallowed it started to produce symptoms). This resulted in me having to use my epipen and a trip to emergency in an ambulance. Even more recently, I was on a flight in which they served bananas with the breakfast just before landing. This was a nightmare as I began to react violently. More than 250 bananas had been served throughout the aircraft. Three days later, I am still suffering with symptoms. I also react to numerous other fruits that typically cross-react with the latex allergy such as avocados, kiwi, peaches, tomatoes to name a few.

      • Yes, I too fall victim to bananas without eating them. It has finally been determined that the oil in the skin set off the adverse reaction. If there is a brown banana or plantain around; I get violently ill right away; headache, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and it gets harder and harder to breath although my throat and tongue do not swell, my chest seems to want to”freeze” up, the muscles try to ball up right under the breast area. I take Benadryl and they recently added prednisone; 9 out of 10 times I end up in the emergency room. The vomiting is non-stop without medication and the headache feels like a migraine, takes medication to address it. I am worthless the next day if the attack is bad enough. I know of a child and an EMT with the same symptoms when exposed. Folks often don’t understand that it is life threatening; because they “have never heard of that”. Why should that make a difference? It is so hard not to become angry when you feel you are dying because someone just HAD to have a banana…

        • Oh,…I forgot to mention that it isn’t ONLY browned bananas, it is exposure to any; but the constricting seems to be worse with the browned fruit. Have to avoid Farmer’s Markets and the produce section of the grocery store…it seems to get worse as I age and the effects linger longer after each episode.

    • I also get the same thing, I thought I was the only one to have this allergy, I get to the point of anaphalyxsis to the smell of Bananas and Oranges (any Citrus), and starting to do the same w/Vanilla. My work does not believe that you can have an allergy like this even though I have had 3 episodes now at my job due to Co-workers bringing these fruits into the clinic I am working at. (We have signs even posted not to bring these things into the clinic). As soon as I smell the Banana or Orange (Citrus) I can’t breathe, my throat closes up, chest tightness, my voice gets hoarse, I get real pale, etc. I have had to use my epi-pen all 3 times and go to the ER all 3 times to be observed. My claim for the 1st one was denied, I am currently fighting my 2nd claim and I have a recent 3rd claim that just happened last month. It’s been crazy . Anybody else have this??

    • No I do get itchy throughout and ears when eating them, and last week I bought some “organic” bananas at Walmart and that night after I ate 2 I had severe abdominal cramps, like there was something in my stomach, thought my gallbladder was attacking, severe nausea, diarrhea for 3 days, hot flashes. Thought it was flu but it was from bananas. I am also allergic to cucumber, watermelon, cantelop, I get a itchy throat when I eat them and tried the avacoda over eyes for swelling and they swelled bigger and bigger

  27. Sessa Turley on

    My whole life I could eat bananas (I’m now 31). Although the past 2 times I’ve eaten them I almost immediately feel like my stomach is on fire, very intense pain. I get hot flashes and nausea. My eardrums also vibrate and I have a lot of popping in my eardrums. This all lasts for about 3 hours after eating them. I’m never going to eat one again! πŸ™

  28. I too have eaten bananas my whole life, now in my 20’s I suddenly have a reaction.

    My mouth became itchy and my whole face swelled. Benadryl seemed to take care of it. But I also seem to be finding other related things that I’m allergic too.

    And don’t forget hives horrible things.

  29. Any time I eat a banana, my mouth and tongue either go numb or tender as if I’ve just incurred a bunch of tiny cuts. I’m calling it a sensitivity to bananas. Anyone else experience the same thing?

    • This sucks, I have half of the symptoms you have all mentioned that appear when i eat bananas, kiwi, avacado and nuts. I get almost like indigestion/ heartburn in my throat and chest and the very same numb/ tiny cuts (@ Dana-Marie) feeling on my tongue when I eat bananas. I am glad I am not just being dramatic and others share these symptoms, though it kind of upsets me because I really love bananas, nuts, avo AND kiwi fruit! It’s all just not fair! I am 26 and my symptoms have if anything diminished over the years though the fact that anaphylactic shock is possible makes me seriously weary about eating these things. I have also found which is interesting, that these items have varying amounts of dopamine, serotonin and histamine, I take anti-depressants for my low serotonin level and ALWAYS have an allergic reaction to these fruits when I am feeling down or experiencing some sort of emotional intensity.

      • same thing happens to me with the tiny cuts… it also happens when i eat pineapple. it usually only happens when i eat bananas alone, but sometimes if there is a lot of banana in banana bread i also have a reaction.

  30. I’ve just had a food allergy test done. Over the last 20 odd years I’ve noticed that whenever I ate a banana or had eggs( poached, scrambled etc) I would get bad stomach cramps. Turns out I am allergic to eggs and bananas. Now I have the task of changing my diet (not so much with bananas as I just won’t eat them but more so with eggs as alot of foods are made with eggs.). if anyone can help me out and suggest some sites with egg free foods I’d be so grateful.

  31. My oldest son started to get a horrible rash at the age of 4months, when i started feeding him baby rice and oatmeal. A lot of baby cereals are made with banana or apple. His pediatrician diagnosed him with sever eczema. It got to the point of him looking like a burn victim because of his rash was over his whole body an open wounded. There would be clear puss oozing out of his cheeks. He was a very happy baby but always tried itching himself. I went to 9 doctors in a span of 3 months. We tried medicines orally and creme for his skin. It did help it to go away but never failed to come back. When he was 9 months old a friend of mine told me her child is allergic to apples and banana’s that causes a very irritable skin irritation and diarrhea. It turned out he was also allergic to both. I have eliminated both until the rash was gone and gave him bananas and no apples. The rash came back.

    When it disappeared i tried apples with no banana. the rash came back again. Ever since i eliminated both the rash hasn’t come back. A few years passed and i had a friend baby sit. I did aware her of his allergies and she forgot. she gave him a cut apple and 2 slices of banana bread, he was about 3 years old. he then had a rash on his bottom and his armpits or any place he would sweat and he had diarrhea for 2 whole weeks. it was awful. He is also allergic to cats and dogs. when he gets licked, he gets eczema. same as if he lays on them or cats with long hair are near.

    • aww, that’s sad to to hear. Be very careful with your son. He may be allergic to many things and unfortunately they can be severe. You may want to get him tested again for a spectrum of allergies. Although I know that the test itself is painful and difficult for a parent to have to put their child through. Good luck to you and your son.

  32. Thank you to all who have commented here. It has helped a lot. I too have loved bananas all my life. Then approximately 5 years ago – or at least after I hit 40 (now 47) I noticed I would get nauseous after eating a bite or two of banana (in banana cream pie or fruit salad). I have been just fine with banana bread – an all-time favorite.
    Yesterday I had some guacamole with a mexican lunch and after an hour felt incredibly sick. For hours I wasn’t sure which end needed to go into the bathroom. I did end up vomitting about 6 hours after I ate and then felt measurable better.
    Now after doing some internet searching I find I am not alone in this unusual occurance. The reaction has certainly seemed to increase with each occurance. I will now be extra careful to avoid bananas AND avocados. Total bummer but afraid of what may happen now.

  33. I am 23. I have been eating a banana maybe twice a month my whole life. Until recently I added them to my daily diet. I started to experience itching all over my whole body. Hives would appear and broke out all over my face and neck. I think I too, am allergic to these crazy bananas. I love them, but If you love something I guess you have to let it go.

  34. Since I was a small child, bananas have made my throat itch, immediately. Ripe bananas are worse than less-ripe, and I don’t think cooked ones have the same effect, but I can’t remember, because I’ve avoided them for several years now. Allergic to melons, too, with the same symptom, as well as tree nuts.

  35. Hey. I read through several–not all of these comments and my issue with bananas is this: for as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved them and since I could pretty much put 2 and 2 together, I also realized that they start my ears, nose and throat to itch–not unbearably so-but noticeably. There are other fruit that causes this reaction too…namely watermelon and coconut. I’ve recently started looking up information on what this could stem from but with no conclusions as of yet…

  36. I differ a bit with this allergy. I ate bananas all the time as a kid and developed an allergy to them randomly in high school. I wish it would go away as randomly as it started! I miss eating them.

  37. I loved bananas until one day I was eating one and my throat felt like it was swelling shut, my mouth itched horrably and my chest hurt. I can not eat them or smell them because the same thing happens. I thought I was the only person with a banana allergy because everyone I tell about it they say that they haven’t heard of it before. I am also asthmatic could this have something to do with it because when I use my inhaler I feel better when I have an attack I also have an epipen for extreme cases.

    • My 13 yr. old son has asthma (activity induced-sports) and for years now when he eats a banana his tongue swells slightly and his mouth gets really itchy.He loves them and avoids them as much as possible,but eats them anyway sometimes(usually a bite or two).I give him benydryl after to help with the itching.He hasn’t had a really bad reaction like some have said,but it worries me anyway.I honestly never thought there was a real banana allergy-we actually teased him about it as a joke!He also has seasonal allergies,but never reacted to nuts,alvacado,or kiwi-he loves them all! He hasn’t been formally tested and now I am thinking it might be a great idea!

  38. I developed an allergy to bananas later in life. My lips start to swell within a few minutes of eating one or rather, eating something with banana in it. Also my stomach feels like somebody has hit me in the gut. My palms also start to itch. I keep a supply of benedryl handy at all times. I have even been affected when drinking frozen cocktails with different kinds of juices in them. My symptoms are usually gone by the next morning.

  39. I am 45 years old and I ate a banana a day since I can remember, recently my arms starting itching and I noticed little bumps on my arms and back. After eating bananas my heart rate would also go up and I would break out in cold sweats. It’s sad because I love bananas but I can’t eat them anymore.

  40. I am allergic to bananas. Developed in my late teens. It has been getting worse. I love the taste, but now whenever I eat one my throat gets very inflamed, red, and sore. I also start to get a runny nose and congestion. I sneeze and just hate life….I love bananas…..hate the consequence.

  41. The_Strangebird on

    Hello. I am male, 27 years old, Caucasian and severely allergic to bananas, various artificial flavorings and recently apples and possibly other fruits and veggies(still looking into this). I enjoyed these foods with no reaction until my mid-teens. I do not have a latex allergy but I was diagnosed with numerous allergies including a severe grass allergy as a child. My reaction to raw bananas is the most severe and immediate. Within a few feet of raw bananas at the market I feel light headed and short of breath. If I get any closer it becomes a mild headache, lump in my chest and what is possibly anaphylaxis. I am also asthmatic which might be exacerbating my reaction. It’s been about six years since I attempted to actually eat raw banana, though I have had it cooked often and up until recently was able to eat banana bread, one of my favorite foods, with only a very mild shortness of breath. I tried some banana bread last winter and had a reaction more severe than anything I’ve ever had before. The same symptoms as being near a raw banana, only stronger.
    Also, when these symptoms first began(around 14-16) I noticed I could no longer eat anything containing artificial banana or apple flavoring(such as an apple jolly rancher or banana flavored taffy). After a few years I began to noticed the same effect(only milder) for the first time with cooked banana. Until the last two years my reaction has not been severe enough to lead me to the emergency room. I typically recover within a few minutes to an hour and have no lasting effect beyond shortness of breath when I exert myself, for a day or two after(likely asthma triggered by the reaction?).
    Only within the last year have apples caused any symptoms at all, though the reaction to them is very mild and I am able to eat them without much discomfort.
    I now try to completely avoid all products containing bananas, and artificial fruit flavorings. These things I can easily identify without even knowing beforehand, as they cause a slight shortness of breath when sniffed, if not immediately when opened or approached. Also people do not always believe me, especially when I tell them I know without even smelling the food directly. It’s very frustrating. Anyone know what is wrong and why these symptoms do not match the majority of other individuals?

    • hi. i also have this type of reaction to bananas. it is difficult to explain, because its like i start feeling confused, kind of like my system is shutting down, i start to stutter my speech, i feel dizzy, and can not breathe. if i walk into a room and there are bananas in the room, i know it without seeing them, if there is a banana peel in an open trash can, i can tell. i went to the allergist and they did a blood test and also a skin prick test…..all negative, meaning both tests showed i have no allergies! i use to eat bananas all the time, a few a day with no problem at all, and then one day out of no where, allergic. to this day i have no idea what is going on. it is very difficult because bananas are everywhere. if you ever found the problem, please let me know. it might help me too.

    • oh also, if i eat something that has been in close proximity to a banana of banana product, i have the same reaction. one time i got a chocolate muffin from starbucks that was two trays and one shelf away from banana muffins inside a closed glass cabinet and i couldn’t breathe.

      i did read this entire thread and a woman towards the end has our same symptoms, also got tested to find out nothing so there may be no hope for us.

    • Hi Strangebird,

      Like yourself, I am very sensitive to the smell of the fruit; I don’t have to be close to the source; I have been told that it is the OILS IN THE PEELING that causes my reaction; which mirrors yours very closely. I am sad that “we” are suffering, hopefully the medical world can find something to help us all. Yes, it extremely frustrating and even annoying…some of the reactions we get from folks…”what? a banana cause that? I would caution you…the adverse reaction is getting worse with every exposure.

  42. Hey,
    I’m wondering if I have allergies to bananas and several other fruits because everytime I eat a banana or a watermelon, the innards of my ears starts to itch and sometimes my stomach feels like its geting flipped inside out. I faintly remember as a child being able to eat bananas and watermelons without side effects.

  43. im 13 and i love bananas but one day i ate one for breakfast and i starting coughing uncontrolably then my throut felt weird and it was hard to breath it was like this for half an hour then it stopped is it posible for an allergy to just appear after years of not having one

  44. I only just started eating bananas as a training aid and to increase my calorie intake….big mistake!!!. Admittedly I was having 3-4 a day but within a week my throat was very sore, I felt dizzy and tired, and i itched all over. I’m just eliminating the ’cause’ now but I’m wondering how long it takes for the effects to wear off.

  45. Love bananas,but in my 20’s I noticed that I would get a migraine after eating one. I could not believe it at first so I tried eating one again-had to go to urgent care to get a pain shot. I can have dried or cooked bananas just fine. This article helped me understand why this is happening. Thanks.

  46. My banana intolerance started in the last couple of years and it has come and gone during that time a few times. It has just returned in the last 2 weeks to the point that if I eat a banana my stomach is so painful I can’t do anything until it passes. Fortunately taking simethicone tablets helps ease the symptoms faster that without, but I’m going to have to avoid bananas for a while. It’s sad because earlier this year I was having one a day in a smoothie for breakfast with no issues for 5 months straight. I haven’t noticed any issues with avocados or kiwi, but I did have a skin reaction to latex earlier this year, which has never happened before.

    Has anyone else noticed their intolerance to bananas come and go?

  47. I seem to be allergic to bananas, kiwi and avacado. Whenever I ingest them, within half an hour I develop severe stomach cramps, to the point where I can’t get out of bed. What annoys me is that no one seems to believe it, because I don’t get visible symptoms. The amount of times someone in my family has offered me one of those foods, despite the fact that I’ve told them a million times that I’m allergic, is really beginning to get to me.

    I hate going to the GP, but I’m considering going in for an allergy test. I already have proven allergies to other things, such as pollen, some types of grass, dust mites and mould, that affect me all year round and have pretty much ruined the quality of my life.

    I’m particularly concerned I may have a latex allergy. I’ve used latex gloves before, with no reaction. However, I’ve never had intercourse, and I’m worried that I might have a reaction to condoms. Has anyone experienced that? I don’t have a s**ual partner at the moment, but when that eventually happens I’m extremely worried about it. I guess I’ll just have to get tested for that, as well.

  48. I’ve just read all of these posts after my son has complained of a very itchy scalp and he has actually scratched till he’s bleeding. He has always been borderline eczemic, but recently hes been having a banana every lunchtime at school. Hes got a horrid cough and a very sore throat and a sore chest for the last few days ..after reading all this I will not be giving him a banana again. Hes 11 and has being growing extensively.

    Thank you very much for your input.

  49. I’ve eaten bananas all my life with no problems, but a couple of years ago I was drinking a banana drink (not a milkshake or smoothie but a juice extract in a straw pack) and my shoulder muscles started to ache as if they were cramping, and I also had a slight weird nauseous feeling.

    I find if I eat an overripe banana I tend to get the same effect. I don’t get any swelling or sore throat like others here, just the muscle tensing/cramping. I suspect it’s the various acids in the ripened fruit (ex. ascorbic) that sets me off, as I get the same effect from drinking cheap generic-branded orange juice which also has ascorbic acid. If I eat a not overripe banana I seem to skip the side-effects.

    But then, I’m not a doctor, just my anecdotal situation here.

  50. My son suddenly has running nose, i wonder why and ask the baby sitter, she said all the food she gave to my son clean and healthy, but recently she gave 2 banana each day to my son. I never buy banana before but the baby sitter buy banana from the store her self just for my son. my son rarely got sick and running nose, so i guess banana is the culprit, let see for another day without banana now.. hope get well soon.

  51. What a great website. I have always enjoyed bananas and would often put them in my breakfast cereal when I was a kid. I had my gall bladder removed when I was 23 (I’m 44 now) and although I cannot say for sure it is what caused my banana issues, I cannot think of any other reason why when I eat banana I get horrible stomach cramps, I start sweating and I seem to have excess saliva. I have stayed away from bananas for the past 10 years and today I took 1 bite, yes 1 bite, of banana pudding with sliced banana at the bottom and for the past hour, I have been sitting in my office feeling terrible. I’m sleepy and my stomach is in knots. No more – EVER.

  52. When i was little bananas and avocados used to give me a sore throat but i still ate them anyways. After i got pregnant with my son, Bananas, Avocados, and Kiwi make my throat and tongue swell and itch.

  53. Cyndi Livingston on

    I think I have an allergy to bananas, but I have very different symptoms from what I have read. Although I do have the heart palpatations, my whole mouth is sore, almost like acid. What could that be from?

  54. I just got this banana allergy at around age 28. I just ate one before, thinking I would be ok (last time I had one was ages ago!) but now my stomach is BURNING!! its horrible (i should hav learnt my lesson from last time)!.

  55. 27 years young. Have eaten bananas intermittently my whole life. Noticed the itchy back of the throat and slight closing of the airway when eating apple SKIN a few years ago. Ate a banana this morning and within 30 mins was getting the severe indigestion, “hot flashes,” hives and bumps from head to waste and a face that looks like I just went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. Popped two diphenhydramine (active ingredient in benadryl) capsules about 20 mins ago. Itching/swelling persists, though less intense. Indigestion and nausea has faded. A giant WTF to randomly changing biology. What’s next, steak and cheese allergies? NOOO!

    Note, unless your airway is in jeopardy or you are feeling near-death, you will probably be fine with some benadryl. If you feel your airway constricting to the point that you have to struggle to get a breath in, reach for an epipen (which I don’t have) or get to the hospital asap. Otherwise, steer clear of that delicious, elongated and curved fruit. I’ll miss you bananas.

    • “A giant WTF to randomly changing biology. What’s next, steak and cheese allergies? NOOO!”

      Amen to this! I have been an extremely picky eater my entire life..not sure why…but even as a 40 year old woman, I still eat almost only white pasta, pizza potatoes, etc… NO vegetables except for potatoes and corn and no fruits. I liked bananas as a child, but as a young adult, started feeling terrible every time I had one. Lump in the back of my throat, itchy tongue and throat.. a bout of belching and a feeling like if I could just belch enough, it would go away. I’d long suspected a banana allergy, but was dismissed by family members as “You’re just picky, you need to eat your fruits and veggies..” etc. Then I found the banana allergies on the internet. Hadn’t really researched cross-allergens, but last night I tried an avocado for the first time and it was the same reaction. I’m beginning to remember similar feelings after attempting to better my diet with carrots, and/or salads…I guess it’s time to visit a very good allergist and see if my body has been “picky” my whole life because it intrinsically KNEW there were allergens present.

  56. I grow my own bananas (Dwarf Ducasse), don’t use any chemicals or sprays, and let them ripen on the tree. Only recently made the connection that I was getting severe gut pain 10 or so minutes after eating the bananas. No nausea, diarrhea, or rashes – but it feels like I’ve eaten a handful of razorblades for about half an hour. Seem to be quite gassy too. Normally, If I’ve eaten something dodgy, it just passes through me rapidly out the other end, but not in this case. It’s just the pain.
    Last night I ate a slice of banana cake my mother had made out of my banana’s – same razor blade pain 10 minutes later. My father, who has gall bladder problems also has trouble with these banana’s(finds them a bit gassy), but not so much with shop bought cavendish. ( I wouldn’t know for me, I’ve not eaten a shop bought banana in decades ). Everyone else I know love my banana’s and have no problems.

    I’ve got loads of banana’s (real tasty too), and I can’t eat the bloody things. The pain is quite unpleasant.

  57. I did not discover my banana allergy until I was in my late twenties. Bananas and avocados cause my gums to swell, tongue to itch, and give me a splitting headache and runny nose within minutes of eating them. In fact, my sensitivity includes sneezing and headache when a ripe banana is peeled in my presence. I avoid them! Additionally, strawberries and kiwi’s give me a fine red and slightly raised rash on my arms, legs and torso within 30 minutes of eating them. I am also sensitive to latex which causes my skin to turn red, swell, and peel off within 24-36 hours. This group of allergies is more common than most people think!

  58. A few years ago, I suffered not knowing what was causing my horrific stomach pains, headaches and shortness of breath
    I was tested for allergies and my results showed no allergies
    My doctor ran out of ideas, I had a colonoscopy which was normal..and many other tests
    I pretty much self diagnosed my banana allergy by eliminating all food from my diet and introducing one item at a time
    When I eat any type of banana I get severe labor type stomach pains..rapid heart rate, increased respirations, nausea..and it lasts 2-3 hours
    I don’t think I have a latex allergy though
    I’ve ate bananas all my life..this allergy must have developed over time

  59. Thankfully latex doesn’t bother me, but about 7 years ago I ate a banana on an empty stomach and had the worst pain about 10 minutes later in my stomach. I laid on the bed and couldn’t do anything for 2-3 hours! I’ve noticed avocados make me feel very queasy, I thought it was because of the high amount of fatty oils, but after seeing these two are linked I’m changing my mind. Kiwi have bothered my stomach before, although not quite as harshly. Anyway, last week I ate lunch really fast and right after got really sick in the bathroom, and ever since then the smoothies my boyfriend makes (with all organic greens and one organic banana) has been bothering my stomach. So tomorrow he’s going to make the smoothie without the banana and hopefully it’ll be better. Right now it feels like I swallowed a brick of cement! He gave me digestive enzymes and a licorice tablet which really helps the pain. It’s great to stumble across this site and finally figure it all out. I just had a feeling it had to be the banana thing so I googled banana allergy. I am never eating bananas, avocados or kiwis again!!!!!

  60. I’ve always known that I was allergic to bananas and plantains. Yesterday I had a allergic reaction to the smell of plantains cooking. Maybe I should have known, but I didn’t think that the smell would cause a reaction that was almost as bad as eating them. I was wheezing, coughing and my ears began to itch. It got better went I went outside, but I eventually had to use my inhaler. Now, I need to work on getting the smell out of the house.

  61. I have always had a slight banana intolerance, when I eat a banana plain I get a little lump in the throat and itching in the throat and mouth. I cannot eat a banana when it’s to ripe or it is worse, almost to the point I can’t finish it. When I eat a banana with something, like a banana sandwich with mayo or peanut butter, it never happens. Yesterday I made a smoothie with an extremely over ripe banana and it set off my allergy. My nose is running constantly, itchy throat, watery eyes and it has been like this for two days. I have tried benydral, claritan, and congest-ants to get it under control and nothing is working. Not sure what to do, just going to have to wait until its out of my system I guess.

  62. My problems with bananas started ( in my late 20s ) with me not being able to eat them or I would get a migraine . After about 5 years I got a job cooking in a nursing home where we served peanut butter and banana sandwiches . Aftter making them ( 100 sanwiches ) a few times I noticed that I got a migraine just touching them . Not long after that I found that just smelling them made my chest tight and my throat start to close. and couldnt breath . Now I cant be near them at all, but if they are cooked they are ok .Very strange …any one had a reaction like this???

    • The allergy may have something to do with your liniage, I mean if you believe in the creator you might take into consideration the forbidden fruit was not exactly named in the research we have available in this seek to understand our excistence. they ate off the tree in the middle of the garden the bible tells us. That tree possibly could of produced this fruit. We know of the tree or trees in the middle, but the situation of the consequence of eating from the tree which made a craving for the unknown, bare with me this is all part of the grander plan, which is followed to this era. For one to reconize the change it has to happen. I am not sure but cain was cast away or was made to leave to some extent, after his brother was struck by cain. Now almost all of cains association with consumption seems to be unhealthy here as we know it to be example: suger cain, cocaine, cain worked the ground and his fruit offering was not accepted as we are told. He was destin to wander which we know of a few elements that have might of been included in that group. One might even wonder about Candy cane, also. Some things might have a greater effect, such as, what you understand to be your body may only be what you are aware of, or taught to believe from another influence. God speaks of our body and our temple which one could argue could be one in the same, and possibly not exactly visxible in all aspects depending on where your understanding and beliefs lie. But I believe that being allergic to bananas, are a clue to who you are. I think every and all things have purpose. I like to thank we who have this in common are possibly similar in some way possibly come from the same tribe of the older or earlier, tribes after the chosen Isreal was adressed by god when called

  63. Our focus is love somethings produce the uneatable fruit, because the love has not yet been understood of the true essence and capability of. The new and old ways are very unique on their own. We know love to be the only to overcome all else, with the proper other conditions to go with.

  64. I love bananas. They are my absolute favorite fruit. However, they cause my tongue to swell, can give me heart burn and in one instance made me vomit. The riper they are the worse the reaction. There are all these wonderful benefits to eating bananas, but do I actually see these benefits? Surely, my body must be intolerant to bananas for a reason and maybe they do more harm than good. My question is if I love them and can deal with the symptons, can I eat them?

  65. A a child I practically lived on bananas I ate them so much, but found later in my love had turned sour in my twenties when i had eaten a strawberry banana birthday cake. Even the smallest piece would turn me into a wretch immediately with terrible griping stomach pains that would have me doubled over and in bed (and bathroom) for 2-3 days. After twenty banana free years and the last three as a vegetarian (fish eating on occasion), I boldly tried a piece. After fifteen mins with no ill effect, I even ate the rest of the banana and nothing! Hallelujah!! Now I’m back to bananas, Ive eaten bunches since then–thank You Jesus! I truly believe God has healed me. My potassium was so low and this couldnt be better news for me. I am sorry to see the other comments here, I can totally relate to the awful symptoms. I prayed to God for general healing, i have been diagnosed with Rheum. Arthritis. I am blessed He honored my requests . By Jesus’ stripes we are healed of everything. Whatever illness remains He allows to continue as Paul’s thorn in his side but He gives us strength to bear it. I pray for each of you to receive healing from this allergy and the strength and patience to endure in the meantime.

  66. Every time I eat bananas I get this weird burning itching sensation inside of my chest but I dont develop any of the symptoms described here

  67. I developed a banana allergy in 2009. Every time I eat a banana, my tongue, throat and inside of my ears start itching really bad.

  68. I love bananas…but i noticed that I start sneezing, perspiring and dry mouth with a lump in my throat… is this mild? I really love bananas with my yoghurt as a snack , but have these symptoms right now…its been 20 minutes since i had it. I hope i dont have an allergy…

  69. My daughter is allergic to PN TN and possible melon. Today she had a reaction to banana, but she’s been eating them for over a year. The one difference I can come up with is how ripe the banana was. Does anyone know if it is possible to only be allergic to very ripe bananas? Thanks

  70. Ate bananas frequently — almost every day — for most of my life. Would often have itching on the roof of my mouth but nothing severe. Took about a two-year break from eating them and then suddenly I had a severe allergy at around the age of 40. Ate a banana one day and my lips, tongue and throat began to itch and swell, my whole body turned red and itched like crazy (even the palms of my hands!), developed the worst headache in my life, and began to vomit uncontrollably — all within a few minutes. Took a couple of Benadryls and the symptoms went away in about 20 minutes. I’ve been too afraid to even try banana bread, which was my very favorite desert, ever since.

  71. Since I started working in retail and i have to put bananas out on the shelf, and when i can smell them, my eyes just starting to hurt and become watery, what could it be? its not happening all the time.

  72. Abhirav Kumar on

    I have bananas all the time. But I start sneezing uncontrollably with runny nose only if I have consumed bananas after evenings. I don’t understand this. I don’t think that there is such a thing called conditional allery

    • I have a mild intolerance to bananas. what I found is that I am only affected by bananas that are not fully or well ripened, to the point where the banana peel is starting the spot or brown. I can eat a rip banana and be fine, but if there is any greenness on the peel, then I get the throat and tongue itch. This also applies to the melons and avocados I eat.

  73. I also experience severe abdominal pain, cold sweats, fever and nausea after eating avocado and more recently banana. I tried to think when it all started, and remembered it began about 2 years ago after taking heavy antibiotics called flagyll (sp) for a gum infection after implants. I wonder if this did something nasty to my gut flora which brought on this intolerance or allergy. Im prepared to accept that there is no causal link, but the timing is really telling. Im trying to get more probiotics, but I fear the damage is
    done. It is interesting to note that pesticides on foods also have a negative impact on gut and intestinal flora.

    • Read about resistant starches like onion, tapioca, sweet potatoes and other vegetables. They have done studies showing it can help replenish your good bacteria in your gut. It has to get past the stomach digestion to your gut which is what certain vegetables like onions do to feed the good bacteria. There’s something called the american gut study or something like that that has a lot of info about it & it’s pretty encouraging. I was given strong antibiotics too for something very mild. I know it messed up my gut. But I feel really optimistic. Also if you can hike and get fresh air and natural bacteria in the woods a bit it’s supposed to help your immune system too.

  74. I ate bananas my whole life up until my mid-20’s. Then, all of the sudden, I started getting stomach aches and couldn’t figure out why. Eventually, I figured out it was bananas. I get sort of a hot feeling in my stomach. A little nausea, but mild. Mostly the heat-like stomach-ache is the problem. It can get REAL BAD depending on the amount I have consumed. Later, I found that Avocados (guacamole) are similar. Also, sometimes pumpkin pie, but not to the same degree. I can get a way with a bite or two of that.
    Sucks because I always LOVED bananas!
    In my mid-40’s now and sure wish I could have a slice of banana cream pie without doubling over in pain!

  75. bewareofbananas on

    I ate bananas growing up but didn’t really like the flavor of them. Maybe that was a hint. I ate them last year and noticed I was getting swollen eyelids and a headache. I was eating green ones a month ago and it seemed okay, although I was cooking half of them. Then I ate about 4 in a day a few days ago and the next morning I was violently ill, dizzy, vomitting, headache, swollen eyelids and cheeks. πŸ™ I think it must be the bananas. I think I was tolerating small amounts of greener ones cooked but when I ate several ripe ones it started some kind of allergic reaction. I am also going to give up dairy which I think I’m addicted to but I know it makes me get sick. SO no more bananas and no more dairy. Anything is better than laying on the floor puking. :/

  76. I have been making a strawberry banana smoothie the past week with yogurt (I know it’s not the yogurt that bothers me) and after I drink it, My left hand and my fingers start to get very numb and very weak. It’s scary! I don’t feel itchy or anything, just a numbness after eating bananas.
    I ate a banana before I went to work out and the same thing happened. It’s a weird feeling. I just wanted to post even though I don’t know what the true problem is but it has to do something with bananas

  77. Mika Henderson on

    I sometimes ate bananas while growing up. I didn’t mind the taste, at all. I kinda stopped eating them during my teen years…my mom would only get them, sometimes, and often, I’d forget that we had them. But lately, my family’s been trying to eat healthier. Since I didn’t mind bananas, I decided to slice one up and put it in my cereal, one day. The only reaction I got was a horrible hour-long stomachache. This happened, again, after a couple of weeks, when I had decided to try again, and add banana slices to my cereal. That was a couple months ago. However, my stomach is perfectly fine whenever I eat banana muffins or banana bread…. I’m 20-years old, now, and I can’t figure this out. I have no idea if it’s an allergy or what, and I feel very confused. I’ve read all of the comments for this article, and it seems like I’m the only one with this small problem. Unless I’m wrong, and there are some people who experience the same thing?….

  78. I have developed banana allergy. whenever i eat ripe banana ,my stomach start cramping and nausea start with vomitting

  79. My son once at age 10 had an allergic reaction – break-out in hives after eating dried mexican-banana slices. Not til he turned about 15 did he begin eating regular bananas and never had any reaction. He’s 24 now and recently was exposed to mexican bananas (not ingested) and he broke out into hives at various parts of his body. Anyone have a reaction only to a particular banana. Regular bananas he’s good with.

    • In fact banana contains Vitamin B and Potassium which helps in relaxing the body and brain. There is no way you would be angry after having it. In fact you can use banana for anger management.

  80. HI
    my mother in law is got the same problem , she visited doctor dey have suggested it is vitamin D3 is vry less so it is like that kindly suggest, she cant eat anything ..ruits , vegies , Non-veg and even nuts.

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