How to Get Rid of Nose Hairs Without Hurting Yourself


So you are all perfectly groomed, glowing with confidence and suddenly you notice a strand of two or curly hair protruding from your nose. Arghh! If grooming is all about keeping up with good habits, then you have been totally defeated. Nothing screams untidiness and lack of hygiene as loud as that sore-to-see nose hair trying to make their way out. But, fret not! We are here to help you with some helpful tips on how to get rid of nasal hair and look your best always.

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What Is The Function Of Nose Hair?

For starters, know that nose hair is absolutely necessary for you. Everyone has nasal hair, and they perform the crucial biological function of protecting you from numerous airborne pathogens that can enter your lungs. When you inhale, you breathe in many small pathogens that can actually cause infection in your lungs. Nasal hair is the essential barrier between your respiratory system and the tiny, weeny bugs, bacteria, and foreign particles that you breathe in every second.
Now, this does not mean you need to let the nose hair pop out like strings that are hanging! To get natural benefits from the nose hair, you just need a bare minimum of them inside the nose. And not invite undue attention to them.

How To Get Rid Of Nose Hair?

You can keep your nose hair in check and remove them from time to time by any of the following 4 ways:

  1. Trimming nose hair with scissors
  2. Trimming nose hair with a nose hair trimmer
  3. Plucking with tweezers
  4. Using a nasal hair remover wax

As a practice, trimming is generally considered the best way to get rid of nasal hair. Let us explore each of these techniques of removing nasal hair in detail:

1. Trimming Nose Hair with Scissors

  • Invest in a round, sanitary pair of scissors: The first step is to pick up scissors that are small and has a curved tip. Curved scissors will help you follow the curve of your nose and you will be able to avoid cuts. Most departmental stores and personal care stores stock and sell them. Sterilize the scissors before using them.
  • Get a small mirror: To get the best view deep inside, get a small, angled mirror. Make sure there is optimal light as well so that you don’t snip on the skin.
  • Clean your nose: Using a tissue paper, blow your nose deep in order to get rid of the mucus. Remove any gunk, and avoid trimming you are unwell.
  • Make a pig nose: Yes, that is right. To reach all the hair that needs to be trimmed, and to be able to see your nostrils clearly, press backward on the tip of your nose – like a pig.
  • Start and snip: Start to trim the hair, following the curve of your nose, but being very, very careful not to cut yourself. Circle around your nostrils, gently trimming the hair that you do not need. We’d suggest that you do not clip all of them, but just the part that hangs loose.
  • Follow up with cleaning: Dispose of all the nasal hair in a bin, or wash them in the basin. Blow your nose gently to expel any hair that has been clipped but is still sticking to the nose. Wash off the scissors before you put them away.

2. Trimming Nose Hair With A Nose Hair Trimmer

  • Invest in a nose hair trimmer: Though expensive, clipping nose hair with a nose hair trimmer is safe, much more hygienic, efficient and quicker way to get rid of nose hair. You can opt to buy either manual trimmers or the ones that operate electrically or with a battery. Depending on affordability and whether you can bear the tickling sensation that electrical nose trimmers usually bring about, you can take your pick.
  • Get a mirror and optimal lighting: Make sure you are in a well-lit room that has lots of natural light to help you able to see clearly. Pick a small, round mirror that can give you a good view of the inside.
  • The Pig face: Press your nose backward from the tip to be able to see the inside of the nostrils clearly. Tilt your head a little backward and pull your upper lip to open the nasal passage.
  • Nip the hair: Carefully moving the trimmer along the curve of your nose will snip away the hair. Do not go too south as you actually need some of it to be left inside. Only trim the hair that is noticeable and leave the rest to do their job.
  • Follow up with cleaning: Blow out your nose and wipe it with a clean washcloth or a tissue paper. Carefully dispose of the hair into a bin. Clean your trimmer and keep it away till next use.

3. Plucking Nose Hair with Tweezers

Though trimming nasal hair is a much better and efficient way to get rid of them, if you don’t have scissors or a nose hair trimming handy, plucking may be your option. Plucking can be quite painful, and may even lead to infections in the nostrils. If you have to, keep the below points in mind:

  • Choose a small pair of tweezers: When it comes to plucking nose hair, choose a small, sanitary pair of tweezers. Choose ones that fit in your nose and can be moved about a bit. Before using them, sterilize and pat them dry.
  • Stand in enough light and in front of a clean mirror: Make sure you are standing in the abundant light and have a small, hand-held mirror handy. You might need some angles to view the inside of your nostrils, so a magnifying mirror might be a better pick.
  • Pluck the hair: Pluck only the most visible and noticeable hairs and leave the rest as they are. Focus on the rim of the nose, and avoid going towards the back.
  • Be prepared for pain: Plucking nasal hair can be quite painful, so get a good grip on each strand and pull it out with a sharp tug. The nasal skin is quite sensitive and plucking hair can cause a sharp pain, making your eyes water and feeling a powerful urge to sneeze. Give yourself a few moments before moving onto the next strand.
  • Clean up: Blow your nose clean to get any loose hair out of the nose. If the pain is unbearable, consider using a topical analgesic.

4. Removing Nose Hair With Nose Waxing

It is not a popular way to get rid of nose hair, but some people do get their nasal hair waxed to get a smooth finish that lasts for a month or so. If the excruciating pain is not the reason to keep you away from waxing nasal hair, the potential health risks it carries should do it. Waxing nose hair all the way essentially makes your respiratory system vulnerable to attacks from various bacteria and other airborne pathogens that can make you really sick. Waxing can also damage the extensively sensitive nostril skin and is generally not suggested. If you have to get your nasal hair waxed, make sure you are prepared for pain and do the procedure in a highly hygienic clinic under expert care.

Home Remedy For Ingrown Nose Hair

When you remove your nasal hair, you may also face the problem of ingrown nose hair. When a hair curves around and starts to grow in the skin inside the nose, it is called an ingrown nose hair. Ingrown nose hair can be sharp and can cause itchiness and pain in the nostril. It can cause infections, and though it usually heals on its own, sometimes the discomfort can be paramount. To ease the same you can:

  • Take a clean hand-towel or a washcloth and place it underneath the hottest water you can tolerate
  • Wring it quickly to retain the heat
  • Place the towel on the outside of the nostril that has the ingrown nose hair till it is cool.
  • Repeat the process at least 20 minutes.
  • Wet the towel/washcloth again and wring it
  • Take the tip of the towel and press it into the nostril, where the ingrown nose hair lies. Move the towel in circles to release the ingrown hair with the warmth
  • Repeat the process for some time.
  • Follow up with a topical antibiotic cream

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