Health Benefits Of Black Walnut


Black walnuts, hailing from Native America, India, and China, can be considered as super foods that has a wide array of benefits for the mankind. While modern science is just digging into the nutritional facts and its medicinal benefits, traditional Chinese and Indian medicinal systems have used it to effectively treat various conditions.

Why Should You Use Black Walnuts?

Health Benefits Black Walnuts

1. Helps to combat fungal infections

Black walnuts are rich with anti fungal properties that makes it a natural remedy for various fungal infections including ringworm and athlete’s foot. You can apply the tincture topically on the affected area to ease the infection and ensure faster recovery. But try a patch test on your inner arm before you actually use the tincture to eliminate any allergic reactions.

2. Helps to ward off intestinal infections

Many a time overgrowth of candida albicans, a yeast, could upset the digestive system, putting the health of people in trouble. Excessive intake of sugar, chlorinated water, and excess stress create a fertile land for the growth of these disastrous fungi, which eventually havoc your immune system. Studies suggest that along with using probiotics, use of black walnut could help in warding off the infection as these nuts are rich in certain astringent tannins and naphthoquinone juglone.

3. Heals viral infections

Black walnuts are powerful antidotes for warts. You could use the extract of the hull of black walnuts to shrink the warts. Cover them area with duct tape after applying the hull extract and allow it to die and fall off naturally. People who have tried black walnut suggest that intake of capsules of black walnut powder could also help in dealing with warts and other viral infections.

Repeated onset of cold sores can also be prevented by regularly using walnut powder. A tincture can be applied on these sores to speed up the healing process. The rich presence of iodine promotes healing.

Regular intake of black walnut supplement as part of a healthy diet could also prevent the onset of Herpes simplex type 2 infection. You could use the paste or powder of black walnut hull to apply topically on the herpes blisters to promote their healing.

4. Good for your immune system

Black walnut is a rich source of various powerful antioxidants that could help in keeping the fungal infections away and improving the power of immune system significantly. It eliminates the free radicals that induce oxidative damages, thereby preventing various chronic health ailments. Its anti-parasitic and antiviral properties make it an effective way to pep up your body’s defense mechanism.

5. Good for your digestive system

Being packed generous with powerful anti-fungal andante-parasitic properties, inclusion of black walnut could help in improving the functioning of your digestive system. It heals the inflammations of the intestinal tissues and tones them. It also sets the stage for better assimilation of food and proper elimination. This could be the reason why it is used as an antidote for diarrhea as well as constipation.

6. Shields your heart

According to a study black walnuts has the power to lower the level of low density lipoproteins. It also helps in marinating the levels of blood pressure and lower the levels of blood sugar. In short, it helps in shielding your heart from various health issues!

7. Beneficial for diabetes

Regular inclusion of black walnuts could help in preventing the sugar levels from fluctuating. It also helps in normalizing the levels of blood glucose and improve insulin sensitivity, thus being beneficial for diabetics!

8. Powerful anti-cancerous properties

Various studies conducted on black walnuts suggest that the cytotoxic compound, juglone, present in walnuts helps in preventing the spread of cancer by inducing death of the cancer cells by necrosis and apoptosis.

9. Helps with weight loss

Including a few black walnuts in your diet regularly will help in enhancing your metabolism. These nuts also help in reducing the total fat content. Plus, it also prevents sugar level fluctuations that could prevent you from overeating. To be precise, black walnuts help you shed the excess fat and tone yourself.

10. Helps with respiratory tract conditions

Make a concoction with black walnut extract and use to soothe your sore throat. This will help in easing the inflammation and irritation experienced due to respiratory tract conditions.

11. Natural solution for excessive sweating

The astringent tannins of black walnuts help in easing excessive sweating by soothing the overactive sweat glands.

black walnut fruit

12. Healing benefits for skin conditions

The anti fungal and antiviral properties of black walnut makes it powerful natural solution for various skin ailments including eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It can be used as a tincture for topical application or consumed internally to eliminate the toxins and ease the infection.

While black walnuts are indeed good for your health, make sure you check with your physician to avoid undesirable side effects!


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