Top 10 Health Benefits of Mustard Oil


health benefits of mustard infographicsMustard oil is popularly found in countries such as India and Bangladesh. They grow to a height of approximately 16 cm. The oil is rich in anti-fungal and anti rheumatic properties. The oil is extracted from black seeds of brassica nigra plant by steam distillation. Mustard oil has led to various controversies in different parts of the world. In few countries such as India and Bangladesh it is considered as healthy edible oil. In addition the oil is also used for therapeutic purposes. It is a ‘must’ ingredient in the cuisines prepared in North India. While in other part of the world mustard oil is considered as poisonous and irritable substance that is not suitable for consumption. Hence few countries such as United States, Canadam and European Union have banned the intake of mustard oil. In spite of several disagreements the oil is bundled with a variety of health benefits.Go through the article to know more about mustard oil and its benefits.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Mustard Oil
Below are some of the top health benefits of using Mustard oil-

  • Rubbing mustard oil on teeth gums helpsin strengthening them. In addition it treats cold, cough, headache and body aches
  • Furthermore mustard oil is used in the form of tonic. It helps in toning up of the body. Mustard oil also helps in boosting the immunity and adds strength to weak body
  • Mustard oil is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid. These fatty acids act as the best medicine for vitalizing your hair. It activates proper blood circulation in the hair that further helps in nourishing the roots. Using mustard oil twice a week prevents hair falling
  • In addition mustard oil provides warmth in the body. When consumed it warms up respiratory systems in the winter. Mustard oil also fights with internal bacterial infections in urinary tract or digestive system
  • Mustard oil is comprised of AllylIsothiocyanate properties. It serves as the best treat for fungus related skin disorders. It stops the further growth of fungus in any part of the body
  • Mustard oil serves as the best cooking ingredient in various parts of Indian sub-continent. The oil acts as the best appetizer as well. It improves hunger and helps in promoting secretion of digestive juices from the body
  • Furthermore the oil is loaded with vitamin E. When applied externally the oil prevents the skin from getting affected from ultraviolet rays and pollution. Hence it is also considered as the best beauty aid to reduce wrinkles
  • Massaging with mustard oil gives a great relief from arthritis and rheumatism. In additionthe oil also lessens the risk of coronary heart diseases (CHD)
  • People with dry skin tone can apply mustard oil on face, hands and feet before taking shower. It treats your skin with the right nourishment

Precautions To Use Mustard Oil
Before using Mustard oil for its health benefits, one must take into consideration some of the precautions –

  • Avoid using mustard oil in case there is a burning sensation when applied on cuts and bruises
  • Warm the oil before massaging for better results

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