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salty taste mouth
Changes in taste are a much-overlooked phenomenon globally. It may, however lead to troublesome situation if not taken care of properly. We often tend to experience a persistent salty taste in mouth. Therefore, finding out home remedies for salty taste in mouth, causes and symptoms is absolutely essential in order to keep this annoying problem at bay.

The possible causes for salty taste in mouth are as follows:
  • Dehydration – Dehydration is often cited as a cause of salty taste in mouth. Inadequate water intake leads to dehydration. Many doctors often site excessive intake of alcohol or caffeine as a possible cause of dehydration. High-dose anti-thyroid drugs and chemotherapy medicines may also lead to dehydration and cause salty taste
  • Salivary gland diseases – Those who suffer from salivary gland diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome or bacterial infection of the salivary glands also sometimes suffer from salty taste in mouth
  • Sinus infection – Saltiness in mouth is not very common when a person is suffering from sinusitis. Other symptoms do aid to the saltiness like nasal congestion which occurs due to swollen membranes of nasal passage thus causing blockage, congestion on cheaks and some parts of the face and post-nasal drip. Phlegm and mucus from sinuses could go backwords to the throat which could be one of the reasons for salty taste. These mucus are acidic in nature and when mixed with bacteria in the nose becomes salty
  • Nutritional deficiency – In rare cases salty taste syndrome could also occur due to nutritional deficiency, endocrine disorder or even neurological problems
  • Gerd – Gastrooesophageal reflux disease could be another reason for this taste. Once the food goes to the stomach it mixes with the acid and whole content becomes acidic. In case of acidity these acidic content reflux upwards through food pipe to mouth thus causing saltiness
  • Dental Problems – Severe infection in gums or teeth could case accumulation of pus. These pus when mixed with bacteria in mouth gives out bad smell and tastes salty
  • Tear ducts cause salty taste – Remember, when we cry we also get runny nose and this is due to tear ducts, which drain into the nasal cavity often, drain down via back of the throat leading to a salty taste in mouth

Doctors sometimes refer to epilepsy, migraine and brain tumor as possible reasons of salty taste in mouth in very rare cases. Sometimes, the cause of this problem cannot be medically ascertained. Doctors have dubbed such kind of a phenomenon as phantom taste.

Symptoms of Salty Taste in Mouth
  • Some of the possible signs of salty taste in mouth are occasional nausea
  • You could also have a feeling of air coming into your mouth causing an awful lingering salty taste

So, if you are persistently plagued by the problem of salty taste in mouth and losing your sleep over this, then go through the home remedies for salty taste in mouth, causes and symptoms outlined below and be free from worry.

Home Remedies for Salty Taste in Mouth

Some of the affordable home remedies for salty taste in mouth are as follows:

  • Try not to use any tobacco products until the taste fades away
  • If you are having salty taste in mouth due to some medicated drugs changing the drug use may be of some help
  • Avoid any type of hot and spicy foods
  • If the salty taste in mouth is due to a bad bacterial infection then the salty taste will also fade away once you get over with the bacterial infection
  • Exclude acidic foods like coffee, soft drinks, orange juice, tomatoes etc
  • You could get rid of the problem by increasing the fluid intake
  • Cinnamon and similar spices should be avoided
  • Try to change your toothpaste as it might be causing that bad taste
  • Washing your mouth with plain water may also reduce the problem to a certain extent
  • If the problem persists despite trying the home remedies you should consult a doctor to know the root cause of it and act accordingly


  1. gladys ibiyemi on


    • Thanks i used mercola toothpaste for 1 week and just started solgar coq10 i thought it was q10 but have stopped both and will reintrodice q10 if salty taste goes away.

      You are the first to say baking soda , fingers crossed it is bakingsoda as q10 made me less fatigue.

    • I switched to Biotene toothpaste and ACT “Dry Mouth” mouthwash and the problem is pretty much gone. Turns out the sodium laureate (sp?) that makes most toothpaste foamy when you brush can be a major contributor to the salty-mouth problem.

  2. My mother has has a salty taste for 6 months now and she has gone to her dentist and her doctor and they are not sure what has caused it. She has severe migraines at times and takes medication for them. Please help me with some advise to give her.

    Thank You
    Lynda Cokeley

    • Hi, also been suffering with this awful salty taste in my mouth its driving me nuts, ive just been looking at possible causes an one cud b dehydration an another cud b tyroid medication, im currently on thyroxicine medication an wonder if this is my cause, i also suffer from really bad migraines an take naramig meds for that im going to see my dr to get advice one wat 2 do nxt. i hope u get the answers your looking 4 aswell.

  3. The doctors have done all test and tried different kinds of medicine. Nothing has helped. Family doctors says he has nothing else to try. Im at a lost to find some help for this problem.

    Thanks, HW

  4. After having a bad chest/cold virus because I have COPD/Asthma – my doctor put me on steroids for 14 days, and I use Symbicort (an inhaled steroid). At some point during this treatment everything started tasting salty. It still is after more than 2 weeks off the oral steroids… what is causing this? It is most distracting. The tip and sides of my tongue always taste very salty… ICK.

    • I also had a salty taste in my mouth and everything that I was eating also tasted salty shortly after starting Symbicort. It has now been two months on the symbicort and the problem seems to be easing up. But I am always brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth out. You do know that you have to rinse real well after each use of the symbicort to prevent Thrush.

  5. I feel a continous salty mouth since about a month,
    I smoke, and take daily multivitamines, and Omega 3, I have a good apetite , what could be wrong?

  6. I to have been having an awful salty taste in my mouth ever since I started having a root canal done, I have no idea if this is the cause of it but it is driving me crazy because I don’t use salt on or in anything I even drink sodium free seltzer water, could it be the pain pills the Dr. had me on?

      • I have salty mouth that just started, I had all my teeth pulled for dentures. I thougth I had infection so I took antibacterial medicine, from my other dentist. I also was on a low fat diet for high col. And I take thyroid medicine. But the spot that caused the problem was right under my sinus Ed ? It,s about three or four days now. I don,t know if I did it or it just happened because everything at once.

  7. Were any of these people taking Lamisil?? I did for 2 1/2 months and stopped when my taste was messed up. I have lost 10 pounds, also. My taste is improving but a long way from being corrected. I can’t stand sweet stuff, (too salty). That is the only thing that I can think of and the symptoms are on the internet under (lost of taste taking lamisil). I would not recommend that drug to anyone.

  8. I have a salty taste in my mouth,, it lasts all day and night. and it is very annoying.

    I drink alot more water as in like at the very least 6 glasses every day. Im not ill.. havent been in the past year.

    Although i may try the toothpaste thing. i have used the same brand over years. maybe there must be a difference in quality of the toothpaste.


    If anyone has a solution… post a reply please.

    • For the past month, i have had a very salty mouth, i am 75 years old, but i am in good shape. this is the first time in my life that i have had this weird salty taste, in my mouth. can some one please let me know what i can do. thanking you

  9. I just started working 6p-6a & was @ the end of my 3rd nite when I noticed a salty taste on both sides of my tongue & got very nauseous. It only lasted for few minutes but enough to frighten me.
    Any ideas?

  10. Dear M. C. – please read my similar experience below and I would love to find out how you’re are doing now.

    I have lichen planus (an autoimmune disorder of the mouth). Last week I had a flare up which caused ulceration of the tongue and cheeks (as usual). As it was much more severe than normal I went to the doctor on day 3. On day 4 I took a single dose of oral steroid paste and since that very point in time have had an overwhelming salty taste which has not diminished over this last week. All fluids and foods are now tainted. Tea (with milk and sugar) – once my favourite drink – is now repulsive. A fresh glass of tap water now tastes like seawater.

  11. It sounds like a metal or mineral toxicity. I believe ALGAS metal detox is the best to take.
    I have been taking synthroid for years, also started taking an iodine supplement. it was obviiously too much for my system that I couldn’t get rid of the salty taste, my blood pressure rose. Algas did the trick. I imagine it would work for all problems related to toxicity

  12. I have this terrible taste in my mouth now for almost 6 months. I have tried everything suggested above including various mouthwashes, anti-biotics, cat scan for sinus problem -nothing. It is mostly salty, but sometimes much worse. Sometimes it takes on a sweet taste if i eat something sweet. It makes me nauseous, and i have even thrown up from the taste. It is worse in the morning. Often there is a thick yellow mucous which seems to come either from the back of my throat, or the upper pallate. What started it was a fibroma behing my two front upper teeth. An oral surgeon operated on it and took out the “core.” It was not cancerous. I have been back to him numerous times, he again operated on the same area to look for a possible tumor, but found nothing. He has given and basically said not to come back again he doesn’t know what to do. In the meantime, I have to live with this. Sometimes I feel so depressed over it I contemplate suicide. It is so miserable living like this. To top it off, I have very severe chronic paid due to 5 “failed”back surgeries. I have rods the lenth of my whole back. The only exercise i can do is in the water. I have been to at least l0 doctors. I am really at my wits end. It does affect my sleep. It is 5:00a.m.now and i am just now beginning to get sleepy. Then I sleep til around 11 which time I have missed the water aerobics and yoga exercises. I lay in bed a lot and watch movies to take my mind off it. I don’t care to eat unless is is sherbert or someting else that covers the taste. I don’t know how long I can go on like this not caring if I live or die. Please help me.

    • yvonne mckinney on

      My heart really goes out to you sir, I do know what it is like to suffer. I’am a cancer surviver. I will pray for you. I know that your circumstances may seem hopeless right now but Please do not quit before the miricle happens. Please seek some support

    • Alicia Henderson on

      Hey, don’t give up hope. You should really be referred to a specialist. You say that sherbert covers the taste. Have you tried sucking on ice cubes? Let us know when you feel better. I have had this salty tast in my mouth for the past week. It feels like acid on my teeth, sides of mouth and tongue. This has happen before but not for as long. I do know your pain, I wish I could help. You will be in my prayers tonight.

      Alicia H.

  13. Sometimes when I drink water (bottled or tapped, it tastes like salt water, when it first happned i asked my friends to taste it and they said it tasted like ordinary water, I assumed it was the chinese meal i just had. but it kept happening.

    i used to love drinking water, but now i dont dare incase it tastes salty. I dont have a salty taste in my mouth, its just water that most of the time tastes salty to me. What has happned?

    (I used to be bulimic, i would down a bottle of water before purging. is this why? if so, why has it only just started happening?)

    Please help.

    • Alicia Henderson on

      Maybe your body is reacting to it, your brain might think that the water is causing you to throw up. So your brain tricks you into not liking the taste. I know that it works with animals who eat a toxic fruit and such.

    • I have the salty taste only when I drink water as well. I am pretty healthy…so don’t know what it could be. Did you find out why it was happening to you?

  14. I have had a salty taste in my mouth for 10 months and have had no relief. On the left side of my tongue there is a sweet taste where I’ve had a root canal and on the top of my tongue it is very salty. What could I do to eliminate the problem??

  15. I am on the 26th day of a weight loss program using HCG. I have lost 19 lbs.but the last three days I have had the worst salty taste in my mouth. The doctors had me get my electrolytes checked, all was fine. But the salty tast won’t go away. I have been wondering if it is caused by my thyroid medication. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Good question on the thyroid medication. I recently starting taking Lugol’s liquid iodine and after just a few days my mouth started tasting salty; potato chips taste extra salty, other food does too.
      I stopped taking the iodine and will see if it goes away. Likely related as I haven’t changed my diet otherwise.

      • Lugals is great for your health can’t see why it would cause any trouble unless it is drawing out the excess salt in your system ? I am having salty taste now after winter of sinus drip & inner mouth shrivel in up around teeth leaving imprints. How have you fixed problems? I seeiit’s been a long time ago.

  16. Absolutely Gail, HCG messes with hormones, thyroid is a major hormone which can be affected. Since you have thyroidism or some sort on meds I’d say the thyroid is involved.

  17. I have salty taste in my mouth for 2 months now. I had blood tests and all are normal. The GP couldn’t give me an explaination which is really worrying. I am in a good health with healthy diet for over 20 years which this is shocking to me.

  18. I have a salty taste in my mouth since having a wisdom tooth extracted 6 months ago. I have tried everthing mentioned above but to no avail. I was told by a medical personnel that I should increase my Zinc intake, drink a lot more water use lemon drops by\ut guess what It is still there There seems to varied causes of this so obviously there might be varied cures

  19. I’ve had this salty taste for almost a week now (since 15 January 2009). The only thing that has changed is my New Year’s resolution to cut my usual 1 to 2 glasses of red wine per evening during the week. Should I go back to drinking from Monday to Friday???

  20. I have been having a very salty taste in my mouth for months. It seems that when I have the salty taste really worse than usually my blood pressure goes up. I ended up in the emergency room because my blood pressure went off the scale extrememly high.I told the doctors the salty taste in my mouth they looked at me like I had three heads. They did alot of blood test but they never responded to the salty taste. Has anyone had this experience with there blood pressure escalating off the scales? I’ve tried everything I know. But nothing is working. Please help

  21. I have had precisely the same problem for a week, I am otherwise completely healthy. I had root filling in a tooth a couple of months ago – I mention it only because others (above) see a potential link.

    If I find something that works for me, I’ll make another post. First option I am going to try is increased fluids (water) and an anti-bacterial mouthwash.

  22. I have had the salty taste problem since summer of 2007. At that time, I’d had a lot of dental work done, including a root canal and a couple of crowns. This work was done over a period of a couple of months and I noticed the taste changes while in the final phase of the work. I had had a temporary crown in for several weeks and according to several sources including the dentist, the materials in a temp crown can cause taste alterations. Mine never got better after the dental work was done though. I still have the salty thing going on most of the time, no matter what I eat or drink. I have an inactive thyroid and take medication for that(10+ years). I also have high blood pressure and am on two medications for that (the second medication was added that same summer when my doctor saw that my BP was starting to creep up again after being controlled for several years, but I think I was already having the taste alteration thing before the introduction of the new med.) I also have seasonal allergies and take over the counter stuff for that. The only other unusual thing that happened that year was that I lost 40-50 lbs., but the loss was gradual over a period of about six months total and was done sensibly, through daily exercise and improved eating habits–no fad stuff, special food or pills, or diet products of any kind–only good eating and lots of hard work : )

    My doctor has found nothing unusual with my blood work, and said this sometimes happens to pre-menopausal women–I just turned 50 this year–and that it sometimes goes away as mysteriously as it started. I am hoping for that, but like I said, I’ve had my problem for quite a while now.

    As for Marc’s question (January post) about cutting down on the wine, although I am a moderate drinker, I can not say that I’ve noticed any connection to the salty taste and my alcohol consumption. In fact for me, beer is one of the very few things that tastes better now. It tastes really good–very refreshing–even the cheap stuff. LOL, believe it or not, its pathetic, but true. Has anybody tried keeping a food log?

  23. i had a salty taste in my mouth about 14 months ago for about 1 month. i went to the dentist for a cleaning, and the next day it was gone. i thought it was because i had to get my teeth cleaned. well, the taste came back for about a week and a half now, i went to the dentist for a cleaning, but its still there. i guess it wasnt the dentist that cured it the first time. weird, and annoying!

  24. Gets depressing to hear. My salty mouth started about a week ago and I moaned at my wife for using loads of salt (is rather inclined to oversalt) I then realized that the taste was there all the time and on my lips. I have just convinced myself that it must be lack of water but then read all the above! Do take some statin for a mouth disorder (lichen planus) but only occasionally to keep at bay, Also lost a stone and a half in a year without trying! Sticky mouth all the time. Aint life grand!

  25. I have had this salty taste for many months. One Dr. tells me its my deviated septum. I do have a lot of mucous and it does taste very salty. An other Dr says its my adrenals. The adrenals balance salt and potassium in the body. My adrenals are pumping to much . STRESS! Looks like the nose gets fixed first, then we will see. Good luck!

  26. Yvonne, I’ve had almost the same experience. I also have a very salty taste in my mouth, seems to be from my lips and the tip of my tongue. I used to not drink water, but since this has happened I’ve increased my water intake considerably! My blood pressure has been Pre-hypertension or higher for quite some time now too. I take Potassium suppliments to try to help my kidneys balence the amount in my body but not sure if it is helping or not. My conclusion is it’s related to my kidneys since I’ve cut almost all salt out of my diet, including fast food as much as possible. Good luck, your not alone.

  27. I to have had a salty taste in my mouth and on my lips. The majority of the comments submitted had been to the dentist. I to have recently been to the dentist. I wonder if there is something new on the market and this is yet another unknown side effect. Could it possibly be related to nerve endings?

  28. I took a tablet of Iodoral, an Iodine supplement, for a few weeks and I got a very metallic/salty taste especially on my tongue. I discontinued the Iodoral, and the metallic taste decreased by half. I thought my wife was having a recurrence of breast cancer, and I was extremely fearful that it had returned. The mostly salty taste now, has persisted. I did some internet sleuthing and found out that a persistent salty or metallic taste in your mouth can be caused by fear. Yes, fear. Subsequently, after a bone scan and CT scan, we discovered that my wife had a broken rib, probably predisposed by the earlier radiation. She does not have cancer anywhere in her body. My guess is that in a month, the symptoms will ease substantially. So in this case, Iodoral and fear combined to produce the same or nearly the same effect; that’s the most likely explanation.

  29. The salty taste in my mouth started about ten days ago but only lasted a day or two. Then this morning, drinking my coffee (black, no sugar, as always) at breakfast, it tasted really salty. Everything throughout the day has tasted like it – and my lips when I lick them, too. So relieved to findthese messages online I’m not the only one. I shall drink more water and hope it goes away but if not may visit my dentist. I had a check-up recently and he warned I have a hole under a filling and under the level of my gum which might start hurting: now I’m wondering if this could have anything to do with it. I’ll keep watching these postings with interest.

  30. About a week ago we went out to Arby’s for a meal. As a drink I got unsweetened ice tea, my favorite, and as usual picked up 3 of the pink sweetener packets, but put one back. I stirred the two into my tea and took a sip. I told my wife they must have had sweetened tea in both containers, and then I put extra sweetener in mine, because it was REALLY sweet! As I ate my sandwich and took sips of the tea, I noticed that it got less sweet, a common occurence with artificial sweeteners. By the time I was done eating my tea was tasting pretty nasty. I ended up throwing it out. Since then, I have not been able to taste anything sweet! I have this constant salty taste in my mouth and nothing taste’s right anymore. About this same time I was having headaches and a sore throat. I NEVER get headaches, but this one was hard to ignore. My doctor told me to try some Tylenol for arthritis, which might help me with my plantar fascitis pain, and not give me the broken blood capillaries that I get from ibuprofen. I started taking a half Tylenol, once a day, which not only helped with my foot, but also the headaches. Since I don’t normally take ANY sort of NASIAD’s I don’t know if that had any effect or not. It dawned on me last night that it just might, and I had just taken a full Tylenol tablet! Hoping to push out what remained of my sore throat and any possible infection. Now, I’m waiting to see if my taste buds return to normal over the next few days. Until then, I am trying to eat healthy despite the fact that everything taste’s a lot like crap. A few years ago I had Bell’s Palsy, but this didn’t happen then. It’s the weirdest thing I have ever experienced.

  31. I found these causes for salty mouth on other forums and thought I would share it with you, I’m going to go get tested for H. Pylori.

    I have found my solution and will share it though I do not know if it will help everyone.
    After looking at what everone tried to do and give up- I don’t like to give up things unless i am really going to die so I looked at what had changed which was that I was drinking more coffee at work and I also know that the way that that township process its water is different so I began taking distilled water to work to make the coffee and within two weeks the salty taste began to ease up.
    I then started drinking all my hot beverages tea hot chocolate and coffee with only distilled water and this has made the problem go away. That is all I did and all I changed. I still have gird but oddly it is not as bad as it was.
    for me I think it was just a matter of chemicals in the water that vary enough and caused reactions but I can’t confirm that I can only say that I have been over a month free from that retched taste.
    Thanks and good luck to everyone

    Did you find this post useful? 3 7 Posted: 08/23/07 – 10:07
    Joined: 23 Aug 2007

    Posts: 1 Let me tell you about my experiences. For almost 4 years I was going crazy trying to find out what causes the salty taste in my mouth. I spent a fortune on special toothgels and mouthrinses. I tried different diets, eliminating certain foods (yeast etc.). I went to all different kinds of doctors and they basically told me I was depressed and wanted to put me on antidepressants. Well, after that many years with the problem I probably was depressed! Recently I went to a Gastroenterologist and I had an endoscopy done. He found H. pylori (bacteria) in my stomach, put me on the appropriate medicine and believe it or not, my mouth is normal again!

  32. I suffered from a strong salty taste in the mouth starting last January. My GP was no help, but my dentist cured the problem as follows:
    1)short course of antibiotics to clear any infection
    2)twice daily application of Corsodyl Mouthwash (use the “Original” flavour, the Mint version is ‘orrible!)
    3)after brushing teeth, brush sides, front and surface of tongue and roof of mouth
    This cleared the problem within a few days.

  33. I have had a salty taste in my mouth/saliva now for the past week. I don’t mind it so much as its impossible to experience bad breathe because of it. But drinking anything other than Soda is like drinking sea water mixed in. This is the strangest thing, after reading everyones comments here it seems its something we are going to just have to live with. I am going to try drinking alot of water see if it has something to do with toxicity in my body. If that dosn’t work – I suppose i’ll be thankful i no longer have to dash salt on any of my meals.

  34. I’ve been painfully nautious all day long starting with my tea tasting like salt. For the past 8 hours I have felt the persistent urge to throw up, and the stronger the taste gets, the more nautious i become. its terrible

  35. The salty taste is very annoying after use of antibiotics but digene helps at times and constant use of digene could also be harmfull. vit c also helps and its perhaps the bad teeth bacteria which could be an annoying cause. pleanty of water is perhaps needed to avoid dehydration and cut off ur coffee/tea .alcohol. taking a mouth freshening chewing gum perhaps it may help.

  36. This has been reported as a common side effect to an abcesssed tooth. So this is something that should be checked out with a dentist via a full mouth xray that should show any such infection. Not all abcessed teeth result in pain. So you may have such an infection and note even know it.

    Additionally this has been linked to the common antibiotics found in the fluoroquinolone class, such as Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, Tequin, etc.

  37. I went to the dentist 5 days ago for a check up and cleaning. Two days later, I too have this salty taste. Feels like I have bits of salt lumps in my mouth. I do believe its related to going to a dentist’s office from reading everyone else’s story. Perhaps we have caught a bacteria infection from there.

  38. I started tasteing salty. I saw the site. I am happy I am not alone.
    Doctor advised me to go to dentist. should I

  39. I have had a salty taste in my mouth for 4 months and have tried various suggested remedies ie: just having water for 2 weeks (leaving off tea and coffee) and then stopping omega 3 and a glucosamine/chondroitin daily dose. I still have the problem. My doctor says my mouth seems healthy . Any ideas ? mild anxiety?

  40. Go to MayoClinic.com. Search “burning tongue syndrome”. Arrow through all pages. The last page is “treatment/home remedies”.

    Four days ago I began taking alpha lipoic acid, iron and zinc. I also stopped all caffeine, acidy foods, cinnamon and mint. Have been drinking lots of water that has not been through the water softener. Also cut cigarettes to seven per day. That was much easier than I thought it would be. It equated to fewer smokes, less pain.
    Today, day four, the water does not taste salty. Am not nearly as thirsty as when I started. Neither has the intensity of salty taste increased during today. My mouth has nearly stopped burning. I only have a little raw feeling in the back of my throat.

    I did this after my doctor said he had never heard of anyone having a constant salty taste for more than six weeks. He also checked my thyroid and tests showed no hypothyroidism.

    Best of luck

  41. A salt taste started in my mouth about 3 days ago – I had dental work – root canals and crowns 3 months ago. I drink 2 cups of coffee a day.
    If it persists I will see a doctor and get checked for H. pylori (bacteria).
    To me it looks one of the common vectors for this is dental work.

  42. I think that recently the toothpastes offered have a different chemical makeup that when used in combination with a strong mouthwash could “burn” your taste buds which leave you with a feeling of a “salty taste” in your mouth especially when you eat or drink certain drinks or foods. It seems that drinking tea has an effect, and I’m also guessing that eating fish (especially combining with tea) somehow has an effect.

    My suggestion is to try a different toothpaste especially if it is a whitening toothpaste…or you might try NOT using a mouthwash with your toothpaste for a while. Also, if you brush your tongue, only brush the back area of the tongue (the area closer to your throat). Do not brush the tip of your tongue.

    Try these small changes along with making sure you drink plenty of water. Lay off of tea and sodas also. Let us know if these changes make a difference. You may notice a quick change in your mouth over a week or two.

    These are just suggestions based on my personal opinion.

  43. One other note, I suspect when you get right down to it that the main culprit is the detergents in toothpastes…so if you switch toothpastes try to find a toothpaste that has less laurel sulfates. I suspect that these detergents are affecting the taste buds of some people (especially in combination with other foods or products). Again, this is my personal opinion.

  44. I too have recently noticed this sweet, salty and metallic taste in my mouth. I am an athlete how is very health conscious and nutrition oriented, and work out daily. I’m sure it is not ketosis…but could be for you. The only thing I can attribute this to is the recent dental work I had done…had a crown put on. I found out the materials that make up a typical porcelain crown: nickel, gold, and other metals in an alloy. These crowns are placed over an amalgam filling (mercury, silver, tin, copper, zinc). I am an engineer by trade, and know that differing conductive metals create a current when in a conductive medium (saliva). These metallic and sometimes sweet tastes are actually your taste senses detecting a galvanic current in your mouth from any dissimilar metals. This is the EXACT principle behind thermocouples. If you don’t believe me, lick a 9-volt battery and see how it tastes?

    In short, I have attributed this and other health maladies to my dental work. I am actually perturbed about it, since I just spend $700 on a crown!! I plan to have my dental work replaced with composite materials after I save some money.

    P.S. Many of you have seen varying results with different foods, toothpastes, liquids. It all falls into the galvanic current issue – some foods/liquids are more conductive than others. Others may provide some temporary isolation.

    Hope this helps some of you.

  45. I’ve been experiencing salty taste in my mouth, also my tea tastes salty. I had a bad sinus infection – I’m not blowing my nose so much now, but this salty taste is very strange, I feel like I can suck the salty taste down from the sides of my teeth.

  46. Here’s how I solved my salty mouth problem:

    I completly changed my diet. Drank 10 glasses of water per day, brushed my teeth 3 times daily (morning, after lunch and after dinner) with colgate tooth paste; and used TACT restorating mouth wash after each brushing.

    Diet: Morning–A glass of water, decaf tea, small bowl of oatmeal with milk (not cream) and brown sugar.
    lunch: green salad with vinegrette dressing, a cup of vegetable soup, 2 glasses of water.
    Dinner: baked chicken drums or fish (lightly salted),2 glasses of water.
    and 5 cups of warm water (while watching t.v.) before going to bed.

    I drank 1.5L of Evian water between 2pm-5pm, every day for 3 days.

    The fourth day, the salty taste was gone. To this day, I still drink at least 9 glasses of water per day. In the process, I have lost couple of pounds.

    This was the most scarry and awful experience (my dentist couldn’t tell me what was wrong).

    I hope this works for you if you try it.


    • Do you still get the salty taste returning.can you now eat & drink what you the same as you did before you had a salty mouth or does it return.

      Regards Judy

    • Thanks susan for solution driven comments !!!
      My salty taste just stated this week but the inner moth cheek drying forming shapes of teeth been for 3 – months makes me feel like old nursing home patient suckling on inner mouth?

      To someone else
      That sounds great so anemia low blood count iron low
      the concurring sinus drip could be coincidence then
      treat them seperate my ear ache sinus drip together

      but wonder what causes my inner lip/cheek like dehydrated
      forming pattern of my teeth while turning white colored just
      where that happens been doing almost all days 3 months,
      makes me play with it look like old nursing home lady wiggling
      lips mouth suckling on inner jaws lips?

      suckling on inner jaws

  47. I did not read everybody’s post, however I wonder if you guys had experimented the same thing that I had. It is the second time that I wake up in the middle of the night with the salty taste and my mouth full of water. I run to the bathroom spit, and my mouth automatically gets full of water two more times, and I felt nauseated. I just basically have the simptoms of someone who is ready to vomit. This is really weird…

    • I have had the same thing happen to me and now my mouth is dry and if i9 try to eat my belly gets upset reel bad and my mouth is salty all the time and I am swooshing nystatin in my mouth and it don’t work so now I got to find out what this is

  48. I am wondering if we are all getting sodium fluoride poisioning from the water we drink, filter, and bathe in. China is making the chemicals that the USA municipals are adding to our water. Does anyone know a good chemist to check our water supplies?
    I am in SE Texas. Just remember that if you leave a little water in a glass and it dries or after being in the dishwasher and it still has a white scum, be suspicious. It could be sodium fluoride or some other toxic chemical.

    I use distilled water with added minerals but my ice is just filtered by the refrigerator.
    Also, we use Morton’s salt in our water softener. I do not have a fluoride or chlorine filter in the bath or shower and that could be part of the problem. Keep thinking out of the box and maybe we can find a solution.

  49. I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and
    am awaiting blood test results. since I found this out
    I have had this salty taste whenever I have something sweet.
    someone above said it may be fear? it’s driving me crazy!
    I am going to try bottled water now and have some actimel
    every day to see if it goes. will keep you posted .
    will also try and cut out tea and coffee.
    hope we can all find an answer to this.
    phil U.K.

  50. i had a salty taste in my mouth for a good two months. i ran through the laundry lists of possible culprits, most of which were mentioned in the above thread. no relief and the issue persisted. then i stumbled upon the solution during my annual physical. initially, my doctor was alarmed to tell me that my blood work (hemoglobin, hematocrit) was low. i knew why. it was tied to hemorrhoids and, fortunately, not a more dangerous situation. i immediately changed my diet and began taking iron supplements to get the blood readings back up the normal range. as soon as that occurred the salty-taste dilemma completely disappeared. so if you have the problem it could be explained by an iron deficiency or a low blood count. i have no scientific evidence to support this and it could be nothing more than a coincidence but i don’t think so, good luck to all.

    • That sounds great so anemia low blood count iron low
      the concurring sinus drip could be coincidence then
      treat them seperate my ear ache sinus drip together

      but wonder what causes my inner lip/cheek like dehydrated
      forming pattern of my teeth while turning white colored just
      where that happens been doing almost all days 3 months,
      makes me play with it look like old nursing home lady wiggling
      lips mouth suckling on inner jaws lips?

      suckling on inner jaws

  51. I’ve had this metallic/ salty/ bitter taste in my mouth now for 2 months! I also feel like I have a pill stuck in my throat and chest pain. I’ve had every test under the sun.. blood, iron, thyroid, etc. I have also been to the dentist who said my teeth look fine. Next went to the ear/nose/throat doctor and nothing…
    I finally and had an endoscopy this week. The GI doctor told me that my esophagus was inflamed and that it was GERD. They put me on 40mg of prilosec per day + a bland/ clean diet. No caffeine, alcohol, tomatoes, chocolate, mint, spicy food, dairy.
    Funny thing is I had already been taking a lower dose of prilosec for 2 weeks with no relief and I don’t feel an acid reflux.
    I now have pounding headaches, blurred vision and lack of energy. All of this is making me VERY depressed. I just want to curl up in a ball and hide.
    Has anyone else had any relief from changing to a non-acidic diet in combination with prilosec?
    Also wondering if there is anything other than GERD that can cause your esophagus to be inflamed? Bacterial infections maybe?
    Starting to freak out…

    • I have all that as well. My started yesterday afternoon. I hate salt. Ugh. The verse ” u r the salt of the earth …. ” Keeps going through my mind. I pray we all find out what it is real soon.

  52. I have this horrific salty taste in my mouth since january….I feel foolish complaining about it when there are many people suffering from more serious illnesses, however, if I can find a cause or a cure for this it will make me one happy camper…..I had blood work done, had my thyroid checked and nothing but a defiency in vitamin d showed up. I was on mega doses of vit D and the level in me is normal now, but this did not rid the salty taste in my mouth. It really makes me sick all day long and I find myself always having a mint or food in my mouth at all times to cover up the salty taste….no one can relate to this horrible taste unless you can take a spoonful of salt and suck on it all day…..this is a really driving me insame……wish some doctor would read this and investigate…….and let us all know what the heck this is from!

  53. I have salty taste already two months now this really make me stress and so depress, i had my blood test done a weeks ago the doctor said i have a week bug in my stomach, he gv me anti-biotic i finished taking them still salty taste…….. i am getting crazy !!!

  54. My history teacher was teaching us about the effects of poison gas from world war 1 and she brought in a old gas mask and i smelt the inside and a weired smell puff out. Now like three to four hours later i’m at home with the same salty taste in my mouth, I’m freaking out am i gonna die!!!! some one plzzzzzzz email me!!!! i’m too young to die! 🙁

  55. sunday elekwachi on

    my girl friend told me yesterday that my mouth taste salty.and nw i dnt knw what is the possible cause,i need help plz

  56. I ate popcorn today and now my lips are burning! I also feel like my bottom lip has a bump on it. It really hurts! What shoul I do???????

    • I have had a salty taste in my mouth after after having a dental cleaning. Before I had the cleaning I had been actually experiencing dry mouth and told the hygienist that because I was wondering if it could be Sjogrens since I already have fibromyalgia. She said certain medications can cause a dry mouth too. I also have Graves and am on Synthroid. Now, I have all this saliva I didn’t have before going to the dentist and I can literally feel it coming from my inner lips and also now my gums. I have noticed that my inner lips look red and a bit puffy, but don’ t hurt. However, if I pull the lips out I see little bumps whicfh I’m sure I did not have before. If I feel my inner lips with a tissue, it feels raw. But, like I said, I can go over my lips with my tongue and there is no pain. Strange. I also noticed that my lips feel salty too. I’ve been meaning to get back to the dentist to ask about this, but have not been feeling too good lately and think they won’t have an answer anyway. I also seem to be getting blurrier vision and more of those stupid floaters. Don’t know if that’s related to this or something else. I have been reacting to a lot of things lately as my body seems to not tolerate much of anything anymore, so I thought this was just another of those strange things happening to me that I don’t know why. I thought too that maybe I’m starting to react to my toothpaste all of a sudden, but that wasn’t it either. I have a water softener also and told my husband a while before that I could actually taste the chemicals in the water, but only at certain times. So I then thought that I am just sensitive to everything, but I can still taste the salt taste even as I’m typing this. I went to the dentist back in April for a deep scaling and xrays and didn’t have this taste after that appt. This is bizarre, but then so are the other things that are happening to me that no one can explain.

  57. As I read all the possible causes for salty taste in mouth I learn many things and it is a great help for me to monitor this kind of taste I feel these kind of taste 2 days before

  58. I am a 63 yr old female. I have had a sour taste in my mouth for two years. I has almost made me lose my mind. I cant believe it is still here. I went ot dentists, doctors, ent, gastro doctor, endoclinologists, and even to washington dc from ny which was a terrible trip last January, and it cost me a lot of money. Come to find out, he was a research doctor who said it was from depression and he wanted ot give me magnetic stimulation of the brain and i refused. I think it is from either low thyroid, sinus inflammation, hormonal changes, low estrogen, or from a surgery on a root canal i had done. It came after the dential procedures. I am now going to have another thyroid test from an alternative doctor to see if i have low thyroid or not. The regular tests, tsh, t3 t4 do lnot tell if i have low thyroid or not. The standard thyroid tests tell nothing. I will see if i can find out what this is. I hate this and cant bear it any longer. I had the endoscopy and he did not think it was from lthe gerd. I took protonix and it did not help. I have always been a fearful person and anxious and i wonder if nerves are a cause. Annette

  59. Aniko Puszta Hungary on

    I have had salty taste in my mooth for years, sometimes worse, other times a bit better. It drove me crazy.
    Well,I have tried everything that has been suggested on the net in no vain . Doctors have been helpless either.Well, some days ago I tried keeping a bit of olive oil in my mouth severel times a day(gurgling as well) and I swallow it afterwards.Besides I take a zink tablet per day.I drink a lot of tap water,too.The bad taste seems to be leaving me, so I feel much better now.


  61. Lorraine Renaud on

    I’ve had that salty taste in my mouth since I went to the dentists to pull out a tooth. It may be the cause but I’ve read that after long-term use of SSRI Which I have to take if I want to breathe and not be in constant panic mode, unfortunately long-term usage causes all kinds of problems with thyroid and sinus and I’ve accepted that stupid salty taste because I can’t stop taking the medication If I stop, this time I won’t survive the constant attack on my nervous system so basically I try to drink more water, but i won’t stop my coffee in the morning. And when I wake up nauseated as it happens sometimes, i realized it’s not the salty taste it’s Stevia the new wonder sugar without calories and the new and added vanilla Stevia, heavenly , until you realize that if you use it often you get you feel like throwing up since i’ve stopped or greatly reduced, i don’t feel sick anymore well not as often. Someone told me that Stevia is a good product if you take it directly from the branch…anyway that’s for nausea, salty taste I can’t do anything about and frankly it’s not that big a deal to me. It’s just annoying like the night-time sinus medicine i have to take if I want to breathe through my nose it’s all connected, any medication has counter effects that are a real pain, but when I compare it to feeling like I’m drowning in my own body, and that i suffocate all the time, I’ll put up with that salty taste. But if you don’t have any severe conditions hey stop all pills. Pharmaceuticals have nasty side effects and if what you have is not so bad, by all means stop all over-the counter medicine. I wish I could.

  62. Mr Christian M Surname on

    I sometimes have a metallic/salty taste in my mouth and on my tongue and sometimes especially after drinking fizzy pop, which I love,
    my diet is not brilliant and erratic,
    I empathise with all of you and hope you all find solutions.

  63. My husband and I started using Kosher and Sea Salt years ago for all our cooking except for baked goods. I noticed every time I made baked goods I would have a salty taste in my mouth that I couldn’t get rid of (I was using iodized salt). Iodized salt has a metallic taste and can cause a burning sensation in the mouth.

  64. I was suffered from salty taste mouth from few days,, it lasts all day and night. and it was very annoying.

    I drink alot more normal water as in like at the very least 12 glasses every day. and I used Alo dent mouthwash triple action + toothpaste same as instruction my dentist. Now I cured complete with in 1 week.. Thanks Allah.. It was very bad condition. I couldn’t eat or drink any thing cause so bad this infection.. Thanks a lot of Allah

  65. Try probiotics, good bacteria in all of our orifices may balance everything out, it’s worth a try and sho couldn’t use some good bacterial help inthe old gut any way! Hope you all find your relief,

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