Top 10 Health Benefits Of Black Cohosh


Health conscious women are on the lookout for effective and safer treatments to treat their hormonal issues like menopause symptoms naturally, as studies have revealed the dangers associated with the Hormone Replacement Therapy. The best option is to use Black Cohosh as a natural remedy to treat the menopause symptoms, as it has several health benefits. The latest studies have also indicated that Black Cohosh can provide relief to various hormonal issues, apart from menopause.

Black Cohosh Flower
This folk medicine was also used in the ancient days to treat various disorders like malaria, inflammation, anxiety, pain, and depression. Black Cohosh is easily available in the form of tincture, capsules, powder, dried roots and drops. Humans and animals must not consume the leaves of this plant. Dried roots and powder can be stored in an airtight jar and used for insect bites and skin irritation.

The other names for this herb are fairy candle, black bugbane, and black snakeroot.

What Is Black Cohosh?

Black Cohosh is an herb that belongs to the buttercup family and has North America as its native land. It is known by various nicknames, such as fairy candle, black snakeroot, and black bugbane. The rhizomes and roots of this plant with whitish yellow flowers are used for its medicinal properties. These plant parts contain anti-inflammatory compounds like isoferulic acids, plant based estrogens like phytoestrogens and glycosides to offer relief to various medical conditions.

History Of Black Cohosh

The Native Americans used this tall plant for treating several medical conditions. Black Cohosh was used as a natural remedy to cure rheumatism during the 19th century. It was also used for treating several health issues like pneumonia, fever, cough, pain and to ease menstrual issues. During the 20th century, the European settlers made use of this herb to treat the issues related to the female reproductive system.

Health Benefits Of Black Cohosh

The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties of Black Cohosh make it the herb with several health benefits. Read on to know some of the amazing health benefits that Black Cohosh has in store for you.

1. Safe And Natural Alternative To HRT

Many studies have shown that Hormone Replacement Therapy is very dangerous for women, as the estrogen replacement drugs can lead to the development of breast cancer. Black Cohosh is a safer natural alternative for treating the symptoms of menopause. This herb can balance the pituitary hormones and regulates the production of progesterone.

Having a Black Cohosh tablet twice a day can help in lowering depression, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood swings and headaches related to menopause, which makes it act like the HRT. However, make sure that ask for your doctor’s advice before commencing this treatment to know if the vital signs of your health are stable.

2. Relieves Muscle Cramps

The antispasmodic properties of Black Cohosh make it an apt solution to relieve nerve function and ease muscles effectively. It is used as a natural remedy for muscle cramps and body aches. Its antispasmodic action is connected with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This makes the herb a great find to treat the pains and aches associated with chronic nerve tension, injury, muscle strain and so on.

3. Reduces Swelling

Black Cohosh contains salicylic acid that makes it a natural anti-inflammatory cure, as it can mimic the action of aspirin. Taking a Black Cohosh supplement can help in relieving aches in the bones and body pain suffered by arthritis patients. The anti-inflammatory action of this herb makes it an apt choice to cure congestion and sore throats. It acts like a vasodilator and takes away the stress from your cardiovascular system and lowers the risks like heart attacks, strokes, and formation of blood clots while maintaining the blood pressure.

4. Improves Digestive Health

Regular intake of Black Cohosh can improve the efficiency of the digestive system in absorbing the nutrients. It can also help in eliminating the waste from your body effectively and prevents constipation and gastric ulcers. Its digestive capacity helps the herb to cure nausea, morning sickness, bloating, cramping and flatulence.

5. Provides Sound Sleep

Black Cohosh is known as a natural sedative, as it helps people get a peaceful sleep when taken before the bed time. It is useful for people who suffer from lack of sleep, insomnia, sleep apnea, stress, anxiety, etc., as it can help them follow their regular sleeping schedule. However, one must avoid taking this herb along with other sleeping aids, as it has natural potent components that can induce certain complications.

6. Cures Menstrual Discomfort

Apart from being very helpful in dealing with the symptoms of menopause, Black Cohosh is also known for its efficiency for managing the discomforts associated with the menstrual cycle. It can regulate the menstrual bleeding, ease the tension of the uterine and lowers cramping during the periods. It also improves the tone of the uterine muscles and helps in preventing premature delivery and miscarriage.

7. Regulates Mood

Black Cohosh has a better impact upon the hormonal balance in your body that is triggered by menstrual and menopausal stress. This herb improves the stress, bouts of depression and mood swings while regulating the hormone release and maintains the stability of the mental state. The sedative properties of Black Cohosh help in treating depression and anxiety associated with menopause.

8. Aids In PCOS Management

This perennial herb can be used for treating women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This natural remedy is an apt choice that has a positive impact on the PCOS condition by balancing hormones without any medications. It also helps in treating uterine fibroids and is a natural alternative to the synthetic treatment.

9. Treats Respiratory Issues

Black Cohosh possesses anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and astringent properties that can help it treat cold and flu, nasal congestion, infections in the respiratory tract, bronchitis and asthma. Having a cop brewed with Black Cohosh every day will help in relieving the symptoms associated with respiratory and sinus conditions.

10. Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis

Black Cohosh is known for its anti-rheumatic properties, which would help in relieving the pains associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It also has anti-inflammation and antispasmodic properties that help in lowering the pain and swelling in the joints. Taking a Black Cohosh capsule or tea every day would help in relieving the acute pain and inflammation of arthritis condition.

11. Depression

This herb has analgesic nervine relaxant properties. It helps in depression that occurs due to low estrogen states. It is primarily helpful in the depression which has no visible cause. It increases the focus and brings down the wild and chaotic nature of the mind. However, there is no scientific study to prove this point. It is primarily based on popular belief.

These health benefits of Black Cohosh would explain why it must find a place in your kitchen, as it can help you get relief from several medical conditions right from arthritis, blood pressure to cold and flu.

black cohosh leaves

Side effects of Black Cohosh

The herb must be used only for a short period of time, as long term usage can cause liver damage. Plus, this herb will interact with other medications and herbs, which is why using it based on the guidance of your doctor is advisable. It is not advisable for those who are undergoing hormonal treatment, chemotherapy and have hormone sensitive conditions. Overdose use of this herb can cause irregular perspiration, low blood pressure, headache, indigestion, vomiting, nausea etc.

Bleeding: The herb could be responsible for increasing the bleeding if taken with drugs that increase the risk of bleeding. The category of drugs includes pain killers like ibuprofen, naproxen. Blood thinners like warfarin or heparin. The antiplatelet drugs also pose a similar risk with this herb.

Constipation: Some of the studies have found that constipation could be a side effect of taking black cohosh in some people. Other related side effects include vomiting, nausea, and intestinal discomforts.


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