Myths And Facts On Coconut Water During Pregnancy


The energizing, cool, and sweet coconut water is a restorative drink that you can consume anytime and anywhere. It is rich in magnesium, potassium, as well as numerous other nutrients that quench your thirst while revitalizing the body. Given its countless benefits, it is one of the safest foods you can consume during pregnancy.

Coconut Water Pregnancy
It is an effective antidote for dehydration and exhaustion experienced by women due to the constantly changing physical and hormonal levels. It is also helpful in reducing infections and preventing constipation during pregnancy. Studies also reveal that sipping coconut water eases nausea and morning sickness experienced by pregnant women.

Read on as we bust the various myths that exist around the use of coconut water during pregnancy.

Busting The Myths About Drinking Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Myth 1: Coconut water is the ultimate source of nutrients for a pregnant woman

While it is true that this drink is super-rich in countless nutrients, it is definitely not the source of all the nutrients required by a pregnant woman. It can be used along with a well-planned nourishing diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to ensure healthy pregnancy.

Myth 2: Coconut water makes the mother’s and baby’s skin smooth and more beautiful

Again, this is one of the most exaggerated benefits of drinking coconut water. It does contain skin hydrating constituents, but it alone cannot make a mother or her baby fairer. The color and texture of baby’s skin depends largely on the hereditary factors, which cannot be changed by consuming coconut water or any other food during pregnancy.

Myth 3: Drink coconut water if you want your baby to have thick, lush hair

Once again, it is nothing but yet another myth. No studies have ever proven this statement that has been handed over across generations. It helps in keeping the amniotic fluid healthy and renders a certain amount of nutrients essential for the baby’s growth. Besides that, coconut water does not gift the baby a thicker hair.

Myth 4: Coconut water could give you acidity

On the contrary, coconut water has the potential to alleviate the acid regurgitation experienced due to the expanding belly, which obstructs the natural digestion.

Myth 5: Coconut water is the best hydrating drink

This cool liquid does hydrate you, but there are no evidences that suggest that it is more hydrating than water. So, strive to strike a balance.

Myth 6: It boosts your immunity power

Proper nutrition and adequate hydration what keeps a pregnant woman healthy. Drinking coconut water alone cannot do wonders. While it does contain lauric acid, the natural immunity booster, the content is quite negligible, thus brushing away its immunity boosting claims.

Myth 7: Coconut water helps in keeping your heart safer during pregnancy

This myth arises from the fact that this cool drink is a good source of potassium. It is true that coconut water contains potassium, but in meager amounts which is quite less than what should be the ideal daily dose. So, if you really want to keep your heart healthier, cut down your sodium intake and exercise moderately.

Remember, you should use everything in moderation. Include coconut water as a part of your healthy pregnancy meal to reap its benefits.


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