Benefits of Stair Climbing – Why Climbing Stairs is Good for Health


climbing stairs
Climbing stairs is good for health as it tones up our body system and keeps us fit at all times. Young professionals, these days who sit in front of a computer prefer climbing stairs, and even the elderly are finding this a better option. This activity has proved its worthiness as scientific tests have indicated that it does impact our body system on the whole. Keeping this in view, medical practitioners recommend this form of physical exercise.

Exercise is essential to tone up one’s body. Regular exercise keeps one’s body in good shape and one is able to maintain good health. In modern times, people are time-pressed and rarely get the time to do any exercise. Many people lead a sedentary lifestyle. Often their work is such that their mobility gets restricted. Naturally, it is essential that such people get some form of exercise. The best thing to do is to climb stairs when one is going to the office or for that matter even while shopping.

Most people avoid climbing steps and prefer going up in an elevator. This is very easy and less physically taxing. On the other hand if they made the effort to climb stairs then they can improve upon their physical health. Any form of exercise is good for health.

Over-weight people should make it point to climb stairs as they will burn off those excessive calories.

Who should avoid this physical activity
  • Busy office-goers who have meetings to attend
  • Elderly
  • Women

Scientific evidence has indicated that those who are physically mobile retain better health. Let us have insight into this:

In what way climbing stairs is good for health?

Medical benefits:

  • Climbing stairs is one of the best form of exercise
  • Blood circulation is improved and is one of the major benefit of stair climbing
  • Climbing stairs makes one more agile
  • One can lose those extra pounds in weight
  • Good for the knee joints
  • Stair climbing is equal to 30 minutes of regular physical exercise
  • Those who are active stair climbers are very fit physically and tend to have a high aerobic capacity
  • Improves one’s stress capacity
  • There happens to be strong link between bone density and stair climbing
  • Stair climbing improves “good cholesterol”
  • Good form of cardiovascular exercise
  • Makes one feel more energetic
  • Psychologically one feels healthy
  • One feels younger also even though they may feel physically older
  • Fat burner, thus controlling obesity
  • Body Toner
  • Promotes agility
  • A cardiovascular exercise that strengthens the heart muscle
  • Better knee joint functioning
  • More oxygen to the b rain and heart
  • A firm musculoskeletal system
  • Less chances of Type 2 diabetes occurrence
  • Less risk of stroke
  • Reduces the chances of cancer onset
  • A daily physical workout
  • Better body immunity
  • Improves stress coping up tenacity
  • Lower risk of mortality
What are the mental benefits of climbing stairs
  • One feels more active
  • Endorphins get released which keep one in good mood
  • One feels less depressed in old age as one is walking
  • One maintains a calm and happy disposition
  • One’s self-esteem is improved upon
  • One feels more confident
  • Dependency on others is less as one is physically moving around
  • One will meet up to one’s fitness goals
  • Enhancement of mental alertness
Other generic benefits:
  • Saves time as one may not make to the gym daily
  • No cost incurred
  • Simple exercise to perform
  • Makes one feel healthy and fit
Goal targets for step climbing:
  • Climb few steps at times. Increase the pace slowly
  • 30-minute workout daily is good

Step climbing is good for health rather than sit for hours. Physical activity for the young and old is highly recommended medically. Many prefer the elevator as they feel they are saving time.

Is there any proof that it really helps
  • One requires 8 to 9 times more energy burning than sitting for hours
  • One burns 0.15 calories every step climbed so on the whole one burns 1 calorie every 10 steps
  • Every step one descends, one burns 0.15 calories. Thus one would burn 1 calorie every 20 steps that one comes down
  • Additional 3 minute climb up the stairs reduces middle aged people from gaining weight near the waist
  • 7 hours more energy burning than travelling in an escalator
Evidence that it is good for health concept:
  • It has also been observed that an overweight person can lose up to 12 pounds if he or she climbs 2 flights of stairs for a year, similar to dragging logs or sprinting exercises. Times of India
  • By spending 7 minutes climbing stairs daily one reduces the risk of heart attack nearly half for over 10 years. Stepjockey
How this relates to Aerobic exercises
  • Better option to walking
  • Continuous usage of legs and movements promotes deeper breathing
  • Improves heart beat
  • Release of Endorphins for mood elevation
  • Energy levels are improved
  • Generates more physical activity per day
Quantum of aerobic activity vis-a-vis stair climbing:

Nearly about 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic for 3 to 5 days in week is recommended for fitness and a person must make it point to climb that many stairs per day One must not overdo any form of exercise.


The physical stress upon the ankles and the knees results in calorie burning, but one must also be careful as there is pressure on the knee joints and ankles due to the body weight. Naturally, it is advisable to consult a physician, particularly if one has health issue.

Next time, you see a staircase, climb it if you can, as you will have the chance to climb many more. Otherwise, you may end up with a heart problem and may suffer. Indeed, climbing stairs is good for health!



  1. Climbing stairs is one of the best and most inexpensive way of keeping yourself fit. Just keep in mind that your footwear should be good and comfortable or else it might give foot problems. I think if you want to keep fit without spending a dime then go for running, skipping and stair climbing. These 3 would give you total fitness without spending anything.

    • Hi Quintin,
      I’m assuming the stair excercising can be done in ones own home using your household steps?
      No need to go to a gym? Can accomplish the same benefits?

  2. I’m aged 75 and have been climbing stairs to reach my 3rd floor apartment at least 4 times daily for the past 15 years and am in full agreement with what you have stated here. It is a great and inexpensive form of exercise and helps one to stay fit.Mind you I suffer from asthma. But that has not deterred me.

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